Acehnese gubernatorial election, 2006

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Regional elections were held in Aceh on 11 December 2006 after a peace agreement had been signed between the government of Indonesia and the Free Aceh Movement on 15 August 2005, ending the Insurgency in Aceh.[1]


There were eight pairs of candidates for the governor and deputy governor posts:


A sample poll by the Indonesia Survey Institute showed former rebel leader Irwandi Yusuf leading on a turnout of 85%.[2]

  • Yusuf: 39%
  • Hamid: 16%
  • Malik Raden: 14%
  • Abubakar: 11%
  • Abas Adan: 7%
  • Tamlicha: 4%


Final results were made public on 29 December 2006:[3]

  • Irwandi Yusuf: 38.20%
  • Humam Hamid: 16.62%
  • Abdul Malik Raden: ??% (third place)



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