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Retrophyllum comptonii 2.jpg
Retrophyllum comptonii
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pinophyta
Class: Pinopsida
Order: Pinales
Family: Podocarpaceae
Genus: Retrophyllum
Type species
Retrophyllum vitiense
(B.C. Seemann) C.N. Page

Retrophyllum is a genus of coniferous gymnosperms in the family Podocarpaceae. [1] It has a disjunct distribution in the Southern Hemisphere, found in Papuasia and also in South America.[2][3]

Fossil Record Retrophyllum shoots have a distinctive morphology in which the leaves are in opposite pairs, and twisted in such a way that the abaxial surface of one leaf is up, and in the other it is down. This feature, added to a distinctive epidermal morphology means that well-preserved specimens can be easily identified in the fossil record. The fossil record shows that Retophyllum was present in the Cenozoic of Australia (Hill and Pole 1992) and New Zealand (Pole 1992, 1997). It is now extinct in both places.

Taxonomy In a 2009 book on conifers, Retrophyllum piresii was treated as conspecific with Retrophyllum rospigliosii. The author stated "One specimen from low elevations in Brazil was separated as a distinct species, but it falls well within the range of variation of the species as a whole and is geographically close to some locations in Peru."

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  5. Retrophyllum vitiense (Seem.) C.N.Page - Maluku, New Guinea, Fiji, Bismarck Archipelago, Santa Cruz Islands


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