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Class overview
Builders:  Iran
Operators:  Islamic Republic of Iran Navy
Preceded by: Alvand class frigate
Building: 5
Planned: 7
Completed: 2
Active: 2
General characteristics
Type: Frigate
Displacement: 1,500 tonnes [1]
Length: 95 m (311.7 ft) [1]
Beam: 11.1 m (36.4 ft) [1]
Draft: 3.25 m (10.7 ft) [1]
Propulsion: 2 x 10,000 hp engines
4 x 550 kW diesel generators[2]
Speed: 30 knots (55.6 km/h) [2]
Complement: 140
4 x Noor or Qader anti-ship missiles
1 x 76 mm Fajr-27 naval gun
1 x 40 mm Fath-40 AAA
2 x 20 mm cannons
4 x Mehrab Missiles reverse engineering of SM-1 SAM or Raad Missiles
2 x triple 324 mm torpedoes
2 x 12.7 mm heavy machine guns
Aircraft carried: 1 x Bell 214 ASW helicopter
Aviation facilities: Helicopter landing pad

The Moudge class, alternately spelled Moje class (meaning Wave),[3] is a class of domestically produced Iranian light frigates. It appears to be a development of the Alvand class (British Saam class) design. They are described as Destroyers by the Iranian state media but the size and weight of the ships; 1,500 ton displacement, are more in keeping with that of light frigates. The ships are also referred to as Destroyer Escorts.

The first ship, Jamaran is said to be completed and is stationed in the port of Bandar Abbas. Damavand is the second ship in this class.[4] According to OSGEOINT, the Damavand was constructed at the Shahid Tamjidi Marine Industries (STMI) fabrication shop on the Caspian Sea at Bandar-e Anzali.[5] It was launched in March 2013.[6]

Future units of the Moudge class are set to be equipped with the Sayyad-2 anti-aircraft missiles.[7]

Ships in the class[edit]

Ship Pennant Number Port Launched Status
Jamaran 76 Bandar Abbas 2010 In service.
Damavand[8] 77 Bandar Anzali 2013 In service.
Moudge 3  ? Khoramshahr  ? Under Construction.
Moudge 4  ? Bandar Abbas  ? Under Construction.
Sahand 74 Bandar Abbas 2012 Under Construction.
Moudge 6  ?  ?  ? Under Construction.
Moudge 7  ?  ?  ? Under Construction.[9]

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