Telephone numbers in Iraq

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Telephone numbers in Iraq
Access codes
Country code+964
International access00

Iraq area codes can be 1 or 2 digits (not counting the trunk prefix 0) and the subscriber numbers are usually 6 digits. In Baghdad and some other governorates, they are 7 digits. The mobile numbers have 10 digits, beginning with the 3-digit code of each operator followed by 7 digits.

Dialing procedure[edit]

A call from outside Iraq would have the following dialing format when calling a:

  • Landline telephone:
International call prefix Country Code Area code Subscriber number
00 or 011 in place of + 964 (Area Code) (Telephone Number)
  • Mobile telephone:
International call prefix Country Code Operator Code Subscriber Number
00 or 011 in place of + 964 7xx 123 4567

List of Area Codes in the Iraq[edit]

Area/City Area Code Area/City Area Code
Baghdad 1 Salah ad Din (Tikrit) 21
Erbil (Hêwler) 66 Dohuk(Duhok) 62
Wasit (Al Kut) 23 Anbar (Ramadi) 24
Diyala (Baquba) 25 Babil (Hilla) 30
Karbala 32 Najaf 33
Al-Qādisiyyah (Diwaniya) 36 Al Muthanna (Samawa) 37
Basrah 40 Dhi Qar (Nasiriya) 42
Maysan (Amarah) 43 Kirkuk(Kêrkuk) 50
Sulaimaniya(Slemani) 53 Nineveh (Mosul) 60

List of Mobile Phones Codes in Iraq[edit]

There are 3 mobile phone providers providing voice service in Iraq: Korek, Zain, & Asiacell; Fastlink provides cellular data services.[1]

Carrier Mobile Prefix
Korek Telecom 75x
Asiacell 77x
Zain 78x, 79x