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Bundesarchiv Bild 183-1987-0801-101, Leipzig, Zentralstadion, Sportfest.jpg
Full name Zentralstadion
Former names Stadion der Hunderttausend
Location Leipzig, Germany
Coordinates 51°20′44.86″N 12°20′53.59″E / 51.3457944°N 12.3482194°E / 51.3457944; 12.3482194Coordinates: 51°20′44.86″N 12°20′53.59″E / 51.3457944°N 12.3482194°E / 51.3457944; 12.3482194
Owner 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig
Operator 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig
Capacity 110,000[1]
Built 4 March 1955; 59 years ago (1955-03-04)
Opened 4 August 1956; 58 years ago (1956-08-04)
Closed 1996
Architect Werner March
Project manager Walter Ulbricht
Structural engineer Karl Subotnik
General contractor Walter Ulbricht
Main contractors Walter Ulbricht
Deutscher Turn- und Sportbund
DHFK Leipzig
Sportvereinigung Lokomotive
Sportvereinigung Aktivist
Sportvereinigung Aufbau
Sportvereinigung Chemie
Sportvereinigung Dynamo
Sportvereinigung Einheit
Sportvereinigung Empor
Sportvereinigung Fortschritt
Sportvereinigung Medizin
Sportvereinigung Post
Sportvereinigung Rotation
Sportvereinigung Stahl
Sportvereinigung Traktor
Sportvereinigung Turbine
Sportvereinigung Vorwärts
Sportvereinigung Wismut
Sportvereinigung Wissenschaft

Zentralstadion (Central Stadium) was a multi-use stadium in Leipzig, Germany. It was initially used as the stadium of 1. FC Lokomotive Leipzig matches. It has been renovated into the current Zentralstadion in 2004. The capacity of the stadium was 100,000 spectators. The stands were are been built by the 1,5 million Cubic metre debris of Bombing of Leipzig in World War II. After the 1896 Summer Olympics, the city of Leipzig begun to plan a stadium in its town. The main reason was to have a national sports culture far away from the French and Greece peoples. The Zentralstadion was build first for the sports students within the Sportforum Leipzig, as stadium of 100.000. Beside was the Olympic style swimming stadium. After the sports university, rowing channel and the swimming stadium, they began to plan real with a new stadium there within downtown. They citizen dreamt about to get the Olympic Games for Leipzig. They did use the blueprints of the architect Werner March, the architect of the Olympiastadion (Berlin). To finish the plan, they needed only 15 months. The reason is that 180,000 volunteers worked there without salary. Walter Ulbricht himself named the stadium into "Stadion der Hunderttausend" (stadium of 100.000). He decided that the German Gym and Sports Celebrations must take place there only.[2][3][4][5][6] Willy Tröger was a disabled player who played with an amputated right arm and shot a final goal for the GDR national team, 1957.[7] First soccer teams from other cities and towns were the Honved Budapest and 1.FC Kaiserslautern. The next events with filled stadium is the Friedensfahrt. The state actor Uwe Steimle told:" It is not a noticeable society with power." It is the location of the development of the living choreographic elements. Best club soccer event there was the won semifinal match of the 1986–87 European Cup Winners' Cup.[8] The only one match in Leipzig what everybody as soccer fan still knows. In opposite to today they needed a few police units for the filled stadium. Up to 1987, the stadium was still up to date. 1977 they got better flood lights with more lumen, had the problem that the houses of the renter beside the stadium had power cuts during matches. Peoples had no light in their flats (Leipzig Waldstraßen District). It is still the only one German stadium with the most spectators during a match. To national matches of the GDR national team came regularly 80,000 up to 120,000 spectators.

International soccer matches[edit]

Date Local time Home Final score (halftime score) Visitor Game type Attendance
1957-05-19 **:** East Germany East Germany 2:1 (1:1) Goals scored:Charles (WAL) 6', Wirth (GDR) 21', Tröger (GDR) 61′ Wales Wales 1958 FIFA World Cup qualification – Referee: Nikolay Latyshev Soviet Union 105,000[9]
1957-10-27 **:** East Germany East Germany 1:4 (1:3) Goals scored: Kraus (CZE) 4′, Moravčík (CZE) 23', Müller (GDR) 23′, Novák (CZE) 43', Kraus (CZE) 88′ Czech Republic Czechoslovakia 1958 FIFA World Cup qualification – Referee: Pierre Schwinte France 110,000
1957-11-09 **:** Poland Poland 0:2 (0:1) Goals scored: Streltsov (URS) 31′, Fiedosov (URS) 75′ Soviet Union Soviet Union 1958 FIFA World Cup qualification – Referee: Clough John Harold England 110,000[10][11]
1958-09-14 **:** East Germany East Germany 3:2 (1:1) Goals scored: Schröter (GDR) 25′, Penalty Constantin (ROU) 27′, Penalty Assmy (GDR) 57′, Ene (ROU) 61′, Wirth (GDR) 76′ Romania Romania Exhibition match – Referee: Nikolai Balakin Soviet Union 60,000

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