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Photo Kano
Photo Kano PSP cover.jpg
Cover of PlayStation Portable game, featuring Haruka Niimi.
Genre Romance
Photo Kano: Sweet Snap
Written by Enterbrain
Illustrated by N' Yuzuki
Published by ASCII Media Works
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Dengeki Maoh
Original run November 27, 2011 – ongoing
Volumes 2
Developer Dingo
Publisher Kadokawa Games
Genre Dating sim
Platform PlayStation Portable
Released February 2, 2012
Photo Kano: Your Eyes Only
Written by Enterbrain
Illustrated by Nylon
Published by Hakusensha
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Young Animal
Original run February 24, 2012 – ongoing
Volumes 2
Photo Kano: Memorial Pictures
Written by Enterbrain
Illustrated by Taichi Amasora
Published by Earth Star Entertainment
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Comic Earth Star
Original run March 12, 2012 – ongoing
Volumes 2
Photo Kano: Happy Album
Written by Enterbrain
Illustrated by Kaisanbutsu
Published by Enterbrain
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Gianism
Original run March 30, 2012 – ongoing
Volumes 1
Photo Kano: Love Album
Written by Enterbrain
Illustrated by Takao Hino
Published by Enterbrain
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Famitsu Comic Clear
Original run June 22, 2012 – ongoing
Volumes 1
Anime television series
Directed by Akitoshi Yokoyama
Written by Akitoshi Yokoyama
Music by Mina Kubota
Studio Madhouse
Licensed by
Original run April 5, 2013June 28, 2013
Episodes 13 (List of episodes)
Photo Kano Kiss
Developer Dingo
Publisher Kadokawa Games
Genre Dating sim
Platform PlayStation Vita
Released April 25, 2013
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Photo Kano (フォトカノ Foto Kano?, lit. "Photo Girlfriend") is a Japanese dating sim game developed by Dingo Inc. and Enterbrain, and was released for the PlayStation Portable on February 2, 2012. Due to the Enterbrain's involvement, Photo Kano is considered the spiritual successor to KimiKiss and Amagami despite having no recurring staff except for Ichirō Sugiyama who was the producer for KimiKiss. An enhanced version titled Photo Kano Kiss was released on April 25, 2013 for the PlayStation Vita. There have been five manga adaptations, and an anime television series produced by Madhouse began airing on April 5, 2013 on TBS.


Kazuya Maeda is a second-year high school student who takes pictures of girls with his camera that he received from his dad. The game focuses on his romantic encounters with various girls at his school.


Main characters[edit]

Kazuya Maeda (前田 一也 Maeda Kazuya?)
Voiced by: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Kazuya is the male protagonist of the story. He has tried and given up on many different kinds of activities including playing guitar and darts, among other things. His current hobby, sparked by the gift of his father's old digital camera, is photography.
Haruka Niimi (新見 遙佳 Nīmi Haruka?)
Voiced by: Kanae Itō
Haruka is the protagonist's classmate and object of affection. She is very popular among both boys and girls, has good grades and plays tennis very well. She can handle everything with ease but is not the type to show initiative herself. She is the protagonist's childhood friend; but, because he became conscious of her developing body, her beauty, as well as the gossip regarding the two of them once they reached middle school, he has distanced himself from her, much to her disappointment.
Hikari Sanehara (実原 氷里 Sanehara Hikari?)
Voiced by: Kaori Mizuhashi
Hikari is a member of the photo club. She chooses not to take portrait shots, specializing instead in landscape/scenery and astronomy photos. She is not the type to engage in small talk and therefore is mostly seen by herself. She rarely smiles and is prone to sarcastic comments.
Aki Muroto (室戸 亜岐 Muroto Aki?)
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara
Aki is a third-year student with a rather stern personality, earning her the reputation as the "Captious Student Council President". Her grades are outstanding, the best Kouga Academy has ever seen, and was formerly a member of the swim club, specifically as a diver.
Nonoka Masaki (間咲 ののか Masaki Nonoka?)
Voiced by: Chiwa Saitō
Nonoka has below average grades, is extremely athletic and has an upbeat personality that allows her to have a lot of friends of both genders. She is the ace pitcher of the softball club. Love is the last thing on her mind. She has been the protagonist's friend since middle school and has frequently given him nicknames based on his interests at the time; the one she uses most frequently is "Darts'un" from the time the protagonist tried playing darts.
Mai Sakura (早倉 舞衣 Sakura Mai?)
Voiced by: Hisako Kanemoto
Mai is a classmate of the protagonist's little sister, Kanon. Her personality is on the meek and shy side. She has average grades but is rather athletic. She engaged in gymnastics during middle school but switched to rhythmic gymnastics in high school.
Rina Yunoki (柚ノ木 梨奈 Yunoki Rina?)
Voiced by: Asuka Ōgame
Rina has a very gentle demeanor and is in the same school year as the protagonist. Her grades are quite good even with the careless mistakes that she often makes. She likes cooking and is the lone member of the Cooking Research Society.
Tomoe Misumi (深角 友恵 Misumi Tomoe?)
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro
Tomoe is a girl with a rather plain personality who easily blends into the background in the protagonist's class. Her grades are about average and she is not very athletic either. She always distances herself from her other classmates and would react timidly should anyone attempt to start a conversation with her. This shyness comes from having moved many times due to her father's work and not having been able to make fast friends as a result.

