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Concert tours for the electronic music group Psychic TV.


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1982-10-02 UK-England-London Ritzy Cinema The Final Academy


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1983-06-23 Foundation Raelienne bootleg tape exists
1983-11-06 UK-England-Manchester The Ritz Live At Thee Ritz
1983-11-23 Iceland-Reykjavik Those Who Do Not, Live in Reykjavik
1983-11-17 USA-New York-New York City Danceteria
1983-11-19 USA-New York-New York City Danceteria NY Scum Haters
1983-12-02 Germany-Berlin Pankehallen Atonal Festival Berlin Atonal Vol. 1, Berlin Atonal Vol. 2
  • 1983-12-04 show cancelled and rescheduled to 1983-12-06.


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1984-04-21 Iceland-Reykjavik
1984-04-22 USA-Massachusetts-Boston Massachusetts College of Arts Eventworks 1984
1984-04-26 USA-Illinois-Chicago Club 950 Eventworks 1984 PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge, Paula P-Orridge, John "Zos Kia" Gosling and Monte Cazazza
1984-05-17 Germany-Göttingen

PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge, Paula P-Orridge, John Gosling, Paul "Grimsby" Reeson, Alex Fergusson

Circumanie Festival Live In Gottingen, Mein-Goett-In-Gen
1984-06-01 France-Rouen Exo 7 Descending PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-07-28 UK-England-London Drayton Park Temporary Temple Temporary Temple, Temporary Temple & Atonal PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-08-01 UK-England-London Institute of Contemporary Arts PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-08-XX UK-England-London Holloway Road Music Hall
1984-08-15 UK-England-Hampstead Everyman Theatre
1984-08-17 UK-England-London Hammersmith Town Hall PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-09-16 West Germany-Hamburg Klecks Theatre Hamburg 16;9;84, Were You Ever Bullied at School...Do You Want Revenge?, Ov Power PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-09-22 Netherlands-Rotterdam De Doelen Pandoras Music Box Festival Paramartha PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-09-23 Belgium-Deinze Futurama 84 PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-10-16 Spain-Madrid La Edad De Oro PTV line-up: as Göttingen
1984-11-05 UK-England-Manchester Hacienda Haçienda PTV line-up: as Göttingen: Paul Reeson's final gig
1984-11-30 Sweden-Göteborg Karen
1984-12-XX Norway-Oslo
1984-12-03 Finland-Helsinki Club 77
1984-12-06 Sweden-Stockholm Kolingsborg A Real Swedish Live Show
1984-12-07 Denmark-Copenhagen Jagtvej 69
1984-12-08 Sweden-Malmö Stadt Hamburg
1984-12-10 Germany-Frankfurt Batschkapp Were You Ever Bullied at School...Do You Want Revenge?, Batschkapp
1984-12-11 Germany-Münster Odeon
1984-12-12 Netherlands-Den Haag Paard van Troje
1984-12-13 Netherlands-Rotterdam Arena
1984-12-14 Netherlands-Amsterdam Paradiso
1984-12-15 Netherlands-Eindhoven De Effenaar
1984-12-23 UK-London-England Heaven Live In Heaven
  • A live performance in 1984 with an unknown date also took place in at the Zap Club in UK-England-Brighton.


