The Face Painter

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"The Face Painter"
Seinfeld episode
Episode no. Season 6
Episode 23
Directed by Andy Ackerman
Teleplay by Larry David
Story by Larry David and Fred Stoller
Production code 622
Original air date May 11, 1995
Season 6 episodes
List of Seinfeld episodes

"The Face Painter" is the 109th episode of NBC sitcom Seinfeld. This was the 23rd episode for the sixth season. It aired on May 11, 1995. The table reading for "The Face Painter" was held on March 26,1995.


Elaine's boyfriend David Puddy (who's a big New Jersey Devils fan) paints his face when he goes to a Stanley Cup playoff game against the New York Rangers. After the game his rowdy behavior makes a priest believe that he has seen the devil. A chimpanzee throws a banana peel at Kramer. George tries to tell his girlfriend Siena (Katy Selverstone) that he loves her. Jerry refuses to give the "necessary" follow-up courtesy thank you for the hockey tickets. Elaine is upset that Puddy is a face-painter, and demands he stops or she breaks up with him. He agrees, and instead of going to the next game with his face painted, he goes with his chest painted. At the end of the episode, Elaine visits the priest who is recovering from "seeing the devil." She is wearing white and a light shines right behind her, leading the priest to believe he has now seen the Virgin Mary.


George, after seeing how interested his girlfriend Siena is in his opinions on toilet paper, decides to tell her that he loves her. He gets no return, however. He's upset until he learns she doesn't hear well out of one ear. He attempts to tell her again in her different ear, only to find out she did indeed hear him the first time. Meanwhile, Cosmo Kramer has an altercation with a chimpanzee at the zoo where Siena works.