Zam Zam Cola

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Zam Zam Cola
Zamzam Barry Kent.jpg
Type Soft drink
Manufacturer Zam Zam Company
Country of origin Iran
Introduced 1954
Discontinued N/A
Variants the strange and unusual
Related products Mecca-Cola, Qibla Cola, Eram Cola, Parsi Cola, Cola Turka, Coca-cola

Zam Zam Cola (Persian: زم زم كولا‎, Zam Zam Kola) is a cola-flavoured soft drink produced in Iran by Zamzam Soft Drink Mfg. Co.

It is particularly popular in parts of the Muslim world, having gained a status there as a Muslim alternative to American products such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Zam Zam is also one of the few remaining soda companies in Iran that uses refillable glass bottles.

The director of the Zam Zam Cola Company is Ahmad-Haddad Moghaddam. The Zam Zam Cola Company is owned by the Bonyad-e Mostazafen va Janbazan, the Foundation for the Oppressed and Disabled, the largest of Iran's powerful Bonyads.


Originally a subsidiary of Pepsi created in Iran in 1954 as the first Iranian carbonated soft drink producer, Zam Zam became its own corporation following the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Following the 2002 boycott of Coca-Cola by Saudi Arabia, Zam Zam was unofficially dubbed the soft drink of the Hajj.[1]

The product's name is a reference to the Well of Zamzam in Mecca, that is one of the stops on the Islamic pilgrimage of the Hajj.

The headquarters of Zam Zam are in Tehran, Iran. The bottling facility in Tehran is a popular attraction where people can see the drink being bottled. Due to the bottling facility's proximity to Mehrebad airport tourists often stop to look.

The production was at first a single production line, and now it owns seventeen beverage plants in Iran as well as several international companies, which produce and distribute Zam Zam products under its licence. The Zam Zam company has developed the most well equipped beverage concentrate plant in the Middle East. Zam Zam Iran Co has had significant presence in domestic and international markets,and produces over one hundred diverse products including Cola, Lemon, Orange, Lemonade, Mango, Mineral Water, non-alcoholic malt beverage etc. Zam Zam is also available in the United Arab Emirates and other surrounding nations.

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