2010 Alpine Skiing World Cup

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Alpine Ski World Cup 2010
Discipline Men Ladies
Overall Switzerland Carlo Janka United States Lindsey Vonn
Downhill Switzerland Didier Cuche United States Lindsey Vonn
Super-G Canada Erik Guay United States Lindsey Vonn
Giant slalom United States Ted Ligety Germany Kathrin Hölzl
Slalom Austria Reinfried Herbst Germany Maria Riesch
Combined Austria Benjamin Raich United States Lindsey Vonn
Nations Cup Austria Austria
Locations 16 15
Individual 34 32
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2010 World Cup Champions
Carlo Janka won his first overall title.
Lindsey Vonn won her third consecutive overall title.

The 44th World Cup season began on 24 October 2009, in Sölden, Austria, and concluded on 14 March 2010, at the World Cup finals in Garmisch, Germany.[1]

No World Cup events were scheduled in February because of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada; the Olympic alpine events were scheduled for 13–27 February at Whistler Mountain.

The overall titles were won by Carlo Janka of Switzerland and Lindsey Vonn of the U.S., her third consecutive.

The 2010 season also marked the end to a long and successful career for Liechtenstein skier Marco Büchel.

FIS standards require that three events be completed in a discipline for a discipline trophy to be awarded. During this season, there were only three combined races (all super-combined) scheduled for the women. Because the third race was cancelled on 5 March, FIS had to make a decision about whether an official trophy would be awarded for the discipline.[2] Ultimately, FIS decided to award the discipline trophy to the leader after two events, Lindsey Vonn, giving her four crystal globes for the year (overall, downhill, Super G and combined).[3]

Race calendar[edit]


DH Downhill
SG Super G
GS Giant Slalom
SL Slalom
K Combined (traditional)
SC Super Combined
T nations team event



