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Shahpur Jat is an urban village in South Delhi, located near Hauz Khas and within one of the ancient capital cities of Delhi, Siri Fort.


Ruins of Siri Fort wall.

Siri Fort, the third city of Delhi, was built at the beginning of the 14th century CE by the second sultan of the Turko-Afghan Khilji dynasty Alauddin Khilji. Nearby Hauz Khas was built as a large water reservoir for this city. Probably when Siri Fort was abandoned later, Jats from what is now Haryana shifted to the Shahpur Jat area, being attracted to the fertile lands.[1]


Presently the demography of Shahpur Jat is mainly composed of Jats Panwar Gotras some of them Migrated to Indri Village in Haryana,Shahpur Jat and Ber Sarai in New Delhi and 8 Villages in Mujjafar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh 700 years ago .[2] Increasingly people from other places in India are moving into the urban village and also foreigners are attracted by the low rents, huge parking space and interesting lifestyle, Monuments and Green Belt. Notables who have emerged from Shahpur Jat include the first Jat Member of Parliament from Delhi Ch. Dalip Singh Panwar.


Baradari in Shahpur Jat.

Shahpur Jat is a very old village featuring a considerable amount of traditional havelis and remains of the historical capital city Siri Fort, such as the stretches of the thick city walls, all surrounded by a hotch-potch of 20th century apartment and office buildings.[3] The area is currently undergoing urban greening and rejuvenation, not least due to the efforts of local NGOs.

Fashion hub[edit]

Shahpur Jat is most famous as New Delhi's fashion and design destination, being home to dozens of boutiques featuring trendy clothes, fashion accessories, and home decor items. Next to the sales of fashion articles,Designers like Bhumika grover,Manish Tripathi, Preeti S kapoor,Joy Mitra, Sahiba singh, Priyam Narayan, Alka Nath, Rema Kumar, Incheetape to name a few, are the labels that are well known here. Shahpur Jat is also famous as a production centre with countless buildings in the village being used as small-scale workshops. Wishing Chair (a gift shop cum café) has become the latest attraction for the people visiting Shahpur Jat for its creative and interesting products and ambience.

Dada Jungi House, one of the most urbanized parts of Shahpur Jat has also become popular among the richer section of the Delhites mainly due to many prominant shops being opened in the place such as antarDESI, Little Umbrella, Liz Paul, Om Creations and many more.

Shahpur jat is also famous for new cafes and eating joints and attracts a lot of tourists. To name a few like coffee garage and pot belly are among the most famous one. Pot belly is known for its Bihari cuisine and mic nights organized by them on Saturdays and Sundays. It attracts lots of people as for its unique structure on the roof top. La[4][5]

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