River Spodden

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River Spodden
Fairies Chapel, Healey Dell
Country England
 - location Freeholds Top, Whitworth, Lancashire
 - location River Roch, Rochdale
 - coordinates 53°36′55.43″N 2°9′59.85″W / 53.6153972°N 2.1666250°W / 53.6153972; -2.1666250Coordinates: 53°36′55.43″N 2°9′59.85″W / 53.6153972°N 2.1666250°W / 53.6153972; -2.1666250

The River Spodden is a watercourse in North West England. It rises in the Lancashire Pennine hills above Whitworth and proceeds south through Healey Dell and on to Rochdale, Greater Manchester, where the river merges with the River Roch. Nestled within the picturesque wooded valley is the site of what was the world’s largest asbestos textile factory, Turner Brothers.


  • Red Brook
  • Shawclough Brook
  • Caldershaw Brook
  • Smallshaw Brook
    • Dunishbooth Brook
  • Prickshaw Brook
    • Fern Isle Brook
  • Tong End Brook
    • Cowm Brook
      • Walstead Brook
  • Hud Brook
  • Knowsley Brook
  • Red Shore Brook
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