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Yevgeny Yakovlevich Dzhugashvili (Russian: Евге́ний Я́ковлевич Джугашви́ли) (born 10 January 1936) is a retired polkovnik (colonel) of the Soviet/Russian Air Force and the son of Yakov Dzhugashvili, who was a son of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. He has gained note as a defender of his grandfather's reputation, and in the 1999 elections of the Russian State Duma, he was one of the faces of the Stalin Bloc – For the USSR, a league of communist parties. He currently resides in his ancestral homeland Georgia.

Dzhugashvili vs. Novaya Gazeta[edit]

In September 2009 Dzhugashvili made international headlines when he sued the Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, after the magazine published an article claiming his grandfather personally signed execution orders against civilians.[1] On October 13, 2009, the Russian court rejected Dzhugashvili's case, stating that its reasons would be made public at a later date.[2] Dzhugasvili was given five days to appeal.

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