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A wooden corf

A corf (pl. corves) also spelt corve (pl. corves) is a container of wood, net, chicken wire, metal or plastic used to contain live fish, eels or crustaceans (such as crayfish) underwater, at docks or in fishing boats.[1][2]

Origin of term[edit]

1350–1400; Middle English from Dutch and German Korb, ultimately borrowed from Latin corbis basket;[3] cf. corbeil


Corves were originally crucial to keep captured fish fresh until the boat with the catch reached its harbor.[4] A corf could be towed behind the boat while fishermen made the journey from the fishing grounds to the fish market. These journeys could last up to half a day.[5] When used for storing eels in Blekinge, Sweden, the corves could be as large as 3.75 by 1.33 by 0.8 m (12 ft 3 58 in by 4 ft 4 38 in by 2 ft 7 12 in) and contain about 2 metric tons (2.2 short tons; 2.0 long tons) of eels. They would be anchored approximately 100 m (330 ft) from land in an area where the water circulation was good to keep the eels alive.[6] Smaller corves were often used in fishing boats to keep live bait for longline fishing.[4]

The corf could also be built into the boat, and sometimes be a significant part of it.[4] Fishing boats with a well amidships where water is circulated through small holes in the hull are known as well smacks.[7][8]

In present days corves used for this purpose have commonly been replaced by refrigeration and freezing.[9]


A corf-house is a small building or shed constructed for commercial curing of fish, mostly salmon, in. It is also used to store nets and fishing equipment in.[3] One such house is the listed By Lovat Bridge Corf House in Beauly, Scotland.[10]

Modern use[edit]

Corves are mainly used by recreational fishermen and mass-produced in plastic netting or metal.[11][12] Their use is regulated through laws and regulations in some countries such as Sweden,[13][14][15] and Australia.[16]

Modern fishing boats often have integral corves. These are built into the boat and the water in them kept fresh and oxygenated through a circulatory system with water and air pumps. This kind of corf is called a livewell.[17][18]

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