48th Infantry Division (Wehrmacht)

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48. Infanterie-Division
German 48th Volksgrenadier Division
Active Feb 1943 – 1945
Country  Nazi Germany
Branch Heer
Type Division
Role Infantry

World War II

  • Northern France
  • Austria

Colonel Arnold Schotz (Oct-Nov 1944)

Lt General Carl Casper (1944-45)

Operational history[edit]

Formed in West Flanders from the 171st Reserve Division. The 48th was transferred to France after the collapse of the Normandy Front. First engaged in the Chartres area by the 3rd US Army it performed poorly being continually driven back by the 3rd Army through Metz and Finally the Siegfried Line where it collapsed altogether and was absorbed into the 559th Infantry Division. Reorganized into a Volksgrenadier division in Austria it was sent to the Eastern Front assigned to the German 8th Army defending Vienna where it surrendered to the Soviets.


  • Grenadier-Regiment 126
  • Grenadier-Regiment 127
  • Artillerie-Regiment 148,
  • Divisions-Füsilier-Kompanie 48
  • Anti-Tank Battalion 148
  • Engineer-Battalion 148
  • Signals Battalion 148


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