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1985-05-19 UK-England-London Hammersmith Palais The Fabulous Feast of Flowering Light (The Starlight Mire) Hammersmith Palais 19:5:85, Thee Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering Light PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge, Paula P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Max (drums) (from Weekend Swingers and Rema Rema), Mouse (bass), Monte Cazazza (guitar), Hilmar Orn Himarsson (keyboards and drums)
1985-10-13 Italy-Rimini
1985-10-13 Italy-Gabice Aleph
1985-10-14 Italy-Turin
1985-10-15 Belgium-Kortrijk Limelight
1985-10-16 Austria-Bregenz Live In Bregenz
1985-10-17 Austria-Vienna
1985-10-19 Germany-Munich
1985-10-21 Germany-Berlin
1985-10-22 Germany-Bochum Zeche
1985-10-23 Netherlands-Gronningham
1985-10-25 Netherlands-Utrecht Tivoli
1985-10-26 Netherlands-Apeldoorn
1985-10-27 Netherlands-Paradiso
1985-12-11 London-Stoke Newington Town Hall PTV Line up: first show to include Matthew Best on drums
1985-12-13 Netherlands-Rotterdam The Arena Southern Comfort PTV Line up: Did not include Genesis or Paula P-Orridge. Vocals by Monte Cazazza [1]
1985-12-XX Hungary-Budapest
  • Additional shows that took place in 1985 with unknown dates are:
    • September or October at Royal Northern College of Music, UK-England-Manchester.
    • Netherlands-Leiden
    • Germany-Düsseldorf


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1986-01-15 Japan-Tokyo Nakano Public Hall
1986-01-16 Japan-Tokyo Nakano Public Hall
1986-01-17 Japan-Tokyo Nakano Public Hall
1986-01-18 Japan-Tokyo Nakano Public Hall Live In Tokyo
1986-01-20 Japan-Kyoto Daiei Studio
1986-02-11 UK-England-Birmingham Triangle Arts Centre
1986-02-12 UK-England-Leeds Warehouse
1986-02-13 UK-England-Newcastle Riverside
1986-02-14 UK-England-Liverpool University
1986-02-15 UK-England-Manchester International
1986-02-16[2][3] UK-Scotland-Glasgow Rooftops Live In Glasgow, City Ov London/City Ov Glasgow
1986-02-19 Germany-Aachen Metropol
1986-02-20 Germany-Osnabrück Hyde Park
1986-02-21 Germany-Hamburg Markthalle
1986-02-22 Germany-Düsseldorf ZAKK
1986-02-23 Germany-Wiesbaden Wartburg
1986-02-25 Germany-Nuremberg Komm
1986-02-27 Switzerland-Zurich Rote Fabrik
1986-02-28 Germany-Fribourg Fri-Son
1986-03-11 UK-England-Sheffield Leadmill
1986-03-13 UK-England-London Kilburn National Ballroom
1986-04-10 UK-England-London Virgin Megastore
1986-05-20 UK-England-London Marquee Live at Thee Marque Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Mouse, Matthew Best, Philipp Erb
1986-06-04 UK-England-London-Hackney Kerouacs
1986-06-07 Belgium-Kortrijk Limelight
1986-06-08 France-Paris Elysée, Montmartre Live In Paris, City Ov Paris
1986-07-03 UK-England-London 3rd St, 3 Cromwell Road
1986-07-10 UK-England-Croydon Underground
1986-07-13 UK-England-Basildon Town Hall Basildon Peace Festival
1986-08-01 USA-California-San Francisco The Farm
1986-08-02 USA-California-San Francisco The Mabuhay Gardens
1986-08-03 USA-California-Hollywood The Roxy (two shows)
1986-08-08 USA-Wisconsin-Milwaukee Underground
1986-08-09 USA-Illinois-Chicago Metro
1986-08-11 Canada-Toronto Cabaret Metro Live In Toronto
1986-08-13 USA-Michigan-Detroit Traxx
1986-08-14 Canada-Montreal Foufounes Electriques
1986-08-15 USA-NY-New York The Ritz
1986-08-17 USA-NY-New York Limelight
1986-10-05 UK-England-London Town & Country Club
1986-10-07 UK-England-Sheffield Leadmill


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1987-06-26 UK-England-Nottingham Mardi Gras Club Live At Thee Mardi Gras
1987-07-25 UK-England-London Finsbury Park Finsbury Park
1987-09-04 UK-England-London Electric Ballroom
1987-09-24 UK-England-London Electric Ballroom
1987-09-30 UK-England-London Hackney - Empire No More Censorship Campaign benefit


