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Aksara nglegena Aksara pasangan
Javanese script
Latin orthography ba
Phoneme [b]
Unicode U+A9A7

is a syllable in the Javanese script that represents the sound /bɔ/, /ba/. It is transliterated into Latin as "ba", and sometimes in Indonesian orthography as "bo". It has another form (pasangan), ◌꧀ꦧ, but is represented by a single Unicode code point, U+A9A7.[1][2][3]


Its pasangan form ◌꧀ꦧ, is located on the bottom side of the previous syllable. For example, ꦲꦤꦏ꧀ꦧꦧꦶ - anak babi (piglet).


The letter ꦧ has a murda form, which is .

ꦧ with a cerek () is called letter I, while is called long I.


Nglegena forms Pasangan forms
 ba ꦧꦃ bah ꦧꦁ bang ꦧꦂ bar ◌꧀ꦧ -ba ◌꧀ꦧꦃ -bah ◌꧀ꦧꦁ -bang ◌꧀ꦧꦂ -bar
ꦧꦺ be ꦧꦺꦃ beh ꦧꦺꦁ beng ꦧꦺꦂ ber ◌꧀ꦧꦺ -be ◌꧀ꦧꦺꦃ -beh ◌꧀ꦧꦺꦁ -beng ◌꧀ꦧꦺꦂ -ber
ꦧꦼ bê ꦧꦼꦃ bêh ꦧꦼꦁ bêng ꦧꦼꦂ bêr ◌꧀ꦧꦼ -bê ◌꧀ꦧꦼꦃ -bêh ◌꧀ꦧꦼꦁ -bêng ◌꧀ꦧꦼꦂ -bêr
ꦧꦶ bi ꦧꦶꦃ bih ꦧꦶꦁ bing ꦧꦶꦂ bir ◌꧀ꦧꦶ -bi ◌꧀ꦧꦶꦃ -bih ◌꧀ꦧꦶꦁ -bing ◌꧀ꦧꦶꦂ -bir
ꦧꦺꦴ bo ꦧꦺꦴꦃ boh ꦧꦺꦴꦁ bong ꦧꦺꦴꦂ bor ◌꧀ꦧꦺꦴ -bo ◌꧀ꦧꦺꦴꦃ -boh ◌꧀ꦧꦺꦴꦁ -bong ◌꧀ꦧꦺꦴꦂ -bor
ꦧꦸ bu ꦧꦸꦃ buh ꦧꦸꦁ bung ꦧꦸꦂ bur ◌꧀ꦧꦸ -bu ◌꧀ꦧꦸꦃ -buh ◌꧀ꦧꦸꦁ -bung ◌꧀ꦧꦸꦂ -bur
ꦧꦿ bra ꦧꦿꦃ brah ꦧꦿꦁ brang ꦧꦿꦂ brar ◌꧀ꦧꦿ -bra ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦃ -brah ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦁ -brang ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦂ -brar
ꦧꦿꦺ bre ꦧꦿꦺꦃ breh ꦧꦿꦺꦁ breng ꦧꦿꦺꦂ brer ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦺ -bre ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦺꦃ -breh ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦺꦁ -breng ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦺꦂ -brer
ꦧꦽ brê ꦧꦽꦃ brêh ꦧꦽꦁ brêng ꦧꦽꦂ brêr ◌꧀ꦧꦽ -brê ◌꧀ꦧꦽꦃ -brêh ◌꧀ꦧꦽꦁ -brêng ◌꧀ꦧꦽꦂ -brêr
ꦧꦿꦶ bri ꦧꦿꦶꦃ brih ꦧꦿꦶꦁ bring ꦧꦿꦶꦂ brir ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦶ -bri ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦶꦃ -brih ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦶꦁ -bring ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦶꦂ -brir
ꦧꦿꦺꦴ bro ꦧꦿꦺꦴꦃ broh ꦧꦿꦺꦴꦁ brong ꦧꦿꦺꦴꦂ bror ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦺꦴ -bro ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦺꦴꦃ -broh ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦺꦴꦁ -brong ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦺꦴꦂ -bror
ꦧꦿꦸ bru ꦧꦿꦸꦃ bruh ꦧꦿꦸꦁ brung ꦧꦿꦸꦂ brur ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦸ -bru ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦸꦃ -bruh ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦸꦁ -brung ◌꧀ꦧꦿꦸꦂ -brur
ꦧꦾ bya ꦧꦾꦃ byah ꦧꦾꦁ byang ꦧꦾꦂ byar ◌꧀ꦧꦾ -bya ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦃ -byah ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦁ -byang ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦂ -byar
ꦧꦾꦺ bye ꦧꦾꦺꦃ byeh ꦧꦾꦺꦁ byeng ꦧꦾꦺꦂ byer ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦺ -bye ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦺꦃ -byeh ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦺꦁ -byeng ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦺꦂ -byer
ꦧꦾꦼ byê ꦧꦾꦼꦃ byêh ꦧꦾꦼꦁ byêng ꦧꦾꦼꦂ byêr ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦼ -byê ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦼꦃ -byêh ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦼꦁ -byêng ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦼꦂ -byêr
ꦧꦾꦶ byi ꦧꦾꦶꦃ byih ꦧꦾꦶꦁ bying ꦧꦾꦶꦂ byir ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦶ -byi ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦶꦃ -byih ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦶꦁ -bying ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦶꦂ -byir
ꦧꦾꦺꦴ byo ꦧꦾꦺꦴꦃ byoh ꦧꦾꦺꦴꦁ byong ꦧꦾꦺꦴꦂ byor ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦺꦴ -byo ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦺꦴꦃ -byoh ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦺꦴꦁ -byong ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦺꦴꦂ -byor
ꦧꦾꦸ byu ꦧꦾꦸꦃ byuh ꦧꦾꦸꦁ byung ꦧꦾꦸꦂ byur ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦸ -byu ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦸꦃ -byuh ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦸꦁ -byung ◌꧀ꦧꦾꦸꦂ -byur

Unicode block[edit]

Javanese script was added to the Unicode Standard in October, 2009 with the release of version 5.2.

Official Unicode Consortium code chart (PDF)
  0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
U+A9Bx ꦿ
1.^ As of Unicode version 10.0
2.^ Grey areas indicate non-assigned code points


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