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U.S. Route 17 marker

U.S. Route 17
Route information
Maintained by NCDOT
Length: 284 mi (457 km)
Existed: 1927 – present
Major junctions
South end: US 17 in Carolina Shores, NC

US 74 / US 76 / US 421 in Wilmington
I-40 / I-140 in Wilmington
US 258 / NC 24 in Jacksonville
US 70 in New Bern
US 64 in Williamston
US 13 from Williamston to Windsor

US 158 from Elizabeth City, North Carolina to Morgans Corner
North end: US 17 near Great Dismal Swamp NWR, VA
Highway system
NC 16 NC 18

In the U.S. state of North Carolina U.S. Route 17 (US 17) is a north–south highway that is known as the Coastal Highway in the southeastern half of the state and the Ocean Highway in other areas. The route enters the state from South Carolina near Calabash, and leaves in the vicinity of the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia. Between the US 64 freeway and the Virginia state line, US 17 is a four-lane divided highway with speed limits varying between 45 miles per hour (72 km/h) and 70 miles per hour (110 km/h).

Route description[edit]

US 17 enters Brunswick County, North Carolina in Carolina Shores amid a variety of golf course communities. Carolina Shores was part of Calabash until 1998.

In Wilmington, US 17 (here concurrent with Interstate 140) crosses the Northeast Cape Fear River between New Hanover County and Brunswick County over the Dan Cameron Bridge. North of Holly Ridge US 17 begins to move further away from the Atlantic Coast. Then, it bypasses Jacksonville along with NC 24. Between New Bern and James City, US 17 (concurrent with US 70 and NC 55) crosses the Trent River by way of the Freedom Memorial Bridge. Farther east, between James City and Bridgeton, US 17, still concurrent with NC 55, crosses the Neuse River over the Neuse River Bridge. Traffic going north on US-17 when using US-70's concurrency can bypass New Bern altogether via NC 43, ironically both the west end of US-17's concurrency on US-70 and NC 43's southern terminus both, respectively have a north and south protrusion of unused road since full cloverleaf junctions were scrapped in the area.[clarification needed]

In Washington, US 17 crosses the Pamlico River over the Pamlico-Tar River Bridge and intersects with NC 32 and US 264. Farther along in Bear Grass, US 17 joins a concurrency with a limited-access portion of US 13-64, although US 64 moves east before US 13-17 reaches Williamston, where the limited-access segment ends. US 13-17 uses the Roanoke River Bridge to cross the Roanoke River, then before US 13 moves onto the interchange with North King Street it crosses the Cashie River Bridge over the Cashie River at Windsor. At the Bertie County-Chowan County line, US 17 traverses the Chowan River from Edenhouse to Edenton. East of Edenton, US 17 shares a concurrency with NC 37 until they reach Hertford where it branches off to the northwest onto US BUS 17. US 17 crosses the Perquimans River via the Perquimans River Bridge. Between Perquimans County and Pasquotank County, US 17 crosses the Little River over the Little River Bridge. A bypass route splits off to the northwest as US 17 (Mainline) continues into Elizabeth City as Hughes Boulevard, picking up concurrency with US 158 until US 158 splits off to the west at Morgan's Corner. US 17 crosses the Pasquotank River between Morgan's Corner in Pasquotank County and South Mills in Camden County, before entering Virginia adjacent to the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.


Historical Marker on U.S. Route 17

Major intersections[edit]

County Location Mile km Destinations Notes
Brunswick Carolina Shores 0.00 0.00 US 17 south – North Myrtle Beach South Carolina state line
Grissettown NC 904 – Ocean Isle Beach, Tabor City
US 17 Bus. north – Shallotte
Southern terminus of Bus-17
NC 130 – Shallotte, Whiteville

US 17 Bus. south – Shallotte
Northern terminus of Bus-17
Supply NC 211 – Bolton, St. James, Southport
US 17 Bus. north – Bolivia
Southern terminus of Bus-17

US 17 Bus. north – Bolivia
Northern terminus of BUS-17
Winnabow NC 87 south – Boiling Spring Lakes, Southport Southern end of NC 87 concurrency
NC 87 north – Maco Northern end of NC 87 concurrency
Leland US 74 / US 76 west – Whiteville Western end of US 74/US 76 concurrency
NC 133 south – Belville, Southport Western end of NC 133 concurrency

