List of cities in North Korea

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Ten most populous cities of North Korea
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Administrative divisions of North Korea
Provincial level
( to)
Direct-administered city
(직할시 直轄市 chikhalsi)
Special city
(특별시 特別市 t'ŭkpyŏlsi)
Municipal level
Special-level city
(특급시 特級市 t'ŭkkŭpsi)
( si)
( kun)
(구역 區域 kuyŏk)
( ku)
Submunicipal level
( ŭp)
( tong)
( ri)
Workers' District
(로동자구 勞動者區 rodongjagu)

The important cities of North Korea have self-governing status equivalent to that of provinces. Pyongyang, the largest city and capital, is classified as a chikhalsi (capital city), while one cities (see the list below) are classified as t'ŭkpyŏlsi (special city). Other cities are classified as si (city) and are under provincial jurisdiction, at the same level as counties (see Administrative divisions of North Korea).


City Chosŏn'gŭl Hancha Province Population
Anju 안주시 安州市 South Pyongan 240,117
Chongjin 청진시 清津市 North Hamgyong 667,929
Chongju 정주시 定州市 North Pyongan 189,742
Haeju 해주시 海州市 South Hwanghae 273,300
Hamhung 함흥시 咸興市 South Hamgyong 768,551
Hoeryong 회령시 會寧市 North Hamgyong 153,532
Huichon 희천시 熙川市 Chagang 168,180
Hyesan 혜산시 惠山市 Ryanggang 192,680
Kaechon 개천시 价川市 South Pyongan 319,554
Kaesong 개성특급시 開城特級市 ASpecial-level city 308,440
Kanggye 강계시 江界市 Chagang 251,971
Kimchaek 김책시 金策市 North Hamgyong 207,299
Kusong 구성시 龜城市 North Pyongan 196,515
Manpo 만포시 滿浦市 Chagang 116,760
Munchon 문천시 文川市 Kangwon 122,934
Nampo 남포특별시 南浦特別市 ASpecial city 366,341
Pyongsong 평성시 平城市 South Pyongan 284,386
Pyongyang 평양직할시 平壤直轄市 ADirect-administered city 3,255,288
Rason 라선특별시 羅先特別市 ASpecial city 196,954
Sariwon 사리원시 沙里院市 North Hwanghae 307,764
Sinpo 신포시 新浦市 South Hamgyong 152,759
Sinuiju 신의주시 新義州市 North Pyongan 359,341
Songrim 송림시 松林市 North Hwanghae 128,831
Sunchon 순천시 順川市 South Pyongan 297,317
Tokchon 덕천시 德川市 South Pyongan 237,133
Tanchon 단천시 端川市 South Hamgyong 345,876
Wonsan 원산시 元山市 Kangwon 363,127


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