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Coordinates: 43°13′26″N 27°56′10″E / 43.22389°N 27.93611°E / 43.22389; 27.93611

Technical University of Varna
Технически университет – Варна
TU Varna logo.gif
Established 1962
Type Public
Rector Prof. Ovid Azaria Farhi, PhD
Students ~7500
Location Varna, Bulgaria
Campus Urban
Affiliations EUA

The Technical University of Varna (Bulgarian: Технически университет – Варна, often abbreviated as ТУ – Варна, TU – Varna) is a state university in Varna, Bulgaria, founded in 1962.


The Technical University of Varna was established in 1962 by the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria and the Decree of the National Assembly in order to ensure the training of engineering staff in the field of shipbuilding, transportation, mechanical engineering, electrical energetics and communication techniques necessary for developing industrial complexes in northeastern Bulgaria in the field of chemistry, shipbuilding and ship repairing, engine building, transportation, electric energetics, electronics and communications.

Additional information[edit]

Initially, the University is established as the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Institute (MEI – Varna) of three faculties: Machinery, Electrical and Shipbuilding. The first intake of students in MEI – Varna occurs in the 1963/64 school year on the following subjects: Internal-combustion Engines, Marine Equipment and machinery, Shipbuilding, Mechanical engineering technology, Electrical machinery and apparatus, Radio equipment, telecommunication engineering and telemechanics and Automation of production.

The creation of MEI – Varna is a great restoration of the Technical Department at the State University "St. Cyril Slavyanobulgarski" Varna, officially established on 18 August 1945. Technical Faculty had the following departments: Machinery, Shipbuilding, Electrical, Construction and Architectural and Industrial Chemistry. Because of the changes in social and political life in Bulgaria during this period, the Faculty as well as the University had undergone significant changes and the last shipbuilding engineers that were taught in the Technical Faculty graduated in 1958. The first professors in MEI – Varna are former professors from the Technical Faculty and its graduates therefore it is considered that MEI – Varna is the successor of the Technical Faculty at the Varna State University. During the years of its existence MEI – Varna a small institute preparing engineering staff of regional significance has become the Technical University of national importance, training students in 23 subjects. For 40-year period of activity of Technical University – Varna 28,976 professionals have graduated of higher education in the field of “Engineering Sciences”, “Science, Mathematics and Computer Science”, “Social, Economic and Legal Sciences” and “Pedagogical Sciences, Engineering and Technology Direction“. At present, Technical University – Varna has passive buildings with extended built-up area of 67,542 m2.



  • The Bulgarian painter of futuristic art Stefan Lefterov worked in the university until 1992 as a mathematician. He donated many of his paintings to his colleagues and the university.

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