Supporting characters[edit]

Kanon Maeda (前田 果音 Maeda Kanon?)
Voiced by: Mariya Ise
Kanon is the protagonist's younger stepsister. She loves to sing and dance and dreams of becoming an idol. She often poses or reenacts scenes she has seen in shōjo manga or anime. She has average grades but is athletic. She joined the tennis club since she looks up to Haruka. She is rarely seen without a smile on her face. When they were children, she promised to be her stepbrother's true little sister, but secretly feels that Kazuya is her ideal man. In the game, she has her own route after completing the seven other girls' routes.
Hiromichi Kudō (九堂 博道 Kudō Hiromichi?)
Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa
Hiromichi is the president of the Photography Club. He pursues a wide range of photos from the female students going about their daily lives to the borderline eroticism stuff. Possibly because of this that he is thoroughly hated by every girl in the school, but he seems not to mind.
Itta Nakagawa (中川 行太 Nakagawa Itta?)
Voiced by: Minoru Shiraishi
He is the diminutive Photography Club member from class 2-A, and self-proclaimed specialist of low-angle shots, hence his nickname "Low-Angle Nakagawa".
Takashi Azuma (東 孝 Azuma Takashi?)
Voiced by: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Another member of the Photography Club, also from class 2-A. He is rather tall and therefore his specialty is the high-angle shot, and his nickname is "Boob-Glimpse Azuma".
Yuko Uchida (内田 有子 Uchida Yūko?)
Voiced by: Ayahi Takagaki
The lone female member of the club, from class 1-C, her nickname is "Stealth", because of her specialty in photographing unsuspecting subjects. Due to the mole below her left eye as well as other clues, it is hinted that she is the popular cosplayer, Alice. Rina appears to be aware of this fact but keeps it quiet at Yuko's request. Yuko and Hikari are friends of hers, even though they belong to different clubs. She is an unlockable character.
Katsumi Kurebayashi (紅林 かつみ Kurebayashi Katsumi?)
Voiced by: Kaoru Mizuhara
Katsumi was the ace of the volleyball club until she injured her ankle during her freshman year, forcing her to retire. She is now the president of the Photo Club (not to be confused with the Photography Club), which takes all of the school's official photos. Katsumi created the Photo Club because she was rejected by Hiromichi for membership in the Photography Club (likely due to disagreeing with him on the issue of erotic photography). Since her injury, she has been learning about cameras, using them to record other students' dreams while cheering them on. Her interest in photography was sparked by a senpai with an interest in photography (who was also a friend of Kudō's) who cheered her up when she was disheartened after her injury. It is not specified if the boyfriend seen after her beach volleyball match partnered with Ruu is the same person. Katsumi is loved by all of the girls involved in club activities, especially those in the sports clubs.
Ruu Narita (成田 瑠宇 Narita Ruu?)
Voiced by: Akiko Hasegawa
Ruu is the up and coming star of the volleyball club. She joined Kōga Academy in order to play with Katsumi, the object of her admiration, but Katsumi was forced to retire due to injury. Disappointed but unable to erase her feelings for Katsumi, she also joined the Photo Club. She is an unlockable character in the game.
Misa Kitagawa (喜多川 美紗 Kitagawa Misa?)
Voiced by: Saori Seto
Misa is the protagonist's homeroom teacher. She teaches English. She considers teaching to be her calling in life and therefore she is very thorough in guiding her students. A harsh personality coupled with being somewhat untidy result in zero happenings in her love life. Momoko Ōtani is currently under her supervision.
Momoko Ōtani (大谷 桃子 Ōtani Momoko?)
Voiced by: Aya Endō
She is a student teacher who came to Kouga Academy in the new term as a math teacher. With the exception of university, she has never been to a school with boys (having always attended all-girls' schools). Since she has a rather upbeat personality, her students often call her informally, which she does not object to and therefore naturally results in her high popularity among the student body. Like Yuko and Ruu, Momoko is an unlockable character.