Date Venue Event Winner Second Third Details
25-Oct-2009 Sölden, Austria GS  Switzerland  Didier Cuche United States Ted Ligety  Switzerland  Carlo Janka [1]
15-Nov-2009 Levi, Finland SL Austria Reinfried Herbst Croatia Ivica Kostelić France Jean-Baptiste Grange [2]
28-Nov-2009 Lake Louise, Canada DH  Switzerland  Didier Cuche Italy Werner Heel  Switzerland  Carlo Janka [3]
29-Nov-2009 SG Canada Manuel Osborne-Paradis Austria Benjamin Raich Austria Michael Walchhofer [4]
04-Dec-2009 Beaver Creek, USA SC  Switzerland  Carlo Janka  Switzerland  Didier Défago Croatia Natko Zrnčić-Dim [5]
05-Dec-2009 DH  Switzerland  Carlo Janka  Switzerland  Didier Cuche Norway Aksel Lund Svindal [6]
06-Dec-2009 GS  Switzerland  Carlo Janka Austria Benjamin Raich Norway Aksel Lund Svindal [7]
11-Dec-2009 Val d'Isère, France SC Austria Benjamin Raich Austria Marcel Hirscher Italy Manfred Moelgg
Austria Romed Baumann
12-Dec-2009 SG Austria Michael Walchhofer United States Ted Ligety Italy Werner Heel [9]
13-Dec-2009 GS Austria Marcel Hirscher Italy Massimiliano Blardone Austria Benjamin Raich [10]
18-Dec-2009 Val Gardena, Italy SG Norway Aksel Lund Svindal  Switzerland  Carlo Janka Italy Patrick Staudacher [11]
19-Dec-2009 DH Canada Manuel Osborne-Paradis Austria Mario Scheiber France Johan Clarey
 Switzerland  Ambrosi Hoffmann
20-Dec-2009 Alta Badia, Italy GS Italy Massimiliano Blardone Italy Davide Simoncelli France Cyprien Richard [13]
21-Dec-2009 SL Austria Reinfried Herbst  Switzerland  Silvan Zurbriggen Austria Manfred Pranger [14]
29-Dec-2009 Bormio, Italy DH Slovenia Andrej Jerman  Switzerland  Didier Défago Austria Michael Walchhofer [15]
06-Jan-2010 Zagreb, Croatia SL Italy Giuliano Razzoli Italy Manfred Mölgg France Julien Lizeroux [16]
09-Jan-2010 Adelboden, Switzerland GS Cancelled due to fog, 1st run incomplete. Rescheduled for 29-Jan at Kranjska Gora, Slovenia [17]
10-Jan-2010 SL France Julien Lizeroux Austria Marcel Hirscher Croatia Ivica Kostelić [18]
15-Jan-2010 Wengen, Switzerland SC United States Bode Miller  Switzerland  Carlo Janka  Switzerland  Silvan Zurbriggen [19]
16-Jan-2010 DH  Switzerland  Carlo Janka Canada Manuel Osborne-Paradis Liechtenstein Marco Büchel [20]
17-Jan-2010 SL Croatia Ivica Kostelić Sweden André Myhrer Austria Reinfried Herbst [21]
22-Jan-2010 Kitzbühel, Austria SG  Switzerland  Didier Cuche Austria Michael Walchhofer Austria Georg Streitberger [22]
23-Jan-2010 DH  Switzerland  Didier Cuche Slovenia Andrej Šporn Italy Werner Heel [23]
24-Jan-2010 SL Germany Felix Neureuther France Julien Lizeroux Italy Giuliano Razzoli [24]
24-Jan-2010 K Croatia Ivica Kostelić  Switzerland  Silvan Zurbriggen Austria Benjamin Raich [25]
26-Jan-2010 Schladming, Austria SL Austria Reinfried Herbst  Switzerland  Silvan Zurbriggen Austria Manfred Pranger [26]
29-Jan-2010 Kranjska Gora, Slovenia GS United States Ted Ligety Austria Marcel Hirscher Norway Kjetil Jansrud [27]
30-Jan-2010 GS Austria Marcel Hirscher Norway Kjetil Jansrud United States Ted Ligety [28]
31-Jan-2010 SL Austria Reinfried Herbst Austria Marcel Hirscher France Julien Lizeroux [29]
2010 Winter Olympics   (13–27 February)
06-Mar-2010 Kvitfjell, Norway DH  Switzerland  Didier Cuche Norway Aksel Lund Svindal Austria Klaus Kröll [30]
07-Mar-2010 SG Canada Erik Guay Austria Hannes Reichelt Norway Aksel Lund Svindal
 Switzerland  Tobias Grünenfelder
10-Mar-2010 Garmisch, Germany DH  Switzerland  Carlo Janka Austria Mario Scheiber Canada Erik Guay
 Switzerland  Patrick Küng
11-Mar-2010 SG Canada Erik Guay Croatia Ivica Kostelić Norway Aksel Lund Svindal [33]
12-Mar-2010 GS  Switzerland  Carlo Janka Italy Davide Simoncelli Austria Philipp Schörghofer
United States Ted Ligety
13-Mar-2010 SL Germany Felix Neureuther Austria Manfred Pranger Sweden André Myhrer [35]



