Release, Release

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"Release, Release"
Song by Yes from the album Tormato
Released September 29, 1978
Recorded 1978
Genre Progressive rock
Length 5:44
Label Atlantic Records
Writer Jon Anderson
Composer Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Alan White
Producer Yes
Tormato track listing
"Release, Release"
"Arriving UFO"

"Release, Release" is a song by the progressive rock group Yes. It was released on the group's 1978 album, Tormato.

Of all the songs of the album, "Release, Release" is the one that has been performed live the fewest number of times. The song was only done live on six shows of the group's 1978 tour of the United States.

According to drummer Alan White, the song was dropped from the setlist because it needed so much energy to be performed that the whole band was exhausted after performing it.

In an article written by Chris Welch for Melody Maker he mentioned that this track was originally titled Anti Campaign.