Video games[edit]

Photo Kano was developed by Dingo[1] and Enterbrain and was distributed by Kadokawa Games. After the production team missed their initial released date on September 29, 2011[2] the game release was delayed until February 2, 2012 on the PlayStation Portable. It was later released as a download version on the PlayStation Network on February 29, 2012. An enhanced version titled Photo Kano Kiss for the PlayStation Vita was released on April 25, 2013, and features improved graphics and game mechanisms, alongside a new story arc.[3][4]


A manga adaptation, illustrated by N' Yuzuki and titled Photo Kano: Sweet Snap, began serialization in the January 2012 issue of ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Maoh. The first tankōbon volume for Sweet Snap was released on July 27, 2012.[5] The second adaptation, illustrated by Nylon and titled Photo Kano: Your Eyes Only, began serialization in the fifth issue of 2012 from Hakusensha's Young Animal magazine; its first volume was released on August 24, 2012.[6] The third adaptation, illustrated by Taichi Amasora and titled Photo Kano: Memorial Pictures, began serialization the April 2012 issue of Earth Star Entertainment's Comic Earth Star magazine; its first volume was released on October 12, 2012.[7] The fourth adaptation, illustrated by Kaisanbutsu and titled Photo Kano: Happy Album, began serialization in volume two of Enterbrain's Gianism magazine, sold on March 30, 2012. The first volume of Happy Album was released on March 25, 2013.[8] The fifth adaptation, illustrated by Takao Hino and titled Photo Kano: Love Album, began serialization in Enterbrain's Famitsu Comic Clear on June 22, 2012. The first volume of Love Album was also released on March 25, 2013.[9]

Books and publications[edit]

Enterbrain published two volumes of a light novel series titled Photo Kano: Pentaprism Memories, written by Fumihiko Shimo and illustrated by Natsume Shimano, between March and June 2012. Enterbrain published the guide book Photo Kano Official Complete Guide on March 5, 2012. Enterbrain also published two fan books: Photo Kano Love & Happy Book on January 19, 2012 and Photo Kano Visual Works on August 31, 2012.


A 13-episode[10] anime television series adaptation, produced by Madhouse and written and directed by Akitoshi Yokoyama, began airing on April 5, 2013. Mae Shimada is responsible for the character designs.[11] The opening theme is "Koisuru Lens" (恋するレンズ Koisuru Renzu?, "Loving Lens") by Hayato Kaori, and the ending theme is "Smile F" (スマイルF Sumairu Efu?) by Uta Kano, composed of Kanae Itō, Mai Nakahara, Hisako Kanemoto, Kaori Mizuhashi, Chiwa Saitō, Asuka Ōgame and Miyuki Sawashiro. The anime has been licensed by Sentai Filmworks for digital and home video release in 2014.[12]

Episode list[edit]

