55th Mobile Command and Control Squadron

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55th Mobile Command and Control Squadron
55th Mobile Command and Control Squadron.png
55th Mobile Command and Control Squadron emblem
Active 1978-2006[1]
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
Type Command and Control
Role Survivable C2
Part of ACC/55th Wing
Garrison/HQ Offutt AFB, Nebraska
Nickname(s) Reapers
Decorations Outstanding Unit ribbon.svg AFOUA
Global War on Terrorism Service ribbon.svg GWOT-S

The United States Air Force's 55th Mobile Command and Control Squadron (55 MCCS) was a mobile command and control unit located at Offutt AFB, Nebraska.


The mission of the 55 MCCS was to execute operations, training and maintenance for the USSTRATCOM Mobile Consolidated Command Center and maintain the MCCC in a posture to facilitate rapid deployment.[2]

Should a catastrophic event incapacitate the command (i.e. nuclear war), the 55 MCCS would deploy a survivable C2 capability over the road to keep key decision makers in the fight.[2]


Personnel of the 55 MCCS were trained in their primary specialty, in addition to vital expeditionary capabilities that ensure survival. These skills included field living, high-threat convoy procedures, driving and directing 20-ton tractor-trailers, and more. This ability ensured they were not reliant on any single person, enhancing mission accomplishment and mission success.[2]

Logo Significance[edit]

Blue and yellow are the Air Force colors. Blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations. Yellow refers to the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel. The orange disc suggests the moon and alludes to the clandestine and covert nature of the squadron's command and control mission. The ghost represents the elusive and mobile nature of the squadron's platform and equipment. The lightning bolts signify the speed and power of strategic forces controlled by the USSTRATCOM Mobile Consolidated Command Center. The Latin motto, "Imperium Regimen Compiti," literally translates to "Command and Control Crossroads" and reiterates the mission of mobile command and control of strategic forces.[3]

Previous designations[4][edit]

  • 55th Mobile Command and Control Squadron (1 July 1994-30 September 2006)[1]

Bases stationed[edit]


  • Lt Col John J. Jordan (2000–2002)[5]
  • Maj. Karen Hibbard (2005-2006)[1]
  • Lt Col Ronald J. Hefner (1997-1999)

Equipment Utilized[edit]

  • Mobile Consolidated Command Center (1998–Present),[2][6]
  • MILSTAR[6]
  • DSCS[6]
  • Single Channel Anti-Jam Manpower (SCAMP) terminals[6]


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