1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow

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1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow
1967 Sunshine Tomorrow.jpg
Compilation album by the Beach Boys
Released June 30, 2017 (2017-06-30)
Recorded June 1967 – 1970
Label Capitol
Producer The Beach Boys (original recordings)
The Beach Boys chronology
Graduation Day 1966
1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow
1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow 2: The Studio Sessions

1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow is a compilation album recorded by American rock band the Beach Boys and released by Capitol Records on June 30, 2017. It consists of previously unreleased tracks largely stemming from the group's 1967 album Wild Honey. Included is the album's first ever complete stereo mix, various live renditions of its songs, outtakes, session highlights, and additional material sourced from Smiley Smile (1967) and the unreleased live effort Lei'd in Hawaii, both of which immediately preceded the Wild Honey sessions.[1]

On December 8, 2017, the compilation was followed with two digital-exclusive releases: 1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow 2: The Studio Sessions and 1967 – Live Sunshine. They include more than 100 tracks that were left off the first compilation.[2]


The album, which focuses on the Beach Boys' post-Smile 1967 recordings,[3] includes a new stereo mix of Wild Honey produced by compilers Mark Linett and Alan Boyd.[4] The mix was also made available as a separate vinyl release.[5] The title derives from the Wild Honey track "Let the Wind Blow", which contains the couplet "take away their sorrows, give them sunshine tomorrow".

Critical reception[edit]

Professional ratings
Aggregate scores
Review scores
AllMusic4/5 stars[3]
The Independent3/5 stars[7]
Spill5/5 stars[10]

AllMusic critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine wrote that the album "feels like a gift: it bolsters the argument that the period following Pet Sounds and Smile was no less creative than that golden age. ... Wild Honey appropriately takes center stage on this project, with a vivid new stereo mix."[3] Pitchfork's said that it "finds them firing in all creative directions at once for a brief, beautiful moment just as their wave started to recede. ... the magic of Sunshine Tomorrow is that the Beach Boys are all of these at once: chaotic and relaxed, naive and sophisticated, pop-oriented and intimate. Brian is both present and slipping away."[9] Music journalist Tim Sommer believed the new stereo mix transformed Wild Honey from a "flat and peculiar ... afterthought of Smiley Smile" to a "deep and delightful, human, rollicking, humming and rolling [album]."[12]

Paste's Robert Ham surmised that the "objective, it seems, is to inspire a collective reappraisal of a period in the band’s career when they were still respected critically and beloved commercially, but struggling creatively ... 1967 succeeds in that humble goal but just barely."[8] Steve Marinucci from AXS characterized the original albums as "confusing", and that "there's little here to recommend to casual listeners, though certainly Beach Boys diehards will be attracted to it."[13]

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

Wild Honey stereo mix
1."Wild Honey"2:45
2."Aren't You Glad"
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
3."I Was Made to Love Her"2:07
4."Country Air"
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
5."A Thing or Two"
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
7."I'd Love Just Once to See You"
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
8."Here Comes the Night"
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
9."Let the Wind Blow"
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
10."How She Boogalooed It"1:59
11."Mama Says" (original mono mix)
  • B. Wilson
  • Love

All subsequent tracks were previously unreleased.[1]

Wild Honey sessions: September – November 1967
12."Lonely Days" (alternate version)unknown1:45
13."Cool Cool Water" (alternate early version)
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
14."Time to Get Alone" (alternate early version)B. Wilson3:08
15."Can't Wait Too Long" (alternate early version)B. Wilson2:49
16."I'd Love Just Once to See You" (alternate version)
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
17."I Was Made to Love Her" (vocal insert session)
  • Cosby
  • Moy
  • Hardaway
  • Wonder
18."I Was Made to Love Her" (long version)
  • Cosby
  • Moy
  • Hardaway
  • Wonder
19."Hide Go Seek"B. Wilson0:51
20."Honey Get Home"B. Wilson1:22
21."Wild Honey" (session highlights)
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
22."Aren't You Glad" (session highlights)
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
23."A Thing Or Two" (track and backing vocals)
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
24."Darlin'" (session highlights)
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
25."Let the Wind Blow" (session highlights)
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
Wild Honey live: 1967 – 1970
26."Wild Honey" (live in Detroit, November 17, 1967)
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
27."Country Air" (live in Detroit, November 17, 1967)
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
28."Darlin'" (live in Pittsburgh, November 22, 1967)
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
29."How She Boogalooed It" (live in Detroit, November 17, 1967)
  • Love
  • Johnston
  • Jardine
  • C. Wilson
30."Aren't You Glad" (live in 1970, location unknown)
  • B. Wilson
  • Love
31."Mama Says" (session highlights)
  • B. Wilson
  • Love