No. Title Character arc Original air date
01 "Meeting"
"Deai" (出会い) 
Common April 5, 2013
As the summer vacation ended and the new semester started, Kazuya Maeda begins to experience the ways of the camera and changes in his life: his childhood friend and school idol Haruka Niimi and his other friend Nonoka Masaki encourage him take photos of them, and he meets his sister's friend Mai Sakura and get along. This later drags the attention of the president of the Photography Club, Hiromichi Kudou, who welcomes Kazuya to the club. But the president of the Photo Club, Katsumi Kurebayashi tries to change his mind and convince him to join their club. In the end, Kazuya chooses the Photography Club. In the evening, after meeting and exchanging a few words with another Photo Club member - Hikari Sanehara, Kazuya sees Tomoe Misumi sitting and crying over Haruka's desk in their classroom and promises her that he'll keep it a secret from everyone, even Haruka, in exchange for the reason why Tomoe was doing it. 
02 "School Heaven"
"Gakuen Tengoku" (学園天国) 
Common April 12, 2013
The next day, after hearing Tomoe's reasons for the other day that she is envious of Haruka in everything and thinks that sitting on Haruka's seat would make Tomoe feel like Haruka a bit which failed, Kazuya keeps his promise. After giving Nonoka his notes for the next lesson, Kazuya has two clashes with the Student Council President, Aki Muroto, where she dictates the rules of school to him and Kanon on the second occasion. After hearing him joining the Photography Club, Haruka proposes Kazuya to take pictures of her sometime and he agrees, and drags her away from his other club members, Nakagawa and Azuma, who were trying to take pictures of her from embarrassing angles. Later Kazuya hears from Mai that the Photography Club members are banned from taking pictures of the Rhythmic gymnastic club members and, to his agreement, Mai proposes to ask their club president to give special permission only to him. On the next day on the club meeting, after Kazuya's secret photo shoot with Haruka (which was her intention), Kudou announces the Miss Photogenic of the year (which is the club's tradition of shooting for the school festival) - Haruka. Later Kazuya catches Aki climbing over the wall for being late, he takes a ton of photos and promises her not to tell or show those pictures (which he later uses to blackmail her). 
03 "Profusion of Flowers"
"Hyakka Ryouran" (百花繚乱) 
Common April 19, 2013
After a series of accidents where Nonoka clashed into Kazuya (and sharing their first kiss) and Kazuya being pushed by Nakagawa to accidentally grope Rina Yunoki's chest in her swimsuit, Mai tells Kazuya that he received permission from the Rhythmic gymnastic club to photograph, which Uchida overhears and tells the club. Then Uchida, Nakagawa and Azuma give him some "dirty" magazines as source of inspiration for him, much to his chagrin. On the next day, after seeing Aki diving, Kazuya blackmails her into making pictures of her in her swimsuit, to which Kudou congratulates him. Later, after the photo shoot with Aki and helping Rina with her club, while on class cleaning duty with Haruka, Kazuya remembers that the Photography Club will be making embarrassing pictures of her and he tries to think of a way to sabotage their attempts over night, but falls asleep. On the next day, he manages to sabotage their attempt, rather ending it very embarrassingly. As the Photography Club not gives up on their Miss Photogenic tradition, Kazuya declares to himself that he'll protect Haruka. In the end of the day, he manages to take some pictures of Mai. 
04 "My Feelings Henceforth"
"Korekara no Omoi" (これからの想い) 
Common April 26, 2013
On next day, after having a bad day of comforting Kanon over a bee in the locker room and running away from the other girls, Kazuya defends Kanon and Nonoka from Kaichou Aki who was scolding them for playing baseball in the hallway, by continuing to blackmail her, even later doing so to make her help him with studies. After club activity, Nakagawa asks Kazuya to return the magazines (from episode 3) and Kazuya attempted to do it, but Haruka appears suddenly and Kazuya makes excuses to drag her attention away from his locker (where are his magazines lie), by walking her home. During their walk, they reminisce the past, see how everything changed over the years and decide to do their best. On next day, Kanon learns about the pictures but Kazuya manages to convince her not to tell on him. In the evening, as Kazuya tries to give Nakagawa back the magazines, Mai learns about it and he promises her to do anything for her in exchange for not telling about the magazines (though she took them away). In two days after the cosplay exhibition in town with the Photography Club, Kurebayashi asks Kazuya to photograph everyone: Haruka, Hikari, Kanon, Aki, Nonoka, Mai, Rina, Tomoe, Katsumi and Ruu while they practice, as she gives him a chance. 
05 "Conflict of Love"
"Koi no Kakechigai" (恋の掛け違い) 
Haruka Niimi arc May 3, 2013
