Tofiq Bahramov Stadium

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Tofiq Bahramov Stadium
Tofiq Bahramov Stadium
Full name Tofiq Bəhramov adına Respublika Stadionu
Former names Joseph Stalin Stadium (1951–1956)
Vladimir Lenin Stadium (1956-1993)
Location Baku, Azerbaijan
Coordinates 40°23′50.42″N 49°51′8.76″E / 40.3973389°N 49.8524333°E / 40.3973389; 49.8524333 (Tofiq Bahramov Stadium)
Built 1939–1951
Opened 16 September 1951
Renovated 2011-2012
Expanded 2011-2012
Owner AFFA
Surface Grass
Scoreboard Yes
Capacity 31,200[1]
Field dimensions 104x66
Azerbaijan national football team

Tofiq Bahramov Stadium (Azerbaijani: Tofiq Bəhramov adına Respublika Stadionu) is a multi-purpose stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan. It is currently used mostly for football matches. It serves as the home ground for the Azerbaijan national football team and holds 31,200 seats making it the largest stadium in the country.[2] The stadium is also used by the Azerbaijan Premier League clubs in the final rounds of European competitions.


The Tofiq Bahramov Stadium was built in 1951. Its construction started before the World War II in 1939, but was suspended. When its construction resumed, it was finished by the German prisoners of war. Initially the stadium was named after Joseph Stalin and built in form of C (Cyrillic: Cтaлин). After the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1956 (denunciation of Stalin) it was renamed after Vladimir Lenin. In 1993, the stadium was named after the famous football referee Tofiq Bahramov who died in the same year.

In 2011, Presidential Reserve Fund of the State Budget of Azerbaijan for 2011 allocated $10 million for capital repairs and reconstruction of the stadium as it could be used as potential venue for Eurovision Song Contest 2012.[3][4] The stadium was renovated and reopened on August 16, 2012.[5]

The stadium was one of the venues for the group stages of the 2012 FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup. One A Group match, semi final and final were played there.[6]

Other uses[edit]

Aside from sporting uses, several concerts have been played at Tofiq Bahramov, with such big names as Shakira, Rihanna, Elton John, Jennifer Lopez and Tarkan playing.[7][8][9][10]

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