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Superstar K
Season 4
Broadcast from August 17, 2012 (2012-08-17)
Host(s) Kim Sung-Joo
Finals venue Jamsil Indoor Stadium
Roy Kim
Origin Seoul, South Korea
Song "스쳐간다 (Passing By)"
Genre(s) Folk Rock

Superstar K4 (Hangul: 슈퍼스타 K4) is the fourth season of the South Korean television talent show series Superstar K, which premiered on 17 August 2012 on and airs every Friday night at 11PM KST. Lee Seung-Chul and Yoon Mi-Rae returned as judges,[1] and were joined by singer/songwriter PSY who replaced Yoon Jong-Shin who had been a judge in the last two seasons.[2] 2,083,447 applicants were recorded for this season, surpassing the record set by the previous season.[3]

Selection process[edit]

As with the previous seasons, applicants were able to apply via the internet, phone or in person. However, with this season, the options of applying via KakaoTalk and karaoke also became available.[4]


Preliminary Auditions for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Regionals were held in these cities:

Episode air dates Audition city Date Venue Tickets to SuperWeek
August 17 - September 7, 2012 Seoul July 7/8, 2012 Seoul World Cup Stadium 31
August 17 - September 7, 2012 Incheon June 2, 2012 Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium 15
August 24–31, 2012 Busan May 5, 2012 Busan Exhibition and Convention Center 19
August 31 - September 7, 2012 Gwangju May 12, 2012 Gwangju Yeomju Gymnasium 19
August 17, 2012 Wonju May 19, 2012 Wonju Tattoo Plaza 18
a Daegu May 28, 2012 EXCO Daegu Exhibition & Convention Center 4
a Daejeon June 17, 2012 Daejeon Convention Center 0
a Jeju April 29, 2012 Jeju City Civic Center 2
September 7, 2012b Los Angeles June 9, 2012 Hollywood Musicians Institute Concert Hall 0
September 7, 2012 New York June 10, 2012 Best Buy Theater 7
c Sydney September 22, 2011 SMC Conference & Function Centre 0
Total number of tickets to SuperWeek 115
  • ^Note a The Daegu, Daejeon and Jeju audition episodes were not aired due to scheduling changes.
  • ^Note b The 3rd Regional auditions for the Los Angeles and New York were held together.
  • ^Note c Participants of the Sydney audition who made it to the 3rd Regional's were judged at Seoul instead.



  • Jung Joon-Young(정준영) (born February 21, 1989) is an Indie band singer. He used to live in Indonesia, China, Europe, Japan and Philippines. Jung can speak five different languages such as English, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese and Korean.

  • Kye Bum-Joo (계범주) (born November 8, 1991) is from Seoul. He is currently a student in the Music School of Howon University. Kye Bum Joon has collaborated extensively with the Korean underground hip-hop scene including with Urban Planet and also appeared in hip-hop variety show, Show Me The Money. Kye Bum Joon was also responsible for composing the song, 'Movie's Over' on Block B's album, 'Blockbusker'.[5]

  • DickPunks (딕펑스) is a four-member rock band based in Hongdae. The group consists of lead vocalist Kim Tae Hyeon, keyboardist Kim Hyun Woo, bass guitarist Kim Jae Heung and drummer Park Ga Ram.

TOP 12[edit]

Name/Group Name Age Place of Audition Profession Final Standing
Kye Bum-Joo (계범주) 22 Seoul College Student Top 12
Eddy Kim (에디킴) 24 Wonju Army Soldier Top 6
DickPunks (딕펑스) 26 Wonju Hongdae Indie Rock Band Runner-up
Roy Kim (로이킴) 21 Seoul International Student Winner
Volume (볼륨) 27 Seoul Singers Top 12
Ahn Ye-Seul (안예슬) 18 Wonju High School Student Top 9
Yeon Gyu-Sung (연규성) 34 Incheon Office Worker Top 9
Yoo Seung Woo (유승우) 16 Seoul High School Student Top 6
Lee Ji-Hye (이지혜) 18 Seoul High School Student Top 12
Jung Joon-Young (정준영) 24 Seoul Singer in Indie Rock Band Top 3
Honey G (허니지) 29 / 18 Incheon (Honey Brown) / US (Park Ji Young) Event Singer/Part-time Worker Top 7
Hong Dae-Kwang (홍대광) 28 Seoul Student and Busker Top 4