One day, after Haruka almost fainted from anemia, Kazuya takes her to the infirmary to rest and tells Kanon to start their club activity without Haruka. After guiding her home, on next day Kazuya learns about the rumors going around school about him and Haruka, which were the same ones back in middle school. He later reminisces of the day when he accidentally hit Haruka's chest with his elbow, thus, probably damaging the functioning of her heart, which resulted him being overprotective of her and falling off from her over the years. Later Kazuya finds Haruka talking with the ace of the Soccer Club who proposes her to date each other, much to both Haruka and Kazuya's shock. After she finds Kazuya who heard everything, she tries to tell him to forget it, but he tells her that she should go for it which made Haruka sad (to the point of crying) and angry at him. With the next few days being quite depressing, Kanon asks Kazuya if he knows where Haruka is since she hasn't been attending club activities lately and isn't answering her phone. Realizing that Haruka maybe in the same situation as earlier, he rushes out to search for her, even with the aid of the Photography Club and Photo Club. In the evening, finally being able to locate Haruka safely back at her home gave Kazuya a big relief, but in the same time made him depressed because he thought that she was ignoring him. On next day as the two avoid each other, the members of the Photography club decide to fix the problem with the help of everyone else. In the end, Kazuya messages Haruka and asks to meet at the "Place where their memories are". 
06 "Distant Thoughts"
"Omoi Haruka ni" (想いはるかに) 
Haruka Niimi arc May 10, 2013
Kazuya messages Haruka and asks to give him one more chance and meet at the "Place where their memories are" - the same playground where they played together since childhood, which she accepts and forgives him. On weekends, they go to the beach and have fun while making photos. When trying to make him play soccer, Kazura rejects the idea, refusing to repeat the accident from their childhood, resulting Haruka scolding him, but in the end they make up. On the day of the school festival, the Photography club present Haruka with the title of "Miss Photogenic". They displayed only photos of her which, they said, were all taken in secret aside from the ones that Kazuya had taken. They offered her to take them all down if she wished, to which she declined. In the evening, not being able to hold himself, Kazuya confesses his feelings for Haruka which she accepts and they share a kiss. 
07 "A Star's Smile"
"Hoshi no Egao" (星の笑顔) 
Hikari Sanehara arc May 17, 2013
After an encounter with Hikari Sanehara, Kazuya asks for photos of her to which she gives permission. During their session, Hikari mentions to Kazuya that she does not like to smile or have picture taken. While discussing over their photography styles, Hikari mentions that, when people see a camera, they smile on instinct and you can’t tell whether that smile is honestly pure enjoyment. She refuses to smile because she wants it only to be real. Kazuya is now convinced he must make her take pictures of people, and on next day sets out to do so in wacky costumes, poking his head in front of her on the photo tours of the city and actively trying to get in every shot, but with no success, even after the day of the school festival. However, after a little help of the Photography club, Kazuya manages to see Hikari laugh. On next day Kazuya invites Hikari on a date where they have lots of fun in the fun park. Later in the evening, Hikari asks Kazuya to go with her at one place - a viewing platform to catch flowers glowing under the stars. Then Hikari reveals why she didn't liked smiles - in her middle school years she at first trusted some girls and hang out a lot until they began to boss her more. She avoided their bullying as much as she could until they framed for stealing a wallet of a classmate, resulting her being scolded by the teachers and being laughed evilly by all of her classmates. And since then Hikari stopped smiling in front of everyone until Kazuya became the first person to whom she can smile to. They later took pictures of each other and wished to smile to each other more often under the stars. And so on next spring, they began to date each other and take pictures together. 
08 "Look at My Bare Face"
"Sugao o Mitsumete" (素顔を見つめて) 
Aki Muroto arc May 24, 2013
