Tully River

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Tully River
Tully river.jpg
Origin Great Dividing Range
Mouth Pacific Ocean
Basin countries Australia
Basin area 1650 km² [1]

The Tully River is a river situated within the Cassowary Coast Region of North Queensland, named after William Alcock Tully, Surveyor General of Queensland from 1875 to 1889.[2]

The Bruce Highway crosses the river south of Tully. Tully Gorge and Tully Falls are located on the river near Ravenshoe and preserved within the Tully Gorge National Park.

The Kareeya Hydro Power Station was built on the Tully River. In 1960 the Koombooloomba Dam was constructed on the Tully River.[3]

Rafting accidents[edit]

In 2007 there was a rafting accident which took the life of 22 year old Townsville woman at Tully Gorge.[4] Another man drowned at Tully Gorge while rafting on 14 February 2009.[5]

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Coordinates: 18°01′S 146°03′E / 18.017°S 146.050°E / -18.017; 146.050