2011–12 Belgian Cup

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2011–12 Belgian Cup
Country  Belgium
Teams 293
Champions Lokeren
Runners-up Kortrijk
Matches played 292

The 2011–12 Belgian Cup (also known as Cofidis Cup because of sponsoring purposes) is the 57th season of the main knockout football competition in Belgium. It commenced on 31 July 2011 with the first matches of Round 1 and concluded on 24 March 2012, which is exceptionally early, but was chosen to make sure all matches would be finished before the start of the UEFA Euro 2012 tournament. The winner of the competition qualifies for the play-off round[1] of the 2012–13 UEFA Europa League.

Standard Liège were the defending champions.

Competition modus[edit]

The competition consists of ten rounds. The first seven rounds were held as single-match elimination rounds. When tied after 90 minutes in the first three rounds, penalties were taken immediately. In rounds four to seven, when tied after 90 minutes first an extra time period of 30 minutes are played, then penalties would be taken if still necessary. The quarter- and semifinals were played in a two-leg modus, where the team winning on aggregate advances. The final was played as a single match.

Teams entered the competition in different rounds, based upon their 2010–11 league affiliation. Teams from the fourth-level Promotion or lower began in Round 1. Third Division teams entered in Round 3, with Second Division teams joining in the following round. Teams from the Belgian First Division entered in Round 6.

Round Clubs
Winners from
previous round
New entries
this round
Leagues entering at this round
Round 1 293 223 none 223 Levels 4 to 8 in football league pyramid
Round 2 182 112 111 (+1 bye) none none
Round 3 126 92 56 36 Belgian Third Division
Round 4 80 64 46 18 Belgian Second Division
Round 5 48 32 32 none none
Round 6 32 32 16 16 Belgian Pro League
Round 7 16 16 16 none none
Quarter-Finals 8 8 8 none none
Semi-Finals 4 4 4 none none
Final 2 2 2 none none

Starting Rounds[edit]

The starting five rounds featured only teams of lower divisions and all matches were played during the summer and early autumn, mostly in July and August.

Round 1[edit]

The matches will be played on 30 and 31 July 2011.[2]

Round 2[edit]

The matches will be played on 7 August 2011.[3]

Round 3[edit]

The matches will be played on 14 August 2011.[4]

Round 4[edit]

The matches were played during the weekend of 21 August 2011.[5]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
K.V. Woluwe-Zaventem (III) 1–4 Virton (III)
Union SG (III) 0–1 (a.e.t) Oostende (II)
R.FC.Union La Calamine (III) 0–3 R.US.Genly-Quevy 89 (P.I)
K.S.K. Hasselt (III) 0–5 FF Antwerp (II)
Standaard Wetteren (II) 4–1 K.Olympia SC.Wijgmaal (III)
Charleroi (II) 3–1 K.E.Appelterre-Eichem (P.I)
R.Dar.Cl. de Cointe-Liège (P.I) 0–2 R.Cappellen FC. (IV)
K.Racing Club Bambrugge (P.I) 0–3 WS Woluwe (II)
Dessel Sport (III) 6–0 R.F.C. Huy (III)
R.Léopold Uccle FC. (IV) 1–2 Ronse (III)
Roeselare (II) 2–1 Torhout 1992 KM (III)
K.Esperanza Neerpelt (IV) 1–0 Eendracht Aalst (II)
K.Patro Eisden Maasmech. (III) 4–0 K.S.C. Grimbergen (III)
K.SC.Menen (P.I) 2–3 VW Hamme (III)
FC.Bleid-Gaume (III) 0–5 Visé (II)
Deinze (III) 1–0 Tempo Overijse (IV)
Racing Mechelen (III) 8–0 ES.Wellinoise (P.I)
Heppig.-Lambusart-Fleurus (III) 0–1 Tienen (II)
FC.Charleroi (IV) 2–1 R.W.Walhain CG. (IV)
SK.Terjoden-Welle (IV) 2–2 (a.e.t)
(p 2–4)
Tubize (II)
Hoogstraten V.V. (III) 4–4 (a.e.t)
(p 4–2)
Dender EH (II)
Tournai (III) 3–1 FC Brussels (II)
Rupel Boom (III) 3–0 Boussu Dour (II)
K.S.V. Temse (III) 4–1 Oudenaarde (III)
R.Geants Athois (III) 6–0 K.FC.Beekhoek Sport (P.III)
Sporting W.I.Harelbeke (IV) 3–1 (a.e.t) R.C.S. Verviétois (III)
Exc.Veldwezelt (IV) 1–2 Lommel United (II)
Waasland-Beveren (II) 3–1 Verbroed.Geel-Meerhout (III)
K.Bocholter VV. (III) 2–3 Sportkring Sint-Niklaas (II)
R.Ent.Bertrigeoise (III) 0–1 Eupen (II)
Turnhout (III) 2–0 Diegem (III)
Heist (II) 2–3 Mouscron-Peruwelz (III)

Round 5[edit]

The matches took place on 28 August 2011.[6]

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Visé (II) 0–2 (a.e.t) Oostende (II)
Eupen (II) 8–0 R.US.Genly-Quevy 89 (P.I)
Tubize (II) 2–1 Virton (III)
Deinze (III) 2–1 Sportkring Sint-Niklaas (II)
Waasland-Beveren (II) 4–2 VW Hamme (III)
Antwerp (II) 6–0 FC.Charleroi (IV)
Mouscron-Peruwelz (III) 2–0 Tienen (II)
Roeselare (II) 1–0 Tournai (III)
K.Patro Eisden Maasmech. (III) 1–2 Dessel Sport (III)
Lommel United (II) 2–0 K.Esperanza Neerpelt (IV)
WS Woluwe (II) 0–2 Ronse (III)
Racing Mechelen (III) 3–1 K.S.V. Temse (III)
R.Cappellen FC. (IV) 0–2 Rupel Boom (III)
R.Geants Athois (III) 2–0 Sporting W.I.Harelbeke (IV)
Charleroi (II) 1–2 Turnhout (III)
Hoogstraten V.V. (III) 3–2 Standaard Wetteren (II)

Final Stages[edit]

Round 6[edit]

The draw for round 6 was made on 23 August 2011, whereas the matches took place on 20 and 21 September 2011.[7]

  • Note 1: Lierse, Standard and Zulte Waregem bought home advantage from their opponents as they were originally drawn away.

Round 7[edit]

The draw for round 7 was made on 23 August 2011, whereas the matches took place on 26 October 2011.[8]


The draw for the quarter- and semifinals took place on October 28, 2011. The matches were played over two legs on 21 December 2011 (leg 1) and 18 January 2012 (leg 2).

First legs[edit]

Second legs[edit]


The semi finals were also two-legged.

First legs[edit]

Second legs[edit]


Lokeren 1 – 0 Kortrijk
Harbaoui Goal 77'

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