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The cuatrillo
The cuatrillo with comma

Cuatrillo (capital: Ꜭ, small: ꜭ) (Spanish for "little four") is a letter of several colonial Mayan alphabets in the Latin script that is based on the digit 4. It was invented by a Franciscan friar, Alonso de la Parra, in the 16th century to represent the velar ejective consonant // found in Mayan languages, and is known as one of the Parra letters.

A derivative of the cuatrillo by adding a comma diacritic, Ꜯ ꜯ was used for the alveolar ejective affricate /tsʼ/ found in the same languages.

The cuatrillo is encoded in Unicode at the code points U+A72C LATIN CAPITAL LETTER CUATRILLO (HTML Ꜭ) and U+A72D LATIN SMALL LETTER CUATRILLO (HTML ꜭ), respectively. The cuatrillo-commas are at U+A72E LATIN CAPITAL LETTER CUATRILLO WITH COMMA (HTML Ꜯ) and U+A72F LATIN SMALL LETTER CUATRILLO WITH COMMA (HTML ꜯ).

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