1675 in China

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Events from the year 1675 in China.



  • The Revolt of the Three Feudatories continues
  • Chahar prince Abunai and his brother Lubuzung revolt against the Qing in 1675 along with 3,000 Chahar Mongol followers. On April 20, 1675, Qing forces defeat the Chahar and kill Abunai and all his followers. Their title[which?] was abolished, all Chahar Mongol royal males were executed even if they were born to Manchu Qing princesses, and all Chahar Mongol royal females were sold into slavery except the Manchu Qing princesses. The Chahar Mongols were then put under the direct control of the Qing Emperor unlike the other Inner Mongol leagues which maintained their autonomy.
  • Kangxi's son Yunreng named Crown Prince
  • Sino-Russian border conflicts



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