Acme Tackle Company

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Acme Tackle Company
Industry Fishing lures
Founded 1952
Founder Henry E. (Art) Lavallee
Headquarters Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.
Products Little Cleo

Acme Tackle Company is an American fishing supplies store, specializing in spoon lures.[1] Acme has 16 different lures in over 1200 different types, sizes and color combinations, many of which are designed for specific types of fish, such as trout, bass, pike, or walleye. Acme's lures use steel split rings and Mustad hooks to hold fish. The company has been making the popular Little Cleo and Sidewinder spoons since 1980. The Little Cleo has been deemed by Field & Stream to be one of the 50 greatest lures of all time.[2]


The Little Cleo, Acme Tackle's most well-known lure

Acme Tackle was founded in 1952 by Henry E. (Art) Lavallee when he decided to enter the fishing tackle business three years after he and his brother Al formed a jewelry polishing and electroplating company. Lavallee took some of the jewelry and bent their shapes to create metal fishing lures. Lavallee then learned about a lure being developed by the Engineering Design Associates. Acme entered into a royalty agreement with EDA and acquired the rights to market the lure. Lavallee tested the lure and then modified it, making it longer and giving it a jewelry-like finish more like his other lures. This lure was called the Kastmaster, and it was Acme's first substantial success.

In 1980, Acme Tackle purchased the former Seneca Tackle Co. and expanded further. Today, Acme continues to manufacture, assemble, and package all of its lures at its Providence, Rhode Island plant, under the management and supervision of seven of Arthur Lavallee's sons and daughters. Acme is also a sponsor of Central Jersey Trout Unlimited.[3] They have been noted as top lures of the time in numerous outdoor magazines, such as, Field and Stream.


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