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Aerial view of Čimelice

Čimelice is a larger village in the north of the Písek District, along the route which connects South Bohemia with Prague and which is widely known as "R4" or "Strakonická" (named after the town of Strakonice).

In the village there is a railway station (connection Písek-Zdice), the Church of Holy Trinity, many shops, a Castle from 1720 and a pond in the centre of the village. The village is known for autumn gardening fairs. Near Čimelice, there are a number of large ponds, such as Bisingrovský, Zhoř, Nerestec, Stejskal, Valný, Zástava. In the catastr of the village there is a small river called the Skalice, which is a tributary of the Otava river.


  • Status: village
  • Parts: 2
  • Catastral area: 1029 ha
  • No. of inhabitants: 1033
  • Post office: yes
  • School: yes
  • Hospital: yes
  • Police department: yes
  • Water pipe: yes



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Coordinates: 49°27′56″N 14°04′09″E / 49.46556°N 14.06917°E / 49.46556; 14.06917