Due to the adoption of 12 finalists in Superstar K4 compared to 10 and 11 finalists in the previous seasons, the format was changed by which three finalists are eliminated in the first week, and two in the following three weeks till the Top 5 is reached (exceptions including the judges decision to save DickPunks in the Top 7 week). Judge PSY was replaced from the Top 9 week by singer Yoon Gun, due to his decision to commit to promoting his song 'Gangnam Style (강남스타일)' overseas.[6] The elimination of a contestant will be determinant upon who has the lowest number of points: with 60 percent of the points from a live text poll, 30 percent from the judges' decision and 10 percent from a pre-broadcast online poll.[7]

Top 12 – First Love[edit]

Order Contestant Song (original artist) Year Result
1 Kye Bum-Joo "Girls' Generation" (Lee Seung-Cheol) 1989 Eliminated
2 Lee Ji-Hye "천일동안 (For Thousand Days)" (Lee Seung-Hwan) 1995 Eliminated
3 Volume "Now" (Fin.K.L) 2000 Eliminated
4 Eddy Kim a.k.a. Kim Jung-Hwan "버스안에서 (In the Bus)" (자자) 1996 Safe
5 Honey G "비켜줄께 (I'll Move)" (Brown Eyed Soul) 2010 Safe
6 Yeon Kyu-Sung "예술이야 (It's Art)" (PSY) 2010 Safe
7 DickPunks "울릉도 트위스트 (Woolung Island Twist)" (이시스터즈) 1968 Safe
8 Hong Dae-Kwang "노래만 불렀지 (I Just Do Sing)" (Kim Jang-Hoon) 1996 Safe
9 Yoo Seung-Woo "My Son" (Kim Gun-Mo) 2003 Safe
10 Roy Kim "다시 사랑한다 말할까 (Saying I Love You Again)" (Kim Dong-Ryul) 2001 Safe
11 Ahn Ye-Seul "전설 속의 누군가처럼 (The Unwritten Legend)" (Shin Seung-Hoon) 2000 Safe
12 Jung Joon-Young "매일매일 기다려 (Waiting Everyday)" (티삼스) 1987 Safe
  • Group performance: "사랑 만들기 (Making Love)" (Papaya)

Top 9 – Rivalry[edit]

Order Contestant Song (original artist) Year Result
1 DickPunks "고추잠자리 (Red Dragonfly)" (Cho Yong-Pil) 1981 Safe
2 Yeon Gyu-Sung "어둠 그 별빛" (Kim Hyun-Sik) 1988 Eliminated
3 Hong Dae-Kwang "이미 넌 고마운 사람" (Kim Yeon-Woo) 2003 Safe
4 Honey G "왜그래" (Kim Hyun-Chul) 1995 Safe
5 Roy Kim "휘파람 (Whistle)" (Lee Moon-Sae) 1985 Safe
6 Ahn Ye-Seul "Sk8er Boi" (Avril Lavigne) 2002 Eliminated
7 Jung Joon-Young "Bed of Roses" (Bon Jovi) 1992 Safe
8 Eddy Kim a.k.a. Kim Jung-Hwan "Love Story" (Rain) 2008 Safe
9 Yoo Seung-Woo "열정 (Passion)" (Se7en) 2004 Safe
  • Group performance: "마지막 승부 (The Last Game)" (Kim Min-Kyo)

Top 7 - Go Back[edit]

