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Team New Zealand in Valencia.jpg
NZL-92 returning to port in Valencia, Spain for the 32nd America's Cup
Yacht Club:  Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron
Nation:  New Zealand
America's Cup Year(s): 2007
Class: IACC
Owner(s): Emirates Team New Zealand
Notable Victories: Louis Vuitton Cup 2007

NZL-92 is an International America's Cup Class racing boat sailed by Emirates Team New Zealand that won the Louis Vuitton Cup 2007 but was beaten in the 2007 America's Cup by the defender Alinghi team sailing SUI-100.

A short history[edit]

In 2004, Emirates Team New Zealand head Grant Dalton revamped the Team New Zealand program. Following the unfortunate defeat of a design-led campaign in 2003 which was mainly due to deficiences in the boat, Dalton saw the need for a combination of a sailor-led campaign with a 'good all round boat' as seen in the 2003 America's Cup winner Alinghi's SUI-64. Two new yachts were designed and built relatively quickly and were assigned the sail numbers NZL-84 and NZL-92 respectively. The two new TNZ yachts were among the first of their generation to be built. NZL-84 debuted in Louis Vuitton Act 10, and beat Alinghi in Act 12.

With its "full" bow similar to NZL-84, NZL-92 quickly mirrored the race-winning results that NZL-84 had established in the Louis Vuitton Cup Acts leading up to the Louis Vuitton Cup 2007.


Initially considered unattractive, the unique full bow on both NZL-92 and NZL-84 are quickly appearing to set a new evolution of yacht design and style in the 2007 America's Cup. This is reflected in the comments of race commentator and Cup organizer Bruno Trouble who remarked, 'ugly boats quickly become attractive once they start winning races!'

When compared with ZL-82 and NZL-81, and most of the 2007 America's Cup edition boats which have a very flat double-knuckle bow, with exception of both Alinghi's SUI-64 and BMW Oracle Racing's USA-71.[clarification needed]

Overall performance and aesthetics[edit]

Both the benchmark in aesthetics and speed with some of the other 10 Challengers mimicking its design, particularly in the bow.[clarification needed] This can be seen especially on Areva-Challenge and CHINATeam, FRA-93 and CHA-95 respectively.

NZL-92 won the 2007 Louis Vuitton Cup in five races on the 6 June 2007 against Luna Rossa Challenge ITA-94, but was defeated by the defender Alinghi SUI-100 in the 2007 America's Cup, losing 5 races to 2 on 3 July 2007.


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