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The year 1971 in radio involved some significant events.


  • 2 January: A ban on radio and television cigarette advertisements goes into effect in the United States.
  • 3 January: Open University begins broadcasts on the BBC in the United Kingdom.
  • 14 February: All of ABC Radio's FM stations change call letters, all on the same day:
    • WABC-FM in New York becomes WPLJ, for White Port & Lemon Juice.
    • KABC-FM in Los Angeles becomes KLOS, for Los Angeles.
    • KGO-FM in San Francisco becomes KSFX, for San Francisco (now KKSF).
    • KQV-FM in Pittsburgh becomes WDVE, for a D o V E, the symbol of peace.
    • WXYZ-FM in Detroit becomes WRIF, for a guitar "R I F F" (legend goes that the calls were meant for WLS-FM to symbolize the cities' jazz scene).
    • WLS-FM in Chicago becomes WDAI (supposedly meant for WXYZ-FM to celebrate the Detroit Auto Industry; it had no meaning in Chicago).
    • KXYZ-FM in Houston becomes KAUM (today KHMX), meaning unknown.
  • 20 February: The U.S. Emergency Broadcast System sends an erroneous warning; many radio stations just ignore it, while WOWO in Fort Wayne takes it seriously and interrupts programming for 20 minutes.
  • December: WNBC in New York lures Don Imus and his Imus in the Morning program away from WGAR (AM) in Cleveland (now WHKW); WGAR replaces him with fellow shock jock John Lanigan.





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