The Kiss Hello

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"The Kiss Hello"
Seinfeld episode
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 17
Directed by Andy Ackerman
Written by Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld
Production code 614
Original air date February 16, 1995
Guest actors
Season 6 episodes
List of Seinfeld episodes

"The Kiss Hello" is the 103rd episode of the NBC sitcom Seinfeld. This was the 17th episode for the sixth season. It aired on February 16, 1995. Although this was the 103rd episode to air, the cast and crew of the series credit this as the 100th episode because it is the 100th episode created.


While walking down the street, Jerry and George meet Elaine and her friend, Wendy (Wendie Malick), who is a physical therapist. Jerry regrets once kissing Wendy on the cheek because now he has to kiss hello every time. George asks Wendy for treatment for a sore arm. Later, Elaine scolds him for asking Wendy questions about her work outside her office. They discuss Wendy's old, 1960s-style hairdo that Elaine wishes she would change. Because only the bluntly frank Kramer would dare comment on it to her directly, they plan to introduce him to her.

Later, at Wendy's clinic, George is angry at her because he gets charged for missing his appointment due to her 24 hour cancellation policy.

Kramer reveals a plan to put each tenant's picture and name up in the building's lobby so everybody will know each other by first name. Jerry finds Kramer rummaging for a picture of him, but Jerry reveals that he doesn't like the apartment name idea so Kramer returns with a Polaroid and takes a surprise photo of Jerry to put up on the wall.

Jerry's Nana calls him to open up a bottle of ketchup. When Jerry goes to her apartment, Uncle Leo is also there. Nana mentions something about Leo owing $50 to Jerry's mother, Helen. As it turns out, Nana is referring to an incident from Leo and Helen's childhood. When Jerry tells his father, Morty, an angry Morty calculates what the interest would be on $50 after 50 years. Later, Jerry finds out that Uncle Leo put Nana in a nursing home, presumably to "silence" Nana from talking about the $50.

At Jerry's apartment, Elaine arrives with Wendy, and introduces her to Kramer, hoping that he will mention her hair. However, much to Elaine's despair, Kramer loves the haircut, and tells her so.

Since Kramer has placed all of the tenants' photos on the wall in the building lobby, everyone is now greeting each other by first name. Unfortunately for Jerry, he is now getting kissed hello by several of his neighbors, much to his dismay. Having decided that he no longer wants to kiss hello, he begins avoid their kisses, but is ostracized, his picture is defaced, and nobody wants to talk to him.

Wendy cancels her appointments to go skiing with Elaine, which angers George because she closes her office to do so, cancelling his new appointment. Later, upon returning from skiing, Wendy won't drive Elaine all the way back to her apartment due to one-way streets. Elaine is forced to carry her ski equipment the extra way blocks home, and injures her arm.

At Wendy's clinic, Elaine is infuriated to hear that Wendy is going to charge her for her treatment, so Elaine finally confronts Wendy about her old-fashioned hairdo.

In the last shot, Kramer is having some tenants over in his apartment. When Jerry stops by, Kramer tells him that he has broken up with Wendy because she changed her hairstyle. He won't allow Jerry in so as not to upset the visiting tenants, who are no longer friendly towards him.


  • Mary Scheer, who appears as Jerry's neighbor Joan, would later be in season 9's "The Strong Box" in a different role (as the welfare caseworker).
  • Wendy's receptionist is played by Carol Leifer, a Seinfeld co-writer who was to some degree the real-life inspiration for the Elaine character.[1]
  • There are two possible errors involving Wendy's car. On exterior shots, the car is a Ford Taurus, but when it cuts to the interior of the car, its interior is that of a Chrysler LHS and original 4:3 broadcast version the chroma key was not completed with the blue screen visible instead of street footage. This is corrected in later versions including widescreen broadcasts.[clarification needed]
  • A tenant named "Steve" refers to Kramer as "Cosmo" while exiting the building, however, Kramer's name written on the wall is "Kramer".
  • Several times, George insultingly refers to Wendy as a "Delicate Genius", a term which has become a notable Seinfeld catchphrase [2]
  • Although Kramer creates the photo/name tag wall in his and Jerry's apartment complex in this episode, he previously laughed at the idea of New Yorkers wearing name tags in the episode "The Non-Fat Yogurt." The idea was originally Elaine's, communicated to Lloyd Braun who was the advisor to Mayor David Dinkins. In the episode, Dinkins lost the mayoral race (presumably as a result of the poor advice given by Braun, who was fired by Dinkins) to Rudy Giuliani, who campaigned against the sale of non-fat yogurt which, in actuality, contained fat. [3]