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A section of Kabul, which is multi-ethnic and the only city in Afghanistan with over 1 million population
Aerial view of Kandahar, the second largest city of Afghanistan
Herat, the third largest city and is located in western Afghanistan
Mazar-i-Sharif, the fourth largest city and is located in northern Afghanistan

The only city in Afghanistan with over 1 million population is its capital, Kabul. The rest are smaller cities and towns. A recent nationwide survey conducted by the Central Statistics Organization (CSO) estimated that the total number of people living inside Afghanistan was 27.5 million.[1] Of this, around 6 million or so were reported to be living in urban areas and the rest in rural or countryside.[2]

The chart below shows 19 cities of Afghanistan by order of population.

Name Population (latest est.)
Kabul 3,289,000 [3]
Kandahar 491,500 [4]
Herat 436,300 [5]
Mazar-i-Sharif 368,100 [6]
Kunduz 304,600 [7]
Taloqan 219,000 [8]
Jalalabad 206,500 [9]
Puli Khumri 203,600 [10]
Charikar 171,200 [11]
Sheberghan 161,700 [12]
Ghazni 157,600 [13]
Sar-e Pol 150,700 [14]
Khost 133,700 [15]
Chaghcharan 131,800 [16]
Mihtarlam 126,000 [17]
Farah 108,400 [18]
Pul-i-Alam 102,700 [19]
Samangan 100,500 [20]
Lashkar Gah 100,200 [21]

Ancient names[edit]

Ancient names of places or cities in Afghanistan:

Current city and region Ancient name
Kabul Chabolo, Kophene,[22] Gaofū, Kābūrā
Ghazni Ghaznīn, Ghazna
Balkh Bactra, Bokhdī
Herat Haraiva, Harī, Aria
Laghman Lampaka [22]
Jalalabad Adinapur[23]
Kandahar Arachosia[22]
Lashkar Gah Bost or Bust


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