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Lampuki is the Maltese name for the dorado or mahi-mahi, a kind of fish that migrates past the Maltese islands during the autumn. The fishing season for lampuki is from the end of August through to November.

Fishermen cut and gather the larger, lower fronds from palm trees which they then weave into large flat rafts. The rafts are pulled out to sea, usually with the small traditional fishing boats known as Luzzu,but can also be pulled out to sea by using larger modern fishing boats. During midday lampuki school underneath the rafts, seeking the shade. The fishermen will first stay 5-10 metres away from the raft and will repeatedly go round the raft pulling a silicone squid jig behind them till they catch something, after they catch something they will leave the lampuka (dorado,mahi-mahi) hanging to the side of the boat till the other fish will come and school next to it then a mesh net is thrown over the schooling fish. This method is known as kannizzati and has not changed significantly since Roman times. The lampuki are used both for local consumption as well as export.

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