230th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)

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230th Infantry (Coastal Defense) Division
230th Infanterie-Division Logo.svg
230. Infanterie Division (Küste-Abwehr-Infanterie-Division) Vehicle Insignia
ActiveApril 1942 – May 1945
Country Nazi Germany
Type3rd Mobilization Wave Infantry Division (Infanterie-Division "Alter Art")

The 230th Coastal Defense Division (German: 230. Infanterie-Division or 230. Küste-Abwehr-Infanterie-Division) was created in April 1942 for the defense of Alta in the Norwegian Finnmark.

The division was a non-standard organization, consisisting mostly of a collection of fortress infantry battalions.


Structure of the division:[1]

  • Headquarters at Northern Norway
    • 349th Grenadier Regiment
    • 859th Fortress Grenadier Regiment
    • 930th Artillery Battalion
    • 930th Tank Destroyer Company
    • 930th Engineer Company (Later Battalion)
    • 930th Signal Company
    • 930th Divisional Supply Group



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