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Thomas Shafee
I tend to upload a lot of images
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My name is Thomas Shafee. I've wanted to contribute to Wikipedia for a while. Having submitted my thesis in experimental protein evolution (October 2013), I feel I have the time and knowledge to try editing a bit. In particular, I'm of the opinion that diagrams are key to science articles so I'm trying to add images to pages that have either few or none.

Interest areas[edit]

Protein engineering
Directed evolution

Pages created and major edits[edit]

TEV protease - Expanded from Stub (2013)
PA clan - Created (2013)
Catalytic triad - Expanded from Stub (2013)
Protein superfamily - Created (2013)
Proteases - Expanded from Start (2013)
Threonine protease - Expanded from Stub (2013)
Diffusion limited enzymes - Expanded from Stub (2013)
Epistasis - Expanded from Class C (2014)
Neutral network - Created (2014)
Sequence space - Created (2014)
Robustness (evolution) - Merged and expanded (2014)

Todo list[edit]

Evolutionary landscape/fitness landscape - image
Evolvability - image?
Neutral mutation - causes and types
Protein stability - create
Directed evolution - image
Experimental evolution
Enzyme promiscuity
Mutations - expand 'beneficial mutations' and clean up 'DFE'
Predictability (evolution) - create
Defensin - Add plant defensins
Cyclic peptide - expand and separate cyclic proteins section
Theta defensin - add section on human retrocyclin and back-link to defensin page
Acyl-enzyme intermediate - create?

Images Created (full list)[edit]