After one rainy day of taking Aki Muroto's pictures, Kazuya notices her on the roof skipping classes and decides to cheer her up by making an illicit exit with her and taking her on a date. While on their date, Aki tells Kazuya bout herself: since childhood, she studied hard to become a doctor like her father and took extra classes, even on weekends and holidays, despite the fact that she originally hated studying and her love for swimming. Even now that she quit swimming to study more, Aki says that she's at her limit and she's "not a cut out" to be a Student Council President or a doctor. While Aki is set on the fact she isn’t a great person, an older lady notices her and thanks her for saving an old man’s life, by arranging to take him to her family's hospital. Kazuya then realized the day he blackmailed her was the day she saved that man’s life. As the date ends Kazuya realizes an important thing - that the only thing holding their relationship together was the blackmail photos. So he invites her on a real date this time. They go to an aquarium and learn of Aki's love of dolphins. Their beautiful swimming once encouraged her when she was young and now she wants Kazuya to encourage her. Kazuya helped her to come to the conclusion she needs to accept all her sides and the two confess their love for each other and become a couple. Aki later rejoins the Swim Team and allows Kazuya to take photos of her diving. And after she graduates, Kazuya continues to date Aki. 
09 "A Challenge Of Love"
"Koi no Hatashijou" (恋の果たし状) 
Nonoka Masaki arc May 31, 2013
It starts when Kazuya joined the Photography club in spring and started helping Nonoka Masaki with her morning practices. One day, hearing that no one would model for him, Nonoka proposes to model for him if he will help her to throw risers as good as the top pitchers from other schools, to which Kazuya agrees. Since Nonoka agreed to model for him, Kazuya goes to one store to study up on his photography skills, with Nonoka tagging along. A few days later, Nonoka becomes jealous of how Kazuya gets along with Haruka after seeing how Kazuya complemented Haruka for resewing Nonoka's sports bag, even after their first kiss (seen in episode 3). So Nonoka waits for Kazuya on the roof to "challenge" him, to which he doesn't have a clue. She even confesses to him and that she wants to prove she can be the perfect girl for him, to which Kazuya accepts the challenge. So as they practice and take pictures on summer holidays, Kazuya keeps scolding Nonoka for being obvious on various occasions, like clothing and food, so they decide to do a photo session on the beach where they lots of fun of making lots of photos, until Nonoka mentions nude photography which drags attention of 2 guys, resulting Kazuya to protect Nonoka. As the new semester started, Nonoka realizes that if she masters her pitching, she won't be with Kazuya anymore, which makes her sad and quit her practices. Then Kazuya decides to cheer her up by making a picture of her "pitching". At the day of the school festival, Kazuya confesses his love for Nonoka and his loss in the challenge, to which Nonoka accepts. After that they become a couple. 
10 "An Angel's Dance"
"Tenshi no Mai" (天使の舞い) 
Mai Sakura arc June 7, 2013
After finding those "dirty" magazines with Kazuya, Mai Sakura begins to blackmail him into doing her favours like tasting various food for her since she's on a diet, in order to keep fit for a competition. She has him explain all the flavors and she fantasies her routine to food, that she even bites him one day. However, it doesn’t help because she falters on the first part of her routine on the day of the qualifiers, but Kazuya gives her words of encouragement and she finishes it. Afterwards Kanon gets "sick" and convinces Kazuya to go to the pool in her place with Mai in order to cheer her up, since she did not qualify for the fall competition. Even though Kazuya is not oblivious he accepts and the date. Afterwards Kazuya realizes he is drawn to Mai because of her hard work ethic. He dedicates most of his time to improve his photography and help Mai diet. Eventually Mai returns the magazines to Kazuya, also putting a love letter addressed to him into them. One day after school, Kanon almost caught Kazuya and Mai in an inappropriate position in his room. After one day that Mai told Kazuya that she was chosen as an alternative for the team, he continues to help and cheer her up until one day they confess their love for each other and become a couple. In the end, they began to date each other and take pictures together. 
11 "Wife of the Academy"
"Gakuen no Oyomesan" (学園のお嫁さん) 
Rina Yunoki arc June 14, 2013
As Kazuya finds it difficult to advertise the Cooking Research Society for Rina Yunoki's sake and not Rina herself, she's been giving her best to prepare food and gathering new members for the club till the day of the school festival and Kazuya decides to make a poster of her cooking. On one fall day, after Kazuya gets mistaken by the girls for the one from the Photography club who tried to sneak into the vaulting horse and beaten up in front of Rina, he is relieved after Rina cleared of the misunderstanding in front of them and when she asked Kazuya to help her find a four-leaf clover. When Rina spots Uchida, she insisted that the other one to help out with the cooking, to which to Uchida reluctantly agrees. After the cooking, Kazuya notices that the food Rina made doesn't look good on the camera, he tries to figure a way to make it look good while Rina keeps making new food, but all to no success. One day Kazuya decides to take Rina to a fun park since she's looking for a "change of pace", but on the next day Rina's little sister Erina tags along. While having lunch, Erina notices how close the 2 are, hinting that they look like newlyweds. Then Rina comes up with a new idea of cooking a "Sunflower burger" for the recruiting poster to submit to the Student Council with Kazuya helping her. On the day of the school festival, Rina along with Kanon and Nonoka cosplay in the cafe where the popular cosplayer Alice-chan arrives to help Rina. After the festival, Rina tells Kazuya that 5 freshman girls came to join the Cooking Research Society club and now the club won't be disbanded, much to Rina's joy. Then Kazuya and Rina confess their love for each other and become a couple. Afterwards, Rina begins to teach new club members new stuff. 
