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The 790s BC witnessed the surging power of the Neo-Assyrian Empire, albeit a brief moment of weakness following in subsequent decades, the further decadence of Egypt, and the beginnings of civilization with the rise of the city-states in Ancient Greece.

Millennium: 1st millennium BC
  • 799 BC
  • 798 BC
  • 797 BC
  • 796 BC
  • 795 BC
  • 794 BC
  • 793 BC
  • 792 BC
  • 791 BC
  • 790 BC

Events and trends[edit]

Map of the Neo-Assyrian Empire and its expansions.

Significant people[edit]

Contemporaries of future importance[edit]

  • Jonah of Israel, future prophet (according to Bible)
  • Amos of Israel, future prophet and author of the Book of Amos (according to Bible)


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