Disc two[edit]

Smiley Smile sessions: June – July 1967
1."Heroes and Villains" (single version backing track)3:38
2."Vegetables" (long version)
  • Wilson
  • Parks
3."Fall Breaks and Back to Winter" (alternate mix)Wilson2:28
4."Wind Chimes" (alternate tag section)Wilson0:48
5."Wonderful" (backing track)Wilson2:23
6."With Me Tonight" (alternate version with session intro)Wilson0:51
7."Little Pad" (backing track)Wilson2:40
8."All Day All Night (Whistle In)" (alternate version 1)Wilson1:04
9."All Day All Night (Whistle In)" (alternate version 2)Wilson0:50
10."Untitled" (Redwood) 0:35
Lei'd in Hawaii "live" album: September 1967
11."Fred Vail Intro" 0:24
12."The Letter"Wayne Carson1:54
13."You're So Good to Me"
  • Wilson
  • Love
14."Help Me, Rhonda"
  • Wilson
  • Love
15."California Girls"
  • Wilson
  • Love
16."Surfer Girl"Wilson2:17
17."Sloop John B"traditional2:50
18."With a Little Help from My Friends"Lennon–McCartney2:21
19."Their Hearts Were Full of Spring"Bobby Troup2:33
20."God Only Knows"2:45
21."Good Vibrations"
  • Wilson
  • Love
22."Game of Love"Clint Ballard, Jr.2:11
23."The Letter" (alternate take)Carson1:56
24."With a Little Help from My Friends" (stereo mix)Lennon–McCartney2:21
Live in Hawaii: August 1967
25."Hawthorne Boulevard"Wilson1:05
  • Wilson
  • Love
27."Gettin' Hungry"
  • Wilson
  • Love
28."Hawaii" (rehearsal take)
  • Wilson
  • Love
29."Heroes and Villains" (rehearsal)
  • Wilson
  • Parks
Thanksgiving tour 1967: Live in Washington, D.C. and Boston
30."California Girls" (Washington, DC, November 19, 1967)
  • Wilson
  • Love
31."Graduation Day" (Washington, DC, November 19, 1967)2:56
32."I Get Around" (Boston, November 23, 1967)
  • Wilson
  • Love
Additional 1967 studio recordings
33."Surf’s Up" (1967 version)
  • Wilson
  • Parks
34."Surfer Girl" (1967 a cappella mix)
  • Wilson


These two companion albums were issued on December 8, 2017 as digital exclusives.[2]

1967 – Sunshine Tomorrow 2: The Studio Sessions[edit]

1."Heroes And Villains – A Cappella" 
2."Vegetables – Track And Background Vocals" 
3."She's Going Bald – Track And Background Vocals" 
4."Little Pad – A Cappella" 
5."With Me Tonight – Session Highlight" 
6."Wind Chimes – Track And Background Vocals" 
7."Gettin' Hungry – Track And Background Vocals" 
8."Whistle In – Track And Background Vocals" 
9."Aren't You Glad – Stereo Single Mix" 
10."I Was Made To Love Her – Track And Background Vocals" 
11."Country Air – Track And Background Vocals" 
12."Darlin' – Track And Background Vocals" 
13."I'd Love Just Once To See You – Track And Background Vocals" 
14."Here Comes The Night – A Cappella" 
15."Let The Wind Blow – A Cappella" 
16."How She Boogalooed It – Track And Stereo Last Verse" 
17."Lonely Days – Session Highlight And Track" 
18."Time To Get Alone – Backing Track" 
19."Cool Cool Water – Alternate Mix" 
20."Can't Wait Too Long – Alternative Mix With Tag" 
21."Tune L – Session – Unreleased" 
22."Good News – Outtake" 
23."Surfin' – "Lei'd In Hawaii" / Studio Backing Track" 
24."Heroes And Villains – "Lei'd In Hawaii" / Studio Version" 
25."With A Little Help From My Friends – Session Highlight And Track With Background Vocals" 
26."Barbara Ann – "Lei'd In Hawaii" / Studio Backing Track" 
27."California Girls – "Lei'd In Hawaii" / Studio Stereo Mix" 
28."God Only Knows – "Lei'd In Hawaii" / Studio Stereo Mix" 
29."Surfer Girl – "Lei'd In Hawaii" / Studio Stereo Mix – Alternate Take" 