US 17 Bus. north / US 76 east / US 421 south – Wilmington, Carolina Beach
Eastern end of US 76 concurrency; southern end of US 421 concurrency; southern terminus of US-Bus 17
New Hanover Wilmington US 74 east / NC 133 north – Wrightsville Beach, Hightsville Eastern end of US 74 concurrency; eastern end of NC 133 concurrency
I-140 east / US 421 north – Clinton Western terminus of I–140; northern end of US 421 concurrency
NC 133 – Castle Hayne, Wrightsboro I-140 exit 17
I-40 / I-140 – Wilmington, Benson Eastern terminus of I–140

US 17 Bus. south – Wilmington
Northern terminus of US-Bus 17
Pender Hampstead NC 210 north – Rocky Point Northern end of NC 210
  NC 210 south – Surf City Southern end of NC 210 concurrency
Onslow Holly Ridge NC 50 – Surf City, Maple Hill
  NC 172 east – Sneads Ferry Western terminus of NC 172
Dixon NC 210 south – Sneads Ferry Northern terminus of NC 210
US 17 Bus. north / NC 24 west – Catherine Lake, Jacksonville
Western end of NC 24 concurrency; southern terminus of US-Bus 17
NC 24 east – Swansboro Eastern end of NC 24 concurrency

US 17 Bus. south – Jacksonville
Northern terminus of US-Bus 17
Jones Maysville NC 58 south – Cape Cateret Southern end of NC 58 concurrency
Pollocksville NC 58 north – Trenton Northern end of NC 58 concurrency
New Bern US 70 west – Kinston Western end of US 70 concurrency

US 70 east / US 70 Bus. west / NC 55 north – Havelock, Morehead City, New Bern
Eastern end of US 70 concurrency; western end of NC 55 concurrency; western terminus of US-Bus 70
Craven Bridgeton NC 55 east – Bayboro Eastern end of NC 55 concurrency
Emul NC 43 south – Jasper Southern end of NC 43 concurrency
US 17 Bus. north / NC 43 north – Vanceboro, Greenville
Northern end of NC 43 concurrency; southern terminus of US 17 Bus

US 17 Bus. south – Vanceboro
Northern terminus of US 17 Bus
Beaufort   NC 102 west – Calico Eastern terminus of NC 102
US 17 Bus. north – Washington
Southern terminus of US 17 Bus
NC 33 – Greenville, Cox Crossroads

US 17 Bus.
Washington US 264 – Greenville, Manteo

US 17 Bus. south – Washington
Northern terminus of US 17 Bus
  NC 171 north – Jamestown Southern terminus of NC 171
Martin Williamston
US 13 south / US 17 Bus. north / US 64 west – Everetts, Tarboro, Bethel
Southern end of US 13/US 64 concurrency; southern terminus of US 17 Bus
US 64 east – Plymouth, Manteo Northern end of US 64 concurrency

US 17 Bus. south – Williamston
Northern terminus of US 17 Bus
Bertie Windsor
US 13 Bus. north / US 17 Bus. north – Windsor
Southern terminus of US 13 Bus and US 17 Bus
NC 308 – Westover, Kelford

US 13 north / US 13 Bus. south – Ahoskie
Northern end of US 13 concurrency; northern terminus of US 13 Bus

US 17 Bus. south – Windsor
Northern terminus of US 17 Bus
Merry Hill NC 45 – Mount Gould, Westover
Chowan Edenton NC 32 – Edenton, Valhalla
  NC 37 south – Edenton Southern end of NC 37 concurrency
Perquimans Hertford
US 17 Bus. north / NC 37 north – Hertford, Belvidere
Southern terminus of US 17 Bus; northern end of NC 37 concurrency

US 17 Bus. south – Hertford
Northern terminus of US 17 Bus
Pasquotank Elizabeth City
US 17 Bus. north – Elizabeth City
Southern terminus of US 17 Bus
NC 344 east – Weeksville Western terminus of NC 344

US 17 Bus. south / US 17 Truck south / US 158 east – Elizabeth City, Camden
Northern terminus of US 17 Bus; Northern terminus of US 17 Truck Business; Southern end of US 158 concurrency
Morgans Corner US 158 west – Gatesville Northern end of US 158 concurrency
Camden South Mills
US 17 Bus. north – South Mills
Southern terminus of US 17 Bus

US 17 Bus. south / NC 343 south – South Mills, Camden
Northern terminus of NC 343 and US 17 Bus
  284.00 457.05 US 17 north – Chesapeake Virginia state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Bannered routes[edit]

There are numerous bannered routes of US 17 within the state of North Carolina.

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