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This article is about the basket type. For other uses, see Creel.

Creel is a type of small wicker basket mainly used by anglers to hold fish or other prey. A creel is designed to function as an evaporative cooler when lined with moss and dipped into the creek in order to keep the catch chilled. Caught fish are inserted through a slot in the top which is held in place by a small leather strap.

Creels in Ireland[edit]

Another type of creel is the turf creel. Traditionally used in the west of Ireland there are a variety of styles and sizes. These creels were commonly used for carrying peat fuel by hand and also by pony or donkey.

Creels in Scotland[edit]

The word creel is also used in Scotland (chiefly in the north) to refer to a device used to catch lobsters and other crustaceans. Made of woven netting (similar to that used in traditional fishing net) over a frame of plastic tubing and a slatted wooden base, this type of creel is analogous in function to a lobster pot. Several creels shot on one line can be referred to as a "leader".

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