1916–17 National Challenge Cup

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The 1916–17 National Challenge Cup was the fourth annual cup tournament held by the United States Football Association. On May 5, 1917, Fall River Rovers defeated Bethlehem Steel to take the title. Thomas Swords scored the game-winning goal thirty seconds into the game. The second round match on January 28 between Bay Ridge of Brooklyn and the Newark Scottish-Americans was originally awarded to Bay Ridge for non-appearance of the Scots. Despite Bay Ridge having played and won their third round game 2-0 over New York, the Bay Ridge/Scots game was ordered replayed by the cup committee. The Scots won the replay and went on to face New York in the third round.


Home teams listed on top of bracket

Second Round
Dec 16-Mar 4
Third Round
Feb 3-Mar 31
Mar 3-Apr 8
April 21
May 5
MA Fall River Rovers 3
MA New Bedford F.C. 1
MA Fall River Rovers 3
MA Lynn Hibernians 1
MA Lynn Hibernians 1
MA Lawrence Olympics 0
MA Fall River Rovers 6
RI Howard & Bullough F.C. 1
MA Andover United w/o
MA Clan McLennan
MA Andover United 2
RI Howard & Bullough F.C. 5
RI Howard & Bullough F.C. 0-5
RI Crompton F.C. 0-2
MA Fall River Rovers 1-4
PA Disston A.A. 1-3
PA Disston A.A. 13
NJ Jersey A.C. 0
PA Disston A.A. 1
CT Bridgeport 0
CT Bridgeport F.C. 4
CT British American 0
PA Disston A.A. 2
NY New York F.C. 0
PA Putnam F.C. 0
NY New York F.C. 2
NY New York F.C. 6
NY Scottish Americans 4
NJ Scottish Americans 2
NY Bay Ridge 1
MA Fall River Rovers 1
PA Bethlehem Steel 0
NJ West Hudson A.A. 2
NY Clan MacDonald 1
NJ West Hudson A.A. 0
PA Bethlehem Steel 3
PA Bethlehem Steel 3
NY Brooklyn Celtic 1
PA Bethlehem Steel 2
PA Homestead F.C. 1
PA Homestead F.C. 9
PA Juniata PR 2
PA Homestead F.C. 2
OH White Automobile 1
OH White Automobile 1
OH Cleveland Thistles 0
PA Bethlehem Steel 6
IL Joliet F.C. 0
MI Caledonia F.C. 3
MI St. George F.C. 1
MI Caledonia F.C. 2
MI Detroit F.C. 1
NY Rochester City 0
MI Detroit F.C. 1
MI Caledonia F.C. 0
IL Joliet F.C. 4
IL Pullman F.C. 1
IL McDuffs 3
IL McDuffs 1
IL Joliet F.C. 6
IL Joliet F.C. 2
IL Bricklayers and Masons 1

(*) replay after tied match w/o walkover/forfeit victory awarded


May 5, 1917
Fall River Rovers (MA) 1–0 Bethlehem Steel (PA)
Thomas Swords 1' (Report)[1]
Coates Field; Pawtucket, Rhode Island
Attendance: 7,000
Referee: W. Taylor (USA)

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