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Stuff You Should Know
The logo for Stuff You Should Know.
Hosting Josh Clark and Charles W. Bryant
Language English
Updates Biweekly
Length 20-60 minutes
Audio format Stereophonic/MP3
No. of episodes 600+
Debut April 17th, 2008

HowStuffWorks Discovery Communications (2007-2014) [1]

Blucora (2014-present)

Stuff You Should Know, often abbreviated as SYSK, is a free podcast published by the HowStuffWorks website and hosted by Josh Clark[2] and Charles W. "Chuck" Bryant,[3] both writers at HowStuffWorks. Clark has been a mainstay on the podcast since it began on April 17, 2008. Before Bryant took over the co-hosting duties on July 15, 2008, Clark was joined by several of his editors.

The podcast, released every Tuesday and Thursday, educates listeners on a wide variety of topics, often using popular culture as a reference giving the podcast comedic value.[4] Episodes are normally around 30 minutes in length, although for more in-depth topics the show has run as long as an hour. Initial episodes were much shorter in duration, often less than 10 minutes.

The podcast is available for free on the iTunes Store[5] and Zune Marketplace and is one of the top downloaded podcasts in both stores.[6]

On January 19, 2013, a full-length SYSK TV show aired on Science Channel.


The podcast covers a variety of odd questions and topics, like How Twinkies Work, Do Zombies Exist?, How Tickling works, and How Albert Einstein's Brain Worked. These unique subjects earned them a place in Podcast Awards's Education category.[7]

In 2011, the podcast added "Bonus Videos" to the podcast feed. These consist of humorous 60 second videos where Clark and Bryant converse about subjects they covered on previous podcast episodes while doing a variety of random activities (playing checkers, getting fitted for a suit, going to a doctor, driving through a car wash). As they speak, the scene changes repeatedly to something completely different, though their conversation continues uninterrupted as though nothing had happened. These clips have also aired during commercial slots on Science.

The podcast has steadily grown in popularity since its introduction in 2008 and has made appearances at events including South by Southwest and Comic-Con. The hosts of the show have also announced that they are to receive a show on Science starting in January 2013.[8] According to Discovery Network (which owns both Science and HowStuffWorks), the show will be similar in content to the podcasts but with video footage added to "illustrate its fictional life" [9]

As of January 2014, the Stuff You Should Know podcast has released over 600 episodes.

Chuck & Josh[edit]

The Stuff You Should Know podcast is hosted by two senior editors at

Josh Clark is a senior writer and co-host of the Stuff You Should Know podcast. Josh Clark studied history and anthropology at the University of Georgia[10][11] and lives with his wife, Umi.

Charles W. "Chuck" Bryant is a senior writer and co-hosts Stuff You Should Know podcast.[12][13]

Outside the podcast[edit]

Along with the other podcasts offered by HowStuffWorks, Stuff You Should Know has its own blog updated daily by its hosts and often featuring the same type of material found in the podcasts, often with show followups. There is also both a Twitter account and Facebook page for SYSK.


Starting in 2009, the show became highly active in encouraging listeners to donate to the online microlending site Kiva.[14] Their lending team has since consistently ranked among the top five teams in terms of both donations and users, and has loaned well over 2.5 million dollars.


Clark and Bryant also present two longer and more in-depth audio programs featuring interviews and portions recorded on location available for purchase as audiobooks, which are entitled The Super Stuffed Guide to the Economy and The Super Stuffed Guide to Happiness.

TV show[edit]

Josh and Chuck have starred in a series of 90-second television shorts that aired on Science Channel. The shorts depicted them going about their daily lives together while talking about a variety of topics.

A full-length Stuff You Should Know TV show premiered on Science Channel on January 19, 2013. The show included a pilot and 10 episodes each 30 minutes in length.[15] Discovery described the show as a "genre-bending" series about a real podcast that is set in a fictional world. Each episode followed Josh and Chuck inside and outside the recording booth, combining the factual information of their podcast with humorous, fictional story lines that align with each podcast topic.[16]

Each episode is made available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play.


Entertainment Weekly chose the show in early February 2013 as #7 for their "The Must List: The Top 10 Things We Love This Week," writing, "Whether you're curious about bee colonies or weather control, Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant have the scoop. The podcast hosts have just debuted this fun (and informative!) mockumentary series. (Science Channel, Saturdays, 10 p.m.)"[17]


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