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Thomas Shafee
I tend to upload a lot of images
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My name is Thomas Shafee. I've wanted to contribute to Wikipedia for a while. Having submitted my thesis in experimental protein evolution (October 2013), I feel I have the time and knowledge to try editing a bit. In particular, I'm of the opinion that diagrams are key to science articles so I'm trying to add images to pages that have either few or none.

Interest areas[edit]

Protein engineering
Directed evolution

Pages created and major edits[edit]

TEV protease - Expanded from Stub (2013)
PA clan - Created (2013)
Catalytic triad - Expanded from Stub (2013)
Protein superfamily - Created (2013)
Proteases - Expanded from Start (2013)
Threonine protease - Expanded from Stub (2013)
Diffusion limited enzymes - Expanded from Stub (2013)
Epistasis - Expanded from Class C (2014)
Neutral network - Created (2014)
Sequence space - Created (2014)
Robustness (evolution) - Merged and expanded (2014)
θ-Defensin - Added images and expanded from Stub (2014)

Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar
Thanks for your excellent article on the PA clan and many other contributions to Protein and RNA families! Alexbateman (talk) 11:15, 15 January 2014 (UTC)

Todo list[edit]

Evolutionary landscape/fitness landscape - image
Evolvability - image?
Neutral mutation - causes and types
Directed evolution - image
Experimental evolution
Enzyme promiscuity
Mutations - expand 'beneficial mutations' and clean up 'DFE'
Defensin - add plant defensins
Cyclic peptide - expand and separate cyclic proteins section
Thionin - clarify evolutionary relationship
Active site - new images
Directional_selection - improve image

Predictability (evolution) - create?
Protein stability - create
Acyl-enzyme intermediate - create
Hairpinin - create

Images Created (full list)[edit]