1997 UK Championship (snooker)

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Liverpool Victoria UK Championship
Tournament information
Dates 12–30 November 1997
Venue Guild Hall
City Preston
Country England
Organisation(s) WPBSA
Format Ranking event
Total prize fund £440,000
Winner's share £75,000
Highest break 137
Champion England Ronnie O'Sullivan
Runner-up Scotland Stephen Hendry
Score 10–6

The 1997 Liverpool Victoria UK Championship was a professional ranking snooker tournament that took place at the Guild Hall in Preston, England. The event started on 12 November 1997 and the televised stages were shown on BBC between 22 and 30 November 1997. This was the last UK championship to be held in Preston, where the event was held since 1978. The following year's competition was held in Bournemouth.

Ronnie O'Sullivan defeated Stephen Hendry 10–6 in the final, ending Hendry's run of three successive UK championship wins. O'Sullivan had been the last player other than Hendry to win the event, as a 17-year-old in 1993.[1] The highest TV break of the competition was 137 made by Stephen Lee and it was £5,000 worth.

Main draw[edit]


1st Round Best of 11 frames

2nd Round Best of 17 frames

3rd Round Best of 17 frames

Scotland Stephen Hendry 9–7 Sean Storey England

England Anthony Hamilton 9–3 Jamie Burnett Scotland

Scotland Alan McManus 9–7 Jimmy White England

Northern Ireland Jason Prince 9–5 Peter Ebdon England

Scotland Martin Dziewialtowski 9–6 Quinten Hann Australia

England Dean Reynolds 9–6 Shokat Ali Pakistan

Wales Matthew Stevens 9–8 Tony Drago Malta

Wales Mark Williams 9–3 Dennis Taylor Northern Ireland

England Gary Ponting 9–5 Dene O'Kane New Zealand

Northern Ireland Gerard Greene 9–6 Andy Hicks England

England Gary Wilkinson 9–8 James Wattana Thailand

England Ronnie O'Sullivan 9–5 Terry Murphy Northern Ireland

England Mark King 9–6 John Parrott England

Wales Darren Morgan 9–6 Bradley Jones England

England Stephen Lee 9–4 Chris Small Scotland

England Neal Foulds 9–4 Ken Doherty Republic of Ireland

Round of 16 Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
 Scotland Stephen Hendry  9
 England Anthony Hamilton  8  
 Scotland Stephen Hendry  9
   Scotland Alan McManus  5  
 Scotland Alan McManus  9
 Northern Ireland Jason Prince  5  
 Scotland Stephen Hendry  9
   Wales Matthew Stevens  5  
 Scotland Martin Dziewialtowski  9
 England Dean Reynolds  7  
 Scotland Martin Dziewialtowski  1
   Wales Matthew Stevens  9  
 Wales Matthew Stevens  9
 Wales Mark Williams  1  
 Scotland Stephen Hendry  6
   England Ronnie O'Sullivan  10
 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene  9
 England Gary Ponting  6  
 Northern Ireland Gerard Greene  6
   England Ronnie O'Sullivan  9  
 England Ronnie O'Sullivan  9
 England Gary Wilkinson  4  
 England Ronnie O'Sullivan  9
   England Stephen Lee  4  
 England Mark King  9
 Wales Darren Morgan  5  
 England Mark King  2
   England Stephen Lee  9  
 England Stephen Lee  9
 England Neal Foulds  2  

Century breaks[edit]

All Rounds


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