Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising

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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising
Transformers Prime Predacons Rising DVD Cover.jpg
DVD Release cover
Distributed by Shout Factory (DVD)
Directed by Vinton Heuck
Sccoter Tidwell
Steven Melching
Produced by Alex Kurtzman
Roberto Orci
Written by Duane Capizzi
Marsha Griffin
Steven Melching
Based on Transformers: Prime
Starring Peter Cullen
Frank Welker
John Noble
Steve Blum
Nolan North
Kevin Michael Richardson
Daran Norris
Peter Mensah
Sumalee Montano
Will Friedle
Michael Ironside
James Horan
Jeffery Combs
David Sobolov
Music by Brian Tyler
Production company Hasbro Studios
K/O Paper Products
Polygon Pictures
Darby Pop Productions
Country United States
Language English
Release date
  • October 4, 2013 (2013-10-04)
Running time 65 minutes

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising is a 2013 American computer animated action adventure television film that concludes the Transformers: Prime television series. It was first broadcast on Hub Network on October 4, 2013.[1] After the Autobots victory on Earth, Unicron returns in possession of Megatron's body with the intent on destroying Cybertron, forcing Autobots, Decepticons, and Predacons to form an unlikely alliance to counter this threat.


Not long after Megatron's demise and the restoration of Cybertron, the Autobots celebrate as Bumblebee is promoted to warrior class by Optimus Prime. The festivities end, however, when Optimus sets out on a journey to find the AllSpark, the source of new life on Cybertron, and takes Wheeljack with him to find it so that new Transformers can come into being. Ultra Magnus is left in charge in Prime's absence to hunt down the missing Starscream, Shockwave, and Predaking with the other Autobots. Meanwhile on Earth on the ocean floor Megatron's consciousness is reawakened by Unicron, who seeks to destroy his arch-enemy Primus, the very core of Cybertron, and requires Megatron's body to do so. Unicron reformats Megatron into a body with new upgrades before heading to Cybertron. Back on Cybertron, Ultra Magnus and Smokescreen continue to search for the fugitive Decepticons in the Sea of Rust, but are soon attacked by the Predacons Skylynx and Darksteel. After a brutal fight, Magnus is severely damaged and Smokescreen barely makes it through the space bridge with him. The damage is so critical that the Autobots are forced to call in Ratchet from Earth for assistance while the Autobots deduce that the two new Predacons must be creations of Shockwave. Meanwhile, Starscream and Shockwave are revealed to have restarted "Project: Predacon" and plan to create an army with Skylynx and Darksteel being their first creations.

Set on finding answers, Bumblebee leads Bulkhead, Arcee, and Smokescreen to track Predaking, who has taken refuge near the grave site of hundreds of Predacon bones, and ask his help in finding his two new brothers. However, Predaking refuses, having not forgiven the Autobots for destroying the first batch of Predacons on Earth. Bumblebee, after interrogating Knock Out, leads the Autobots to the Decepticon fortress Darkmount to find answers, but they are soon confronted by Unicron in Megatron's body. As Unicron fights the Autobots, they are forced to the lower levels where Bulkhead, Arcee, and Smokescreen almost fall into a smelting pit. However, time bought by Bumblebee allows the Autobots to escape through a Ground Bridge portal. Unicron, enraged by his failure in his weak form, decides that he needs a greater weapon.

Meanwhile in the Theta Scorpii asteroid belt, Optimus and Wheeljack arrive in Ultra Magnus's ship where the AllSpark, which itself is pure energy stored in a container of Alpha Trion's creation, is adrift. Optimus heads out to find it, but is soon troubled with a plasma storm. Despite Wheeljack's insistence to turn back, Optimus keeps going and eventually retrieves it, though their ship is damaged by an asteroid, and they set course of Cybertron. Meanwhile, the Autobots try to contact Optimus from the Nemesis, but the asteroid damage destroyed their transmitter, making them unable to contact them. With Optimus and Wheeljack not available and Ultra Magnus wounded in action, Bumblebee becomes the temporary leader of the Autobots.

Meanwhile however, Predaking searches for Skylynx and Darksteel, but is found by Unicron. Megatron, within who seeks to have his body back, deceives Unicron to talk to him, withholding Predaking's betrayal to him. Predaking, believing Unicron to be Megatron, immediately attacks him, but Unicron gains the upper hand and defeats him before reading his mind and finding the bone yard. Unicron then puts Megatron under eternal suffering for his deception. Meanwhile Starscream, Shockwave, Skylynx, and Darksteel find the Predacon bone yard, but are soon confronted by Unicron, who they assume is Megatron until he clarifies who he is once more, before being attacked by Skylynx and Darksteel, but they fail. Unicron then uses the power of Dark Energon to resurrect the Predacons into undead Terrorcons, whose first move is to attack Shockwave. Meanwhile, the Autobots detect Megatron's signal through Unicron, and also detect the Terrorcons, which are headed for the Well of All Sparks, the most direct route to Primus himself.

