Sylhet Agricultural University

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Sylhet Agricultural University
সিলেট কৃষি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়
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Established 1995: Sylhet Government Veterinary College (SGVC)
2006: Sylhet Agricultural University
Type Agricultural science, Public, Coeducational
Chancellor President Mohammad Zillur Rahman
Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Md.Shahid Ullah Talukdar
Academic staff 120
Admin. staff 50
Students 2,000
Location BangladeshSylhet, Bangladesh
Campus Urban
50 acres (20 ha)
Colours Blue and Green
Nickname SAU

Sylhet Agricultural University (Bengali: সিলেট কৃষি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়) is a government-financed public university in Sylhet, Bangladesh.


Officially the Sylhet Agricultural University has started its formal function on 2nd November 2006 following issuance of a notification by the Government as per requirement of the “Sylhet Agricultural University Act 2006” which was passed in the National Parliament on 3 October 2006. In fact, the faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science has come into being through the up gradation of Sylhet Government Veterinary College (SGVC). The SGVC was established in 1995 and had been functioning as “School of Life Sciences” under Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet Bangladesh.

Sylhet Government Veterinary College, now the Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science has so far produced nearly 400 graduates. Graduates of this university have gone on to careers or research in livestock production, up gradation, treatment, agricultural sub-systems, and the agro-based economy. They are involved in various national and international services ranging from the civil service to the RVFC (Remount Veterinary and Farm Core). Presently about 2000 undergraduate and 50 internship students are enrolled at the university.

The main goal of the university is to improve the quality and standard of higher agricultural education and to produce first rate agriculturists, agricultural scientists and technologists to meet the needs of agricultural development in Bangladesh. To achieve the objectives over 90 percent of the recurring budget and the entire development fund come from the government through the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Academic departments[edit]

Faculty of Veterinary and Animal Science[edit]

  • Departments of Anatomy and Histology
  • Department of Physiology

Prof. Dr. Md. Matiar Rahman Howlader(Chairman), Dr. Shahana Begum(Associate Professor), Dr. Md. Mir Iqbal Hasan(Assistant Professor), Dr. Saiful Islam(Lecturer)

  • Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology
  • Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry

Dr. Mohammad Mehedi Hasan Khan

  • Department of Dairy Science
  • Department of Poultry Science
  • Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding
  • Department of Animal Nutrition
  • Department of General Animal Science & Livestock Management
  • Department of Pathology
  • Department of Parasitology
 Professor Dr. Md. Jamal Uddin Bhuiyan (Chairman), Dr. Kazi Mehetazul Islam (Associate Professor), Dr. Tilak Chandra Nath (Lecturer)
  • Department of Microbiology and Immunology
  • Department of Public Health & Hygiene
  • Department of Medicine

Professor Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam (Chairman), Dr. Md. Mukter Hossain (Assistant Professor), Dr. Md. Bashir Uddin (Assistant Professor), Dr. Md. Mahfujur Rahman (Assistant Professor), Dr. Md. Matiur Rahman (Lecturer)

  • Department of Surgery


Faculty of Agriculture[edit]

  • 1. Department of Agronomy and Hawor Agriculture
  • 2. Department of Soil Science
  • 3. Department of Crop Botany
  • 4. Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding
  • 5. Department of Horticulture
 Dr. Md. Shahidul Islam, Associate Professor
 Animesh Chandra Das, Assistant Professor
 Biswojit Debnath, Assistant Professor
 Jannatul Ferdousi, Lecturer
 Md. Mahfuzur Rob, Lecturer
  • 6. Department of Plant Pathology and Seed Science
  • 7. Department of Entomology
  • 8. Department of Agricultural Extension Education
  • 9. Department of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
  • 10. Department of Agroforestry and Environmental Science

Chairman: Dr. Md. Sharaf Uddin, Associate Professor; Assistant Professor: Md. Samiul Ahsan Talucder, Ashim Sikdar; Lecturer: Mohammad Omar Sharif, Tahmina Afroz, Rana Roy.

  • 11. Department of Agricultural Chemistry
  • 12. Department of Agronomy and Seed Science
  • 13. Department of Language
  • Department of Tea Production and Technology

Faculty of Fisheries[edit]

  • Department of Fish Biology and Genetics

Chairmen: Dr. Nirmal Chandra Roy (Associat prof.), Dr.Md.Mahbub Iqbal(Associate Prof.), Asst.Professor: Mst.Jannatul Ferdous, Asst.Professor: Md.Sohel Mian, Lecturer: Shamima Nasrin,Lecturer: Mohammad Amzad Hossain, Lecturer: A.H.M Mohsinul Reza

  • Department of Aquaculture

Chairmen: Dr. Md. Tariqul Alam (Associate Professor), Assistant Professor: Md. Sakhawat Hossain, Assistant Professor: Dr. Md. Anamul Kabir, Lecturer- Md. Tawheed Hasan, Lecturer: Md. Aminur Rashid, Lecturer: Tanwi Dey

  • Department of Aquatic Resource Management

Chairmen- Dr. Mrittyunjoy Kundo ( Associate Professor), Asst.Professor : Md.Jahidul Islam, Asst.Professor : Md. Ahmed Harun-Al-Rashid, Asst.Professor :Sabuj Kanti Majumdar, Lecturer: Md. Ariful Islam

  • Department of Fisheries Technology and Quality Control

Chairmen- Dr. Md. Abu Sayeed (Associate Professor), Associate Professor: Dr.Md. Motahar Hossain, Assistant Professor: Dr. Md. Abu Zafar Bepari, Assistant Professor: Md. Jakiul Islam, Lecturer: Md. Abul kasham, Lecturer: Sabiha Sultana Marine.

  • Department of Coastal and Marine Fisheries

Chairmen: Md.Mostafa Shamsumzzaman (Asst.Professor), Lecturer: Md.Mosarrof Hossain, Lecturer:Taslima Akter, Lecturer- Partha Protim Barman

  • Department of Fish Health Management

Asst.Professor: Md.Abdullah-Al-Mamun, Md. Ibrahim Khalil (Lecturer), Lecturer: Md. Mashekul Bari

Faculty of Agricultural Economics and Business Studies[edit]

  • Department of Agricultural Economics and Policy (AEP)
  • Department of Agricultural Marketing and Business Management (AMB)
  • Department of Agricultural Finance and Banking (AFB)
  • Department of Agricultural Statistics (AST)
  • Department of Agricultural and Rural Development (ARD)

Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology[edit]

  • Farm Structure and Environmental Engineering Department
  • Farm Power, Machinery and Automobile Engineering Department
  • Sewerage, Irrigation and Water Management Engineering Department
  • Food Science and Engineering Department
  • Computer Science and Engineering Department

Proposed faculties[edit]

  • Faculty of Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering
  • Faculty of Food Engineering and Technology

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