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1988-04-02 USA-California-Los Angeles Variety Arts Centre
1988-04-30 UK-England-London Astoria
1988-06-29 UK-England-London Brixton - Fridge Save The Black Rhino benefit
1988-07-16 UK-England-London Hackney - London Fields London Fields Festival
1988-09-21 USA-Colorado-Denver 23 Parish
1988-09-23 USA-Utah-Salt Lake City Speedway Cafe live in salt lake city bootleg cassette
1988-09-29 USA-California-San Francisco I-Beam live in san francisco bootleg tape
1988-10-01 USA-California-Los Angeles John Anson Ford Theater
1988-10-02 USA-California-San Diego Mirage
1988-10-03 USA-Arizona-Phoenix Crash
1988-10-05 USA-Oklahoma-Norman
1988-10-07 USA-Texas-Austin Planetarium Psychick T.V. - Live at the Austin Planetarium - "An official T.O.P.Y. US Release" - Cassette edition of 100
1988-10-08 USA-Texas-Houston Axiom
1988-10-09 USA-Texas-Dallas Empire
1988-10-11 USA-Georgia-Atlanta Club Rio
1988-10-13 USA-North Carolina-Charlotte Park Elevator
1988-10-15 USA-Virginia-Richmond Rockitz
1988-10-16 USA-D.C.-Washington 9:30 Club
1988-10-18 USA-Ohio-Columbus Staches
1988-10-19 USA-Ohio-Cleveland Phantasy
1988-10-20 USA-Illinois-Chicago Dreamers
1988-10-21 USA-Michigan-Detroit St Andrews Hall
1988-10-22 USA-California-Los Angeles John Anson Ford Theater
1988-10-23 USA-New York-Syracuse Underground
1988-10-25 Canada-Montreal Foufounes Electriques
1988-10-27 USA-Massachusetts-Boston Axis
1988-10-30 USA-Pennsylvania-Philadelphia Revival
1988-10-31 USA-New York-New York City The World
1988-11-02 USA-New York-New York City Pyramid Live At The Pyramid N.Y.C. 11-3-88, Live At Thee Pyramid
1988-11-25 Greece-Athens Club Rodon
1988-11-26 Greece-Athens Club Rodon
1988-12-04 Scotland-Glasgow Mayfair
1988-12-05 Brighton Escape Club
1988-12-06 Rayleigh Pink Toothbrush
1988-12-08 UK-England-Manchester International Club Joy
1988-12-11 UK-England-Sheffield Leadmill


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1989-01-25 UK-England-London Dingwalls
1989-03-04 UK-England-London "Cave Of Desire", Heaven
1989-03-27 Germany-Bielefeld Cafe Europa
1989-03-28 Germany-Dortmund Live Station
1989-03-30 Austria-Vienna Arena
1989-03-31 Austria-Linz Posthof
1989-04-01 Germany-Gammelsdorf Circus
1989-04-02 Germany-Stuttgart Rohre
1989-04-03 Germany-Frankfurt Cooky's
1989-04-04 Germany-Cologne Rose Club
1989-04-05 Germany-Hannover Pavilion
1989-04-06 Germany-Berlin Loft
1989-04-07 Germany-Coesfeld Fabrik
1989-04-08 Germany-Bremen Schlachthof
1989-04-09 Germany-Hamburg Fabrik
1989-04-11 Netherlands-Utrecht Tivoli
1989-04-12 Netherlands-Den Haag Paard
1989-04-13 Netherlands-Amsterdam Paradiso
1989-06-16 UK-Manchester International
1989-06-17 UK-Newcastle
1989-10-30 USA-New Jersey-Hoboken Maxwells
1989-11-01 USA-Minnesota-Minneapolis First Avenue
1989-11-02 USA-New York-New York City Pyramid Club
1989-11-03 New York-New York City Private Party for Jim Parrish
1989-12-11 UK-England-Sheffield Leadmill
1989-12-13 UK-England-London Mean Fiddler
  • February 1989: 10 of 15 gigs on the UK tour were cancelled, including bans from the Astoria and Town & Country Club.


