Revolutionary Ukrainian Party

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Revolutionary Ukrainian Party
Founded 1900
Ideology Ukrainian nationalism, Socialism, Revolutionary socialism, Leftwing

The Revolutionary Ukrainian Party (Ukrainian: Революційна Партія України) was a political party in early 20th century Ukraine, founded February 11, 1900 by students in Kharkiv.[1]


The rise of the party was the accomplishment of other tries from various public associations such as the Brotherhood of Tarasovs and the Social-Democratic Circle of Ivan Steshenko and Lesia Ukrainka.

Originally, the aim or R.U.P. was the independence of all Ukrainian national elements. What made the R.U.P. unique was the willingness to embrace all political philosophies, including socialism.[2]

On the Second Congress of the party the R.U.P. was renamed into the Ukrainian Social Democratic Labour Party (USLDP). Prior to that several split off have taken place : the Ukrainian Socialist-Revolutionary Party (USRP) and the Ukrainian Radical Labour Democratic Party (URLDP).