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APC Talha
Type Armoured personnel carrier (APC)
Place of origin  Pakistan
Service history
Used by Pakistan Army
Iraqi Army
Production history
Designer Heavy Industries Taxila
Designed 1998 [1]
Manufacturer Heavy Industries Taxila
Produced 2002 [1]
Weight 12.5 ton (combat weight)
10.6 ton (curb weight)
Length 218.5 in
Width 100 in
Height 102 in
Crew 13

Armour Aluminium (5083 series)
12.7 mm machine gun

Two options:


  • 22 hp/ton (6V53T)
  • 25 hp/ton (UTD-20)
Suspension Torsion bars, hydraulic dampers
320 mi
Speed 40 km/h

Talha is an armoured personnel carrier (APC) designed and manufactured in Pakistan by APC Factory of Heavy Industries Taxila (HIT). The vehicle is based on the M113-A2-Mk.1 APC. The Pakistan Army plans to deploy 2,000 Talha APCs by year 2010. TALHA is an all terrain, amphibious infantry support vehicle with 12.7 mm machine gun as its main armament. Adequate crew compartment space provides excellent crew comfort. Survivability is enhanced through use of external fuel tanks. Various forms of bolt-on armour can be added to increase armour protection of the vehicle.


The decision to develop the Talha was made after U.S. sanctions imposed on Pakistan made it impossible for HIT to continue manufacturing the M113. The Talha's design is based on the M113, one notable difference being the positions of the engine and driver station.[2]

The Al-Talha is being marketed for export and was displayed at the IDEAS 2002 defence exhibition, Karachi, in 2002.[citation needed] In November 2004 an Iraqi delegation ordered 44 Talha APCs.


There is a flexibility in the design that the Engine compartment can accommodate power pack with 275 HP Detroit Diesel 6V53T turbocharged engine or 330 HP UTD-20, a Ukrainian engine


Map with Talha operators in blue

Current operators[edit]


Civilian operators[edit]



5 road wheel variants:

  • Talha - APC
  • Maaz - Fitted with Baktar-Shikan anti-tank missile firing unit
  • Mouz - Fitted with RBS 70 surface-to-air missile firing unit
  • Sakb - Command vehicle.
  • Al-Hamza - Infantry fighting vehicle

Stretched 6 road wheel variants:

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