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Coordinates: 43°13′26″N 27°56′10″E / 43.22389°N 27.93611°E / 43.22389; 27.93611

Technical University of Varna
Технически университет – Варна
TU Varna logo.gif
Established 1962
Type Public
Rector Prof. Ovid Azaria Farhi, PhD
Students ~7500
Location Varna, Bulgaria
Campus Urban
Affiliations EUA

The Technical University of Varna (Bulgarian: Технически университет – Варна, often abbreviated as ТУ – Варна, TU – Varna) is a state university in Varna, Bulgaria, founded in 1962.


Technical faculty[edit]

State University "St. Cyril Slavyanobulgarski" Varna in the beginning of the 1940s in Varna had two faculty:economy and technical. The predecessor of the Technical University of Varna and MEI-Varna is the Technical faculty in the State University. Varna had technical traditions in the shipbuilding, mechanics,building vehicle bodies and all those knowledge and experience make the development of the technical faculty like an institution. In the 1950s, Professors and engineers from other technical universities continue their career. In the years of education the mean profiles in the department were:

  • Engineering
  • Shipbuilding
  • Electric
  • Building Architecture
  • Industrial chemistry

Since 1958 in the structure of Technical faculty in State University "St. Cyril Slavyanobulgarski" Varna had 30 departments in different technical directions.

Mechanical-Electrical Institute[edit]

With order of the Bulgarian Socialist Party in 1962 in Varna were founded a Mechanical-Electrical Institute(MEI-Varna)(On Bulgarian:Машинно-електротехнически институт(МЕИ-Варна).This institute is the first of its specialization in North Bulgaria. In the first academic year the institution does not had a faculty structure. In 1962 were categorized seven profiles in the Mechanical-Electrical Institute:

  • "Manufacturing Technologies"
  • "Internal Combustion Engines"
  • "Electrical machinery and apparatus"
  • "Radio technology"
  • "Telecommunications equipment"
  • "Shipbuilding"
  • "Ship machines and mechanisms"

In the first academic year started with 554 students.Founder and first rector of the university was Prof.Marin Oprev,who gave one stably beginning for the institute and establish it like a factor in the region.

Senior Mechanical-Electrical Institute[edit]

Senior Mechanical-Electrical Institute(SMEI-Varna)(On Bulgarian:Висш машинно-електротехнически институт(ВМЕИ-Варна)) that is the name of the University after few years work in the area of Machine technologeis,Shipbuilding and Marine technologies,Electrics and Communications.In 1968 is finished the first building of the university(now Electric faculty).To 1971 the rectorate and all mean functions were commanded from this building.In 1971 were builded the second mean building - the building of Machine and Shipbuilding faculty(today rectorate).In 1967 Petar Penchev were chosen for Rector of the University.
Departments in the beginning of the 70s.:

  • Mechanical Engineering and Machine Elements
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Technical Mechanics
  • Marine machines
  • Ship building
  • Communications
  • Electrical machinery and apparatus
  • Theoretical and Measuring Electrical
  • Electrical Power
  • Automation

In the two mandate of his management SMEI-Varna turns from Regional to a Republican technical institute. In 1975 were finished the building of the Learning-Production building,where had a rooms for producing different type of electric and mechanic ware. In 1987 were opened the building of Computer science`s building ("Hot connection") (In Bulgarian:Топла връзка). In 1991 Senior Mechanical-Electrical Institute in Varna had 6 faculties:"Machine", "Machine-technology", "Shipbuilding", "Electric", "Computing", "Legal" and "Automation." In 1992 a new building open doors-the building of Learning housing (On Bulgarian:Учебнен корпус).The department "Computer technology and science" were founded the same year.This profile became the first Bulgarian representative in the International Organization of Computer Science (UPE).

Technical University of Varna[edit]

In 1995 the name of the institution was changed from Senior Mechanical-Electrical Institute to Technical University of Varna.Today the campus of the university had 67542 sq.m area and 6 faculties.


Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Technologies[edit]

The Mechanical Faculty is one of the first three parts from the university. It is a successor of the Mechanical department of the technical faculty of the State University in the town. The building of the complex starts in 1966 and it ends in 1970.In this building today it houses the rectorate of the university. The first dean of the faculty was Boris Jelev.
dean:Prof.Angel Dimitrov

  • Technology of Machine Tools and Manufacturing department
  • Material and Technology department
  • Industrial design department
  • Transport technology department

Deans of the faculty[edit]

  • Prof.Boris Zhelev(1966-1970)
  • Prof.Evgeni Vutev(1970-1973)
  • Prof.Rumen Yosifov(1973-1974)
  • Prof.Venelin Stoyanov(1974-1979)
  • Prof.Mikhail Serafimov(1979-1984)
  • Prof.Cvetana Todorova(1984-1986)
  • Prof.Nikolai Nikov(1990-1995)
  • Prof.Nikolai Nikov(1995-1999)
  • Prof.Radko Radev(1999-2007)
  • Prof.Angel Dimitrov(2007)

Faculty of Shipbuilding[edit]

The faculty of Shipbuilding is the first and the only one faculty from this profile in Bulgaria. Successor of the tradition of shipbuilding in Varna and the department of Ship technologies department in the State University. Founded in 1962. The faculty had relationship with other universities in East Europe and Middle East, relationship with organizations for protection and research the Black Sea. The first dean of the faculty is Boris Jelev.
dean:Prof.Plamen Ditchev

  • Shipbuilding department
  • Ship machines and mechanisms department
  • Calorifics department
  • Technical mechanics department
  • Sports department

Deans of the faculty[edit]

  • Prof.Boris Zhelev
  • Prof.Zamfir Aleksandrov (1974-1979)
  • Prof.Stoyan Stoyanov (1979-1985)
  • Prof.Petar Bogdanov (1985-1986)
  • Prof.Luben Angelov (1986-1991)
  • Prof.Petar Kolev (1991-1999)
  • Prof.Ivan Ivanov (1999-2007)
  • Prof.Nikola Petrov (2007-2011)
  • Prof.Petar Dichev (2011)

Faculty of Electrical Engineering[edit]

The Faculty of Electrical Engineering is one of the first three faculties in the University. The faculty is successor of the Electrical department of the State University in Varna. The fist lectures were given in the building of State University(now Economy University of Varna). The complex building of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering were build in 1965.In the structure of the faculty next years it had departments like Electrics, energetics and others. In the end of 1960s were created profiles like "Communications" and "Radio technology". The engineers who get their education in the faculty prove the honor of the faculty in many institutes, factories in Bulgaria and Europe. In the 1970s were created profiles like "Automation" and "Calculation technology". In the 1980s the name of the faculty were changed to "Faculty of electrics, automation and electronics". The name were given back in 1990s.
dean:Prof.Marinela Yordanova

Deans of the faculty[edit]

  • Prof.Vasil Halachev(1963-1966)
  • Prof.Doncho Donchev(1966-1970)
  • Prof.Dimitar Dimitrov(1970-1978)
  • Prof.Sava Kontrov(1978-1982)
  • Prof.Vasil Smarkov(1982-1986)
  • Prof.Marin Marinov(1986-1993)
  • Prof.Stefan Badurov(1993-1995)
  • Prof.Lubomir Dimitrov(1995-1999)
  • Prof.Krum Gerasimov(1999-2003)
  • Prof.Kolyo Tasev(2003-2007)
  • Prof.Maria Marinova(2007-2011)
  • Prof.Marinela Yordanova(2011-)

  • Electric technology department

Founded in 1962 and in the 60s and 70s the name of the department were Electrical machinery and apparatus.Engineers from this faculty be realized in different companies in Bulgaria,USSR,Romania and other countries.Many teachers from this department works in high school education and universities in Bulgaria.Three from the rectors of Technical University of Varna are students of Electric technology department.The Professors who finished this technology direction contribute for the education in the University and write technical articles and textbooks and realized many projects and experiments.

  • Energetic department
  • Electrical Power department

Founded in 1974.In the 70s and 80s the department were called Electrical plants,networks and systems.Many of the students realized like an engineers and energy managers in many Power plants like Thermal power plant Varna,Thermal power plant Stara Zagora and other plants with different type of energy sources.

  • Theoretical and Measuring Electrical department

Faculty of Computing and Automation[edit]

Founded in 1989 and in the beginning the profiles "Math" and "Physic" were part from this faculty to 1994. dean:Prof.Petar Antonov

  • Computer Science and Engineering Department [1]
  • Automation Department [2]

Faculty of Electronics[edit]

Created in 1990 and take the profiles which are focus on the communications and electronics. The Department since the beginning of the 00s merge the profile "Communications" and "Radio technology". dean:Prof.Rozalina Dimova

  • Electronic techniques and Microelectronics Department [3]
  • Department of Radio Engineering [4]
  • Communications Techniques [5]
  • Social and Law Sciences Department [6]

Faculty of Marine Sciences and Ecology[edit]

This part of Technical University of Varna was created in 2012. This school is focused on the Marine profiles, ecology and economy. In this faculty is one of the oldest and important departments - Physics. dean:Prof.Nikolay Minchev

  • Ecology and Environmental Protection Department [7]
  • Navigation, Transport Management and Waterways Preservation Department [8]
  • Physics Department [9]
  • Economics and Management Department [10]

Structure colleges[edit]

  • Dobrudza Technological College - Dobrich [11]
  • College in the structure of the Technical University of Varna [12]
  • Department of Foreign Languages and Mathematics [13]
  • Foreign students Dean's office [14]
  • Chair of PhD Students [15]

Rectors of the University[edit]

  • Prof.Marin Oprev-(1963-1967)
  • Prof.Petar Penchev-(1967-1973)
  • Prof.Lefter Lefterov(1973-1979)
  • Prof.Emil Stanchev-(1979-1985)
  • Prof.Doncho Donchev-(1985-1986)
  • Prof.Dimitar Dimitrov-(1986-1991)
  • Prof.Asen Nedev-(1991-1999)
  • Prof.Stefan Badurov-(1999-2007)
  • Prof.Ovid Fahri-(2007-)

Doctor Honoris Causa[edit]

  • Prof.Peter Apelt(1995)
  • Hermann Scheer PhD(1997)
  • Prof.Adrian Bejan(2006)
  • Academic Yanko Arsov(2007)
  • Prof.Vladimir Danov(2008)

Honorary Professor[edit]

  • Prof.Lefter Lefterov(1982)
  • Prof.Bernard King(2002)

High technology park Technical University of Varna[edit]

Founded in 2001 as a sole owner of the company is the Technical University of Varna. Created for development the technical resources of the university.


  • The Bulgarian painter of futuristic art Stefan Lefterov worked in the university until 1992 as a mathematician. He donated many of his paintings to his colleagues and the university.

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