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1990-04-11 UK-England-London Subterania
1990-05-17 USA-Colorado-Denver Gothic Theatre
1990-05-18 USA-Utah-Salt Lake City Speedway Cafe
1990-05-21 Canada-British Columbia-Vancouver The Town Pump
1990-05-22 USA-Washington-Seattle The Backstage
1990-05-23 USA-Oregon-Portland Pine Street Theatre
1990-05-25 USA-California-San Francisco I-Beam
1990-05-27 USA-California-San Jose The Oasis
1990-05-28 USA-California-Ventura Ventura Theatre
1990-05-29 USA-California-Riverside Monopolies
1990-05-30 USA-Nevada-Las Vegas Calamity Jayne's
1990-06-01 USA-California-Los Angeles Helter Skelter
1990-06-02 Mexico-Tijuana Iguana's
1990-06-03 USA-Arizona-Tempe The Asylum
1990-06-04 USA-New Mexico-Albuquerque
1990-06-08 USA-Louisiana-New Orleans Tipitina's
1990-06-09 USA-Texas-Houston Power Tools
1990-06-11 USA-Texas-Dallas Video Bar
1990-06-12 USA-Oklahoma-Oklahoma City Kinetix
1990-06-14 USA-Missouri-St Louis 1227 Club
1990-06-15 USA-Illinois-Chicago The Metro
1990-06-16 USA-Michigan-Detroit Clutch Cargo's @ St Andrews Hall
1990-06-17 USA-Pennsylvania-Pittsburgh Graffiti
1990-06-18 Canada-Ontaria-Toronto The Diamond Club
1990-06-19 Canada-Ottawa Barrymore's
1990-06-21 USA-Massachusetts-Boston The Channel
1990-06-22 USA-New York-Poughkeepsie The Chance
1990-06-23 USA-New York-New York City The Ritz
1990-06-24 USA-New Jersey-Trenton City Gardens
1990-06-26 USA-Pennsylvania-Philadelphia Chestnut Cabaret
1990-06-27 USA-Washington D.C. 9:30 Club
1990-08-25 UK-England-Reading Reading Festival
1990-09-01 UK-Oxfordshire-Appleford The Sex Maniacs' Ball
1990-12-20 UK-England-London Mean Fiddler


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1991-01-16 UK-England-Brighton Zap Club Dolphin Freedom Party
1991-01-28 Yugoslavia-Zagreb
1991-03-06 UK-England-London Subterania Black
1991-05-17 Republic of Ireland-Dublin Trinity College Trinity College May Ball
1991-06-11 UK-England-Brighton Zap Club
1991-06-13 UK-England-London Powerhaus (Islington)
1991-06-15 UK-England-Manchester International
1991-06-17 UK-Scotland-Glasgow Mayfair
1991-11-27 UK-England-London Subterania


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1992-01-17 Japan-Tokyo P/N Hall
1992-01-18 Japan-Tokyo P/N Hall
1992-01-19 Japan-Tokyo Gold Club
1992-03-27 UK-England-London Rocket "Mega Dog", Holloway Line up did not feature Genesis or Paula P-Orridge
1992-04-25 USA-California-Los Angeles Shiva's Erotic Banquet (Rave at La Casa) PTV's performance is viewable on YouTube (in 8 parts)
1992-08-05 USA-California-Palo Alto The Edge
1992-08-07 USA-California-San Francisco Cesar's Latin Palace
1992-08-08 USA-California-San Francisco Golden Gate Park


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1993-04-03 USA-Illinois-Chicago Psychosis Rave PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge, Paula P-Orridge, Fred Giannelli and Ben Stokes
1993-10-14 USA-Oregon-Eugene Wow Hall PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge and Craig Ellenwood


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1994-04-08 USA-Oregon-Eugene Wow Hall Unofficially released on cassette and CDR as Stations Of Thee Cross PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge, Larry Thrasher and Paula Whitewolf


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1995-07-20 USA-California-San Francisco Club 1015 Folsom Benefit concert to raise money for Genesis' medical bills. PTV line-up: Billy Goodrum (bass), Michael Campagna (guitar), Larry Thrasher (keyboards, percussion) and Scott Breadman (percussion).
1995-07-25 USA-California-San Francisco Trocadero


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
1999-04-29 UK-England-Colchester Arts Centre
1999-05-01 UK-England-London Royal Festival Hall Times Up Time's Up Live PTV line-up: Genesis P-Orridge, Alex Fergusson, Larry Thrasher, Matthew Best


Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
2003-12-05 USA-NY-New York Coral Room Released on DVD in 50 copies and sold during the 2004 De-Tour.

2004: PTV3 Tour[edit]

Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
2004-09-18 Cologne, Germany Underground
2004-09-19 Haarlem, The Netherlands Patronaat,
2004-09-20 Hamburg, Germany Hafenklang
2004-09-21 Copenhagen, Denmark Vega
2004-09-22 Oslo, Norway John Dee
2004-09-24 Berlin, Germany Volksbuehne
2004-09-25 Gdansk, Poland St. John's Church
2004-09-26 Warsaw, Poland Proxima
2004-09-28 Leipzig, Germany Dominion Club
2004-09-29 Prague, Czech Republic Abaton
2004-09-30 Vienna, Austria Monastery
2004-10-01 Zagreb, Croatia Mocvara
2004-10-02 Firenze, Italy Ministry
2004-10-03 Turino, Italy Supermarket
2004-10-04 Duedingen, Switzerland Bad Bonn
2004-10-05 Paris, France La Maroquinerie
2004-10-06 CC Antwerp, Belgium Luchtbal
2004-10-08 Porto, Portugal Sa Bandeira
2004-10-09 London, UK The Forum
2004-10-10 Athens, Greece Gagarin 205 Club
2004-10-13 St. Petersburg, Russia Port Club
2004-10-14 Moscow, Russia The Apelsin Club

2007: PTV3 Tour[edit]

Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
2007-09-15 Russia-Moscow IKRA Club
2007-09-17 UK-Bristol BierKeller
2007-09-18 UK-Birmingham Carling Academy
2007-09-19 UK-Leeds Rios
2007-09-20 UK-Glasgow ABC2
2007-09-22 KC Belgie Belgium-Hasselt
2007-09-23 Netherlands-Tilburg ZXZW Festival@013
2007-09-24 Germany-Berlin Knaack
2007-09-25 Germany-Münster Gleis 22
2007-09-26 Germany-Hamburg Hafenklang
2007-09-28 Denmark-Copenhagen TBA
2007-09-19 Norway-Oslo Bla
2007-09-30 Sweden-Stockholm Nalen
  • Additional 2007 tour dates (October/November) were cancelled due to problems with the tour organizer.

2013: Psychic TV/PTV3 "Change The World One Kiss At A Time" European De-Tour 2013[edit]

Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
2013-04-19 The Netherlands-Tilburg 013 Roadburn Festival
2013-04-20 Germany-Berlin Festsaal Berlin
2013-04-22 Switzerland-Geneve L'Usine
2013-04-24 Portugal-Cartaxo (Lisbon) Centro Cultural
2013-04-26 Italy-Bologna Zona Roveri
2013-12-27 USA-New York Brooklyn Night Bazaar Support: Heliotropes, House of Blondes
2013-12-28 USA-New York Brooklyn Night Bazaar Support: Bryin Dall

2014: Psychic TV/PTV3 European De-Tour[edit]

Country-Province-City Venue Event Release status Notes
2014-05-11 Norway, Oslo Bla
2014-02-22 Finland, Helsinki Tavastia
2014-09-13 Portugal, Valada Parque de Merendas Reverence Festival
2014-10-16 Belgium, Brussels Beursschouwburg
2014-10-18 Romania, Bucharest Control Club
2014-10-20 Germany, Berlin Gretchen
2014-10-21 France, Paris La Gaité Lyrique

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