Óscar Únzaga

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Óscar Únzaga
Born Óscar Únzaga de la Vega
(1916-04-19)19 April 1916
Died 19 April 1959(1959-04-19) (aged 43)
Nationality Bolivian
Political party Bolivian Socialist Falange

Óscar Únzaga de la Vega (19 April 1916 – 19 April 1959) was a Bolivian political figure and rebel. Most significantly, he founded the Bolivian Socialist Falange (FSB) movement in 1937, and ran for President in the 1956 elections, when his party became the main opposition movement to the Movimiento Nacionalista Revolucionario (MNR).

In 1959 Únzaga was one of fifty who died during an attempted coup by the FSB, with government forces reporting that he committed suicide.[1] Supporters disputed the official version and stated that Únzaga had been assassinated. He is revered as a hero and martyr by some factions of well-to-do Bolivian political elites.


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