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Founded 1998
Headquarters South Mimms
Service area North London
Service type Bus services
Routes 30 (September 2013)
Fleet 63 (September 2013)
Chief executive Dean Sullivan

Sullivan Buses is a bus company based in South Mimms, Hertfordshire, England. Founded in 1998, it operates local bus services in and around Hertfordshire including school services, rail replacement bus services in and near London, bus links in Surrey to and from Thorpe Park and vehicle hire for television programmes.


AEC Routemaster on London Underground replacement service at Baker Street in May 2011
Plaxton Pointer bodied Dennis Dart painted for route 950 to Thorpe Park at Staines in September 2009

Sullivan Buses was founded in 1998 by former London Underground manager Dean Sullivan.[1][2]

Sullivan Buses operates public and school bus routes in Hertfordshire and North London. Rail replacement work, particularly on the London Underground, is also operated, in 2004 it contributed to two-thirds of the company's turnover of £3 million.[1] Sullivan Buses vehicles frequently appear in film and television broadcasts and advertisements, partially because of the company's location close to the Elstree Studios, by August 2007, 20 different buses had been used in over 30 productions.[3][4]

In January 2005, Sullivan Buses purchased Southlands Travel, Pollhill in Kent, but this operation ceased in February 2007, some of the routes passing to Griffin Bus, who operated initially from Pollhill before moving to Longfield. In May 2011 Griffin Bus also ceased operating and their routes transferred over to other operators.


South Mimms (SM)[edit]

South Mimms operates London bus route 298, school routes 626, 628, 653, 683 and 688 and 25 other routes either operated under contract to Hertfordshire County Council or commercially.[5]


On 4 February 2012, Sullivan Buses commenced operating route 298.[6]

On 3 September 2012, Sullivan Buses commenced operating routes 628, 653, 683 and 688.[7][8]

On 31 August 2013, Sullivan Buses commenced operating route 626.[9]

Bus types in use[edit]

North Mymms[edit]

Sullivan Buses operate a maintenance facility based at North Mymms providing services to all of Sullivan's fleet.[11]


Sullivan operate a small garage based in Staines to maintain their Thorpe Park fleet.[12]

Buses in use: Dennis Dart SLF, Caetano Nimbus & Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 Dart


The fleet initially was built up with ex Transport for London Leyland Olympians, Leyland Titans, MCW Metrobuses and Volvo Olympians. As at September 2013 the fleet consisted of 63 buses.[13]

Sullivan Buses have a mixed variety of vehicles in their fleet:

  • 6 AEC Routemaster (RM1069, RMC1487, RML889, RML2272, RML2428, RML2429)


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