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Kenya Football Federation
Association crest
Founded 1960
Folded 2011
FIFA affiliation 1960
CAF affiliation 1968

The Kenya Football Federation (abbreviated as KFF) was the governing body of football in Kenya. It was founded in 1960 and affiliated to FIFA same year. It organized the Kenya Premier League (KPL) and the Kenya national football team. Football Kenya Limited took its place as the governing body of Kenyan football after it was recognised by FIFA in 2008.

Leadership disputes with FKL[edit]

The KFF had had disputes with Football Kenya Limited (FKL) over governing Kenyan football for over six years. It was suspended by FIFA in 2006 for citing government interference. The two parties later reached an agreement with the Kenyan government to ensure the federation's independence.

Several months later there was a falling out between FIFA and the KFF once again with FIFA stating that "the KFF and the Kenyan government had not kept their end of the deal". Eventually, in 2008, a group of football administrators set up FKL and was recognised by FIFA.

This led the KFF to sue FIFA for failing to recognize it and extending its (FIFA's) support to a limited liability company. The KFF also appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) for a proper ruling.

On 27 April 2010, CAS dismissed the KFF's appeal and asked FIFA to continue recognising FKL as the governing body of Kenyan football.[1]

Following an election called by FIFA, KFF was disbanded and replaced by Football Kenya Limited in 2011.



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