Order Contestant Song (original artist) Year Result
1 Eddy Kim a.k.a. Kim Jung-Hwan "I'll Be There" (Jackson 5) 1970 Safe
2 Honey G "오래된 친구 (Old Friend)" (빛과 소금) 1994 Eliminated
3 DickPunks "같이 걸을까 (Shall We Walk Together)" (Lee Juck) 2007 Saved
4 Hong Dae-Kwang "가족(Family)" (Lee Seung-Hwan) 1997 Safe
5 Jung Joon-Young "그것만이 내 세상 (It's Only My World)" (들국화) 1985 Safe
6 Roy Kim "청개구리 (Blue Frog)" (PSY) 2012 Safe
7 Yoo Seung-Woo "말하는대로 (As I Say)" (처진 달팽이) 2011 Safe
  • Group performance: "고백 (Confession)" (Delly Spice)

Top 6 - My Style[edit]

Order Contestant Song (original artist) Year Result
1 Roy Kim "서울의 달 (The Moon of Seoul)" (Kim Gun-Mo) 2005 Safe
2 Hong Dae-Kwang "뜨거운 안녕 (Passionate Goodbye)" (Toy) 2007 Safe
3 Eddy Kim a.k.a. Kim Jung-Hwan "아름다운 강산 (Beautiful Rivers and Mountians)" (Shin Jung-Hyeon) 1972 Eliminated
4 DickPunks "Muzik" (4Minute) 2009 Safe
5 Jung Joon-Young "아웃사이더 (Outsider)" (봄여름가을겨울) 1995 Safe
6 Yoo Seung-Woo "Butterfly" (Jason Mraz) 2008 Eliminated
  • Group performance: "그대에게 (To You)" (무한궤도)

Top 4 - Audience Song of Choice[edit]

Order Contestant Song (original artist) Year Result
1 DickPunks "연극이 끝난 후 (After the Concert is Over)" (샤프) 1979 Safe
2 Jung Joon-Young "응급실 (Emergency Room)" (이지) 2005 Safe
3 Roy Kim "한동안 뜸했었지 (I Was Floating For A While)" (사랑과 평화) 1978 Safe
4 Hong Dae-Kwang "내 낡은 서랍 속의 바다 (The Sea In My Old Drawer)" (패닉) 1998 Eliminated
  • Special Stages: DickPunks and Hong Dae-Kwang: "Girl" (아스피린); Jung Joon-Young and Roy Kim: "Creep" (Radiohead)

Top 3 - Judge's Mission / Contestant's Favourite Song[edit]

Each contestant performed two songs: a song from the judge that each had been assigned to be coached from, and a song of personal choice. For the judge mission, DickPunks were assigned to the mentorship of Yoon Mi-Rae, Jung Joon-Young to Lee Seung-Chul and Roy Kim to Yoon Gun.

Order Contestant Song (original artist) Year Result
1 Roy Kim "힐링이 필요해 (October Rain)" (Yoon Gun) 2012 Safe
2 Jung Joon-Young "잊었니 (Did You Forget?)" (Lee Seung-Chul) 2005 Eliminated
3 DickPunks "떠나지마 (Please Don't Go)" (Yoon Mi-Rae) 2009 Safe
4 Jung Joon-Young "첫사랑 (First Love)" (나비효과) 2003 Eliminated
5 DickPunks "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" (Mika) 2007 Safe
6 Roy Kim "잊어야한다는 마음으로 (A Heart That Should Forget)" (Kim Kwang-Seok) 1992 Safe

Top 2 - Song Rendition / Self-Written Song[edit]

Order Contestant Song (original artist) Year Result
1 DickPunks "노는게 남는거야 (Playing Something Memorable)" (Jang Jin) 1995 Runner-up
2 Roy Kim "누구를 위한 삶인가 (Who are you living for?)" (Leessang) 2006 Winner
3 Roy Kim "스쳐간다 (Passing by)" (Roy Kim) 2012 Winner
4 DickPunks "나비 (Butterfly)" (DickPunks) 2010 Runner-up




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