1967 – Live Sunshine[edit]

Live In Hawaii / 8/25/67
1."Heroes And Villains – Rehearsal" 
2."God Only Knows – Rehearsal" 
3."Good Vibrations – Rehearsal" 
4."The Letter – Rehearsal" 
5."You're So Good To Me – Rehearsal" 
6."Hawaii – Rehearsal" 
7."All Day All Night – Rehearsal" 
8."California Girls – Rehearsal Take 1" 
9."Surfin' – Rehearsal" 
10."Sloop John B – Rehearsal" 
11."Wouldn't It Be Nice – Rehearsal" 
12."California Girls – Rehearsal Take 2" 
13."The Letter" 
15."You're So Good To Me" 
16."Surfer Girl" 
18."Gettin' Hungry" 
19."Sloop John B" 
20."California Girls" 
21."Wouldn't It Be Nice" 
22."Heroes And Villains" 
23."God Only Knows" 
24."Good Vibrations" 
25."Barbara Ann" 
Live In Hawaii / 8/26/67
26."The Letter – Rehearsal" 
27."Hawaii – Rehearsal [new edit & mix]" 
28."You're So Good To Me – Rehearsal" 
29."God Only Knows – Rehearsal" 
30."Help Me Rhonda – Rehearsal" 
31."California Girls – Rehearsal" 
32."Good Vibrations – Rehearsal" 
33."Heroes And Villains – Rehearsal [new edit & mix]" 
34."Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring – Rehearsal" 
35."The Lord's Prayer – Rehearsal" 
36."Hawthorne Boulevard – Instrumental" 
38."You're So Good To Me" 
39."Help Me Rhonda" 
40."California Girls" 
41."Wouldn't It Be Nice" 
42."Gettin' Hungry [new edit & mix]" 
43."Surfer Girl" 
44."Surfin' [new edit & mix]" 
45."Sloop John B" 
46."The Letter [new edit & mix]" 
47."God Only Knows" 
48."Good Vibrations" 
49."Heroes And Villains" 
50."Barbara Ann" 
Live In Detroit / 11/17/67
51."Barbara Ann –" 
53."Country Air" 
54."I Get Around" 
55."How She Boogalooed It" 
56."Wouldn't It Be Nice" 
57."God Only Knows" 
58."California Girls" 
59."Wild Honey" 
60."Graduation Day" 
61."Good Vibrations" 
62."Johnny B. Goode" 
Live In Washington, D.C. / 11/19/67
63."Barbara Ann" 
65."I Get Around" 
66."Surfer Girl" 
67."Wouldn't It Be Nice" 
68."God Only Knows" 
69."California Girls" 
70."Wild Honey" 
71."Good Vibrations" 
72."Graduation Day" 
73."Johnny B. Goode" 
Live In White Plains, NY / 11/21/67
74."Help Me Rhonda" 
75."Barbara Ann" 
77."Surfer Girl" 
78."Wouldn't It Be Nice" 
79."God Only Knows" 
80."California Girls" 
81."Wild Honey" 
82."Graduation Day" 
83."Good Vibrations" 
Live In Pittsburgh / 11/22/67
84."Help Me Rhonda" 
85."Barbara Ann" 
86."I Get Around" 
88."Surfer Girl" 
89."Wouldn't It Be Nice" 
90."God Only Knows" 
91."California Girls" 
92."Wild Honey" 
93."Good Vibrations" 
94."Johnny B. Goode" 
95."Graduation Day" 
96."Sloop John B" 
Live In Boston / 11/23/67
97."Help Me Rhonda" 
98."Barbara Ann" 
100."Surfer Girl" 
101."Wouldn't It Be Nice" 
102."God Only Knows" 
103."California Girls" 
104."Wild Honey" 
105."Good Vibrations" 
106."I Get Around" 
107."Sloop John B" 
108."Graduation Day" 
109."Johnny B. Goode" 


Chart (2017) Peak
Scottish Albums (OCC)[14] 30
UK Albums (OCC)[15] 49
US Billboard 200[16] 145

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