Date Venue Event Winner Second Third Details
24-Oct-2009 Sölden, Austria GS Finland Tanja Poutiainen Austria Kathrin Zettel Italy Denise Karbon [36]
14-Nov-2009 Levi, Finland SL Germany Maria Riesch United States Lindsey Vonn Finland Tanja Poutiainen [37]
28-Nov-2009 Aspen, USA GS Germany Kathrin Hölzl Austria Kathrin Zettel Italy Federica Brignone [38]
29-Nov-2009 SL Czech Republic Šárka Záhrobská Austria Marlies Schild Austria Kathrin Zettel [39]
04-Dec-2009 Lake Louise, Canada DH United States Lindsey Vonn Canada Emily Brydon Germany Maria Riesch [40]
05-Dec-2009 DH United States Lindsey Vonn Germany Maria Riesch Canada Emily Brydon [41]
06-Dec-2009 SG Austria Elisabeth Görgl United States Lindsey Vonn France Ingrid Jacquemod [42]
12-Dec-2009 Åre, Sweden GS France Tessa Worley Slovenia Tina Maze Austria Kathrin Zettel [43]
13-Dec-2009 SL France Sandrine Aubert Germany Maria Riesch Germany Susanne Riesch [44]
18-Dec-2009 Val d'Isère, France SC United States Lindsey Vonn Germany Maria Riesch Austria Elisabeth Görgl [45]
19-Dec-2009 DH Cancelled due to snowfall & wind; rescheduled for 08-Jan at Haus im Ennstal, Austria
20-Dec-2009 SG  Switzerland  Fränzi Aufdenblatten  Switzerland  Nadia Styger United States Lindsey Vonn [46]
28-Dec-2009 Lienz, Austria GS Germany Kathrin Hölzl Italy Manuela Mölgg France Taïna Barioz [47]
29-Dec-2009 SL Austria Marlies Schild France Sandrine Aubert Austria Kathrin Zettel [48]
03-Jan-2010 Zagreb, Croatia SL France Sandrine Aubert Austria Kathrin Zettel Germany Susanne Riesch [49]
08-Jan-2010 Haus im Ennstal, Austria DH United States Lindsey Vonn Sweden Anja Pärson Germany Maria Riesch [50]
09-Jan-2010 DH United States Lindsey Vonn  Switzerland  Nadja Kamer France Ingrid Jacquemod [51]
10-Jan-2010 SG United States Lindsey Vonn Sweden Anja Pärson Italy Nadia Fanchini
 Switzerland  Martina Schild
12-Jan-2010 Flachau, Austria SL Austria Marlies Schild Germany Maria Riesch Austria Kathrin Zettel [53]
16-Jan-2010 Maribor, Slovenia GS Austria Kathrin Zettel Germany Maria Riesch Sweden Anja Pärson [54]
17-Jan-2010 SL Austria Kathrin Zettel Slovenia Tina Maze Germany Maria Riesch [55]
22-Jan-2010 Cortina, Italy SG United States Lindsey Vonn  Switzerland  Fabienne Suter Sweden Anja Pärson [56]
23-Jan-2010 DH United States Lindsey Vonn Germany Maria Riesch Sweden Anja Pärson
 Switzerland  Nadja Kamer
24-Jan-2010 GS Finland Tanja Poutiainen Germany Viktoria Rebensburg Germany Kathrin Hölzl [58]
29-Jan-2010 St. Moritz, Switzerland SC Sweden Anja Pärson Austria Michaela Kirchgasser United States Lindsey Vonn [59]
30-Jan-2010 DH Germany Maria Riesch France Ingrid Jacquemod  Switzerland  Fabienne Suter [60]
31-Jan-2010 SG United States Lindsey Vonn Austria Andrea Fischbacher
France Marie Marchand-Arvier
2010 Winter Olympics   (14–26 February)
05-Mar-2010 Crans-Montana, Switzerland SC Cancelled due to high winds, not rescheduled [62]
06-Mar-2010 DH United States Lindsey Vonn Italy Johanna Schnarf  Switzerland  Marianne Abderhalden [63]
07-Mar-2010 SG  Switzerland  Dominique Gisin United States Lindsey Vonn United States Julia Mancuso [64]
10-Mar-2010 Garmisch, Germany DH Germany Maria Riesch United States Lindsey Vonn Sweden Anja Pärson [65]
11-Mar-2010 GS Slovenia Tina Maze Germany Kathrin Hölzl Germany Maria Riesch [66]
12-Mar-2010 SG United States Lindsey Vonn Austria Elisabeth Görgl  Switzerland  Nadia Styger [67]
13-Mar-2010 SL Austria Marlies Schild Austria Kathrin Zettel Germany Maria Riesch [68]

Team event[edit]

Date Venue Event Winner Second Third
14-Mar-2010 Garmisch, Germany T  Czech Republic
Lucie Hrstková
Šárka Záhrobská
Ondřej Bank
Kryštof Krýzl
Nadja Kamer
Nadia Styger
Fabienne Suter
Marc Berthod
Marc Gini
Sandro Viletta
Elisabeth Görgl
Michaela Kirchgasser
Kathrin Zettel
Romed Baumann
Marcel Hirscher
Benjamin Raich

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