12 "Photograph Memory"
"Foto Gurafu Memori" (フォトグラフメモリー) 
Tomoe Misumi arc June 21, 2013
One day, when Kazuya finds Tomoe Misumi trying making different faces in front of the river, it begins to rain and Kazuya takes Tomoe under his umbrella and escorts her to somewhere to wait for the rain to stop. There, they chat over Kazuya's relationship with Haruka. On next day after school, Tomoe drags Kazyua to one place where she gives him cupcakes as thanks for the other day. After hearing from Kazuya that her cupcakes are good, Tomoe becomes so shy that Kazuya wants to take a picture of it, but she declines, thinking that she isn't good enough for him. However Kazuya tries to reconvince her and tells her that she is pretty which makes her happy. After that, Kazuya started taking pictures of Tomoe whenever he saw her (skipping the scenes where he took the blackmail photos of Aki's swimsuit, where Nonoka clashed into him, where he helped Rina with her stuff). But one day, Tomoe tells him that she's transferring schools after the school festival due to her dad's job, and tells him to leave her alone. But Kazuya declines the idea and decides to be friends with her until after the festival, much to her joy. They decided to take more pictures in order to make good memories of her life in their school (with Haruka, Kanon, Nonoka, Rina, Katsumi, Ruu, Hikari, Aki and Mai tagging along) and out side school. Eventually, she told everyone that she'll be transferring and she became surrounded by people. As the day of the school festival came, the day of Tomoe's transferring approached, Kazuya prepared the photo album with the pictures that he made with and for Tomoe, and gave it to her by the time her train was about to leave. Thankfully, all her friends, even the Photography Club and Photo Club came to say goodbye. As the train leaves Kazuya promises Tomoe that they'll see each other soon. 
13 "Loving Each Other"
"Omoi Ai" (想い合い) 
Kanon Maeda arc June 28, 2013
One day, Kanon won a trip to Europe for their parents' honeymoon, so the Maeda siblings stay at home. At first Kazuya thought that it would be good with his sister, but later he becomes uneasy with it (due to the previous incidents in the first 4 episodes). When the Photography Club finds out about this, they insist that he must use Kanon as a photo-subject, much to his chagrin. However, Kazuya sees how much Kanon has grown up, while making good pictures of her, which were complimented by Katsumi while he made a complimented to her pictures, much to Ruu's chagrin. While making photos with Kanon for her audition for a temporary idol union to celebrate a movie premiere, Kazuya makes a photo of Kanon confessing in love, which, unknown to him, is addressed to him, that makes him even more uneasy. Everything becomes more difficult for him, when Kanon returns the "dirty" magazines to Nakagawa and Azuma in an apron at their home, and when their mom tells them that their dad came down with a fever and that they're gonna stay together a little longer, so Kazuya isn't sure if he should tell her that they're not blood related, meanwhile Kanon is aching for him. On Sunday, Kazuya and Kanon decided to go to the beach where they have fun, take pictures and cheer for Katsumi and Ruu at the volleyball tournament, who later lost. When Ruu tells the Maeda siblings that Katsumi has a boyfriend and that staying with her is enough for her, Kanon and Kazuya think to much about it. When Kazuya sees a sand castle that Kanon makes, he remembers the day when they first met, when he gave her that jingle-bell and made a promise to be good siblings for each other. And now looking back, they still remember it and still care for each other as siblings. After their parents return from the trip, Kazuya finally gives her the photo album of her childhood and her real mother as he promised to her father, his stepfather. Afterwards Kanon gives Kazuya a love letter and she asks that he not read it till her graduation. He shows her the opened envelop on the day of her graduation, in which she confesses her love for him. The last scene has her running into his waiting arms. 


Photo Kano Kiss on the PlayStation Vita sold 30,172 physical retail copies during the first week of release in Japan.[13] By mid-May 2013, the number of retail sales rose to 46,167 copies.[14]


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