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Jam Tombs at Makli.
Sindhi, Kutchi, Gujarati, Balochi and Siraiki
Hindu, Islam
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Samma are a Rajput clan settled in the provinces of Sindh, Gujarat (Kutch), Balochistan and Punjab of Pakistan and also in Rajasthan, India.

Samma of (Kathiawar) Gujarat[edit]

The Samma of Gujarat have four sub-divisions, the Gha Samma distributed in the Banni region, the Saheb Samma who are found in other areas of Kutch they are called Sama Hindu rajput, the Chudasama, who are still Hindu, and distributed in Junagadh District and finally the Dangar Samma, who are found in Ahmedabad. They have customs similar to other Maldhari communities of the Banni region. In Saurashtra, they from an important element in the Sandhai Muslims. Also collaterals Hindu Samma tribes in India like Jadeja, Chudasama, Bhatti are Raizadas and Sarvaiyas, who do not intermarry.[citation needed]

Other than the Samma proper, the following Muslim tribes the Halaypotra, Hingora, Hingorja, Mutwa, Node and Theba, Otha all claim to be of Samma origin.[citation needed]



Jesar was a princely state of India, ruled by Sarvaiya, a branch of the Chudasama dynasty.[citation needed]


Samma people usually speak Sindhi in Balochistan and Sindh; their second-most commonly spoken language is Saraiki.[citation needed] The Jadgal tribe of Makran and Iran speak Balochi and the Persian Language. The Samma of Gujarat speak Gujarati and Kutchi.[citation needed]

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