Bumblebee decides to lead a counterattack with Bulkhead, Smokescreen, and Arcee on the Nemesis, while Ratchet stays back at Kaon with Ultra Magnus. However, Starscream sneaks aboard the ship, and frees Knock Out and the few Vehicon troops, and tries to retake the ship, only to be betrayed by Knock Out, who once again tries to join the Autobots, and is accepted this time. Meanwhile, Predaking arrives at the bone yard where he finds Skylynx and Darksteel, and orders them to help him recover the remains, though the two are less than willing to follow, which results in a massive brawl where Predaking is the winner. Not long after, Shockwave arrives and suggests that they help the Autobots instead.

At the Well of All Sparks, Unicron's army arrives, but the Nemesis arrives and attacks them, and the Predacons soon join them. After a brief firefight, the Nemesis is shot down just above the Well. As Unicron charges their way, the Predacons join the Autobots in an alliance. Predaking, Skylynx, and Darksteel attempt to fight off the Terrorcons, only to be forced into the Well with them. At that point, Optimus and Wheeljack return, but the ship is shot down. Optimus briefly engages Unicron, and tries to snap Megatron out of his possession, but to no avail. Before Unicron can destroy Optimus, however, Bumblebee uses the Polarity Gauntlet to stop him while Optimus attends to the AllSpark. Unicron follows him and shoots him down before attempting to destroy the AllSpark, only to find the container empty. Realizing too late that it was a trap, Unicron is rendered helpless as his Anti-Spark is drained into the device, imprisoning him inside it forever. As a result, all of the Terrorcons are destroyed, and Megatron regains control of his body. However, when Starscream tries to talk Megatron into attacking Optimus, Megatron reveals that his time under Unicron's control has soured him towards tyranny, and so he no longer wishes to be a Decepticon. When Starscream tries to press the issue, Megatron angrily disbands the Decepticons altogether, and flies off to begin a new life. Starscream then flies back to Darkmount to revive the Decepticons in his name, only to be confronted by Predaking, Skylynx, and Darksteel, intent on getting revenge for their abuse.

In the aftermath, Optimus reveals to the Autobots that he emptied the AllSpark into the Matrix within him, but he can no longer be separated from either, requiring him to sacrifice himself to restore Cybertron completely. The Autobots try to talk him out of it, but Optimus states that the Matrix cannot be restored again, and the age of Primes will have to come to an end, but recognizes each Autobot, even Knock Out, as a Prime in their own right before taking off into the core as the Autobots watch. As Optimus plunges into Primus, thousands of sparks of all the deceased and unborn Transformers emerge from the Well, including Prime's own spark. The film's final moments mirror Optimus' last words, as he states that his death will mark a new beginning rather than the end to anything - "simply put, another transformation."



Remaining Questions[edit]

  • Shockwave's role and survival is the subject of debate. Shockwave was apparently trampled on by the Terrorcons but appears later with minimal damage before disappearing for the remainder of the film, unlike Megatron who abandoned his cause or Starscream who was possibly killed, Shockwave showed no sign of abandoning his cause, with a still active lab with at least one known Predacon left to breed. However this could have bee deliberate as the show is getting the sequel show, Transformers: Robot's in Disguise in 2015 and Shockwave could be the villain.
  • Starscream's fate is left completely ambiguous. He is last seen in Darkmount trapped and confronted with all 3 Predacons, intent on getting revenge for their abuse, especially Predaking who endured it the longest. It is greatly implied that he was killed as all 3 Predacons have been shown to be incredibly unforgiving and incredibly savage killing machines. Though Predaking may have forgiven the Autobots on killing the other Predacons due to Unicron's more abominable reanimation of the other Predacon corpses, his willingness to help Bumblebee and previous belief of Ratchet's statement to terminate the first clones, but Starscream has made no such effort to atone. However one possibility is the Dark Energon he possessed during season 1, the fate of which was left unrevealed, was infused within him and kept him alive.
  • The infected Airachnid and the Insecticons' fates are never revealed after the episode "Thirst", where Soundwave sends them to one of Cybertron's moons. It is unknown what became of them after Cybertron was restored. It is implied that are still roaming the moon, or may have been destroyed just like the Terrorcons after Unicron was sealed, or that Airachnid ran out of energon to feed on and starved to death.
  • The ultimate fate of Soundwave was never again followed up on. It seems difficult to believe that a Decepticon of the rank, intelligence and resourcefulness of Soundwave would be unfamiliar with trans-dimensional phenomena associated with intersecting ground-bridging that banished him last from the field of battle aboard the Nemesis starship.
  • Another debated issue is the role of the Star Saber. Optimus is seen using it to knight Bumblebee into warrior class but it is never seen again. Against Unicron, the Star Saber would have been useful, given that it